Saturday, December 18, 2004

Curvature without curvature - nonlocality in Einstein's gravity

Vilenken makes NO CLAIM this is a SHgF solution!

The really interesting physics in it is the new Bohm-Aharonov nonlocality of

Conformal curvature without conformal curvature, OR conformal curvature acting nonlocally at a distance to make a non-trivial {LC} field requiring HOVERING fixed x LNIF observers to fire their rockets AWAY from the wall that anti-gravitates! That is massive test particles have geodesics away from the wall that look like hyperbolic motion to the HOVERING LNIF non-geodesic observer who is REALLY accelerating i.e. ejecting propellent to keep hovering at fixed distance from the wall at x = 0.

The {LC}^uvw field is like the EM vector potential A. The Conformal Curvature field C^uvwl is like the magnetic field B ~ Fij, i,j = 1,2,3 in the Bohm-Aharonov effect confined to the inside of the solenoid. In Vilenken's case the inside of the solenoid is OUTSIDE the FINITE PROPER VOLUME of the horizon limited SPACE-TIME VOLUME of his solution. The vacuum wall has limited proper support both in space and time. It's a kind of solitonic instanton - a spacetime blob.

Vilenken's solution in context of Taub's surprising remark is evidence AGAINST the locality of gravity energy and is evidence FOR the macro-quantum coherent emergence of Einstein's local tensor field equations with the footprint of nonlocality in the topology of the order parameter. So is the hedgehog Pioneer 10 & 11 anomaly.

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