Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Yeah, thanks. This looks interesting and relevant to a lot of problems I am working on. Remember, the double-well potential plays a key role in my theory of emergence of consciousness from the hydrophobically caged electrons inside the micro-tubules. Also the Mexican Hat (Sombrero) Potential for vacuum coherence is a kind of double well in abstract 3 space if we make it vibrate stochastically with transient bumps and ripples around the Goldstone phase direction along the circular rim as well as up the Higgs slope.

V(Mexican Sombrero) = a|Vacuum Coherence|^2 + b|Vacuum Coherence|^4

Vacuum Coherence = (Higgs Intensity)^1/2 e^i(Goldstone Phase)

a < 0, b > 0

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Also very interesting idea of array enhanced S.R.


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Yes, perhaps.

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Subject: Hutchison Effect?

Dark energy anti-gravity might explain it. I have seen the films. The
inability to reproduce the effect could be the phase noise masking I
discuss in http://qedcorp.com/destiny/Podkletnov.pdf ???

I think that is why my intuition says to check into using noise for
signal recovery, i.e. stochastic resonance etc.


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