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December 4, 2004

Memorandum for the Record

Subject: Plausibility of Pop Media on Secret Nazi UFO Weapons & Black Triangles

Critical voltage for lift is ~ 10^15 volts per meter divided by the square root of the dimensionless dielectric coefficient. Therefore, a resonant peak in the electrical susceptibility of the special dielectric material between the double hull of the UFO geodesic glider should increase the power efficiency needed for flight. The lowest possible AC frequencies are preferred to minimize radiation leaks and ionized plasmas outside the ships that ruin their stealth cloaking.

Note that this report summarizes semi-secret work done by me at ISSO 1999-2000 and some recent developments in 2004.

The fundamental idea for the metric engineering of warp, wormhole and weapon is the on-board manufacture of any desired free float weightless timelike geodesic in curved spacetime for the desired path of the Unconventional Flying Object. Here I give some basic constraints from Einstein's theory of gravity and Maxwell's theory of electromagnetism for near Earth flight. This is all old physics well known to Nazi scientists in the 1930's not needing any zero point dark energy, perhaps only conventional capacitors, coils and U-Boat batteries. See Nick Cook's book "The Hunt for Zero Point" on the Nazi history of this field. The purpose of this message is to see if there is any plausible credibility to the extensive folklore information on Nazi WWII research collected in Nick Cook's writings from Jane's Defence Weekly consistent with Paul Hill's book "Unconventional Flying Objects".

Using MKS SI units I use Arnold Sommerfeld's Munich Lectures that Bethe, Pauli et-al all attended. The printed version I use is circa 1933. It is easy to screw up numerical computations in classical electrodynamics because of all the different conventions on electrical units. Bethe, of course, was one of my teachers at Cornell.

The electrical energy density in a dielectric is

(1/2)E.D = (1/2)keoE^2

k = 1 + x

k is the dimensionless dielectric constant, x is the dimensionless susceptibility of the dielectric material between the plates. eo is permittivity of free space, i.e. non-exotic non-gravitating vacuum with vanishing total zero point energy density corresponding to zero Einstein cosmological constant in the large-scale FRW limit from optimal vacuum coherence). This ignores the small spontaneous dark energy correction of

/\~ (1/10^26 meters)^2

i.e. very coarse-grained dark energy density of

(c^4/8piG)/\ ~ 3^4 (10^8)^4/24x6.67x10^-11x(10^26)^2 ~ 10^43/10^52

~ 10^-9 Joules/meter^3

eo ~ (1/36pi)10^-9 ~ 10^-11 [farads/meter = Coulomb^2/Joule-meter]

The curvature at the surface of the Earth is

~ g/c^2r ~ 10/10^17x10^7 ~ 10^-23 meters^-2

V = Voltage drop

A = area of a pair of flat plates separated by d holding charges + Q and -Q

V = Q/C

D ~ Q/A = Charge/Area

E = F/Q = Force/Charge

ED = Force/Area = Pressure = Energy Density

d separation of oppositely charged conducting metal plates

Electrical capacitance is C = Q/(Voltage Difference) = Q/V = Aeok/d = Q/Ed

[E] = [Q/eokA]

[D] = [Q/A]

[ED] = [Q^2/A^2eok] = JouleCoulomb^2/meter^3 Coulomb^2 = Joule/meter^3

Electrostatic capacitor stored energy density is

=(1/2) Q^2/A^2eok = (CV)^2/2A^2eok = eokV^2/2d^2

C is the electrical capacitance of the double-hull UFO with voltage drop V between the two conducting hull shells of total area A separated by distance d.

* Therefore, a resonance peak in the electrical susceptibility x of the dielectric material between the double hull is desirable.

The metric engineering warping power of this stored non-propagating localized near field energy of virtual longitudinal photons in macro-quantum coherent "Glauber states", possibly squeezed, is determined from

8piGeokV^2/2c^4d^2 ~ g/c^2r(Earth)

i.e. the threshold voltage per unit meter needed to get significant weightless warping of the Earth's gravity field for controlled geodesic gliding is

V/d ~ [c^2g/2eok8piGr(Earth)]^1/2

Neglecting dielectric resonance peaks that help, and sticking to DC note that AC will probably be needed but that radiation leak decreases efficiency of operation. We want ELF near fields ideally. The lower the frequency the better. Radio, microwave, IR etc will all tend to leak away as real photons decreasing the anti-gravity lift efficiency.

OK rough numerical estimate for k = 1

V/d ~ [(10^17)(10)/(10^3)(10^-11)^2(10^6)]^1/2 ~ [(10^18)(10^22)/10^9]^1/2

~ 10^31/2 ~ 10^15/k^1/2 volts per meter.

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