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So a static Electric field has negative pressure but real photons in
transverse EM waves have positive pressure? Interesting. Why is that?

One uses the standard classical EM field stress-energy density tensor Tuv(EM) for the total EM field tensor
Fuv = Fuv(Near) + Fuv(Far), since Tuv(EM) is quadratic in Fuv. Therefore, there are CROSS TERMS where the near and far fields locally mix.

This is given in Feynman"s "Lectures on Physics" Vol II, 31-8

Tuv(EM) = -Fu^wFwv - (1/4)guvF^w^lFwl

The EM field energy density = Too = - Fo^wFw0 - (1/4)gooF^w^lFwl

The stresses Tij, i,j = 1,2,3 (space-like directions) are the ith component of force across a unit area whose normal unit vector points along j. So the space-space stresses are electromagnetic field pressures.

The equation of state

pressure = w(energy density)

assumes special statistical properties for the EM field like isotropy.

But Trace Tuv = 0, therefore and we can diagonalize the 4x4 "matrix" Tuv.

Too - Txx - Tyy - Tzz = 0

Txx = Tyy = Tzz = isotropic pressure

Too = energy density

Therefore, under these special conditions, obeyed in the cosmological fluid approximation used in Einstein's GR


energy density - 3 pressure = 0

Or w = +1/3

In this special case.

Macroscopic EM field configurations need not be so simple in general and the above isotropic equation of state

pressure = w(energy density)

will break down.

However, it can be proved in general, John Peacock does it in his textbook "Cosmological Physics" pp 25-6
that for completely random isotropic ZPF for all quantum fields of all spins that w = -1 and that's all I care about for metric engineering. Even when the simple w eq. of state model breaks down in Tuv(Matter + EM Fields, because space-time is so stiff, i.e. G/c^4 = a 10^-33 cm bend for 10^19 Gev energy expended, i.e. very large "string tension" = very weak "metric elasticity" from G(Newton)h/c^3 ~ 10^-66 cm^2, I don't care because Tuv's direct contribution to the warp drive is ignorable!

No, that does not follow. Virtual photons of all three independent
polarizations do have positive energy density hence negative pressure
since w = -1 for them. Since the gravity influence of the pressure is
three times larger than that of the energy density, these virtual
photons do anti-gravitate.

The virtual photons in a static Coulomb electric field, or even in time
changing non radiating near induction fields like in electrical
equipment are in macro-quantum coherent states as shown, for example by
Roy Glauber at Harvard in the early 1960s. These virtual photons are
NOT part of the vacuum zero point fluctuations. They are part of the
ordinary stress-energy density tensor Tuv on the RHS of Einstein's
field eq

Guv + /\zpfguv = 8pi(G/c^4)Tuv

i.e. macroscopic near EM fields only appear in the Tuv term, not in the
/\zpfguv term!

Since, G/c^4 = 10^-33 cm per 10^19Gev at least at macro lab scales, we
can IGNORE the direct effect of such classical EM near field on the
metric engineering i.e. shaping of Guv which comes ENTIRELY from the
/\zpfguv term. That's the key idea!

main_engineering: So are you saying that it is easier to engineer,

Guv + /\zpfguv = 0

than it is to engineer,

8pi(G/c^4)(Tuv + tuv) = 0

where tuv is some locally applied field of some kind with the proper phasing
and amplitude to cancel the terms in Tuv? Why is this not a contradiction?

Your argument is confused. It is ill-posed. You have not asked a legitimate question.

The Question is: What is your Question?

There is no "there" there. Are you from Oakland? Or, maybe Cleveland?

The correct equation is

Guv + /\zpfguv = 8pi(G/c^4)Tuv

There is NO tuv. All applied fields are subsumed in Tuv.

However, for metric engineering you can drop the Tuv term completely to an excellent approximation as long as G ~ G(Newton) at the scale of the device.

Metric engineering means changing the form of Guv. You have no hope of doing that by changing Tuv. Your only hope of doing that is by changing /\zpf via weak link phase modulation using the EM vector potential and perhaps mechanical rotation of superconducting pairs as I show in

Your statement

"8pi(G/c^4)(Tuv + tuv) = 0

where tuv is some locally applied field of some kind with the proper phasing
and amplitude to cancel the terms in Tuv? Why is this not a contradiction?"

Is gibberish. It completely misses the point even if it had meaning, which it doesn't. The RHS 8pi(G/c^4)Tuv in

Guv + /\zpfguv = 8pi(G/c^4)Tuv

is source or pump term, like cranking up an engine on a Model T Ford. The coefficient 8pi(G/c^4) is the coupling of the external crank to the crank shaft of the engine i.e. Guv you are trying to start. The coupling is way too loose and no matter how much muscle you apply the crank shaft inside the engine does not turn enough to start the engine!

You change Guv by changing /\zpf with controlled weak link coupling of some macro-quantum coherent "external crank" to the vacuum coherence "crankshaft." Forget Tuv! Hal Puthoff & Co at NASA BPP/STAIFF/Greenglow et-al are still dancing around the Golden Calf of Tuv in a Cargo Cult Ritual. They are trying to get "sunbeams from cucumbers they've a plan." "These are the phenomena ... " CLICK THIS BEFORE READING FURTHER

[Enter Hilarion, Cyril, and Florian, climbing over wall, and creeping cautiously among the trees and rocks at the back of the stage.] "Come Cyril, Florian, our course is plain. Tomorrow morn Fair Ida we'll engage ..."

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BTW I was Hilarion in

you said Homework? Done!

However, physically the real on-mass-shell BARE electron sans its
ionized plasma cloud of virtual electron-positron pairs, virtual
photons, virtual W bosons etc has r = e^2/mc^2, therefore, our
stability polynomial is

2/\zpf(e^2/mc^2)^2 - 1 - 2/(alpha)^2 = 0

Where alpha is the fine structure constant ~ 1/137

Therefore, the single electron is stabilized in this toy model when

/\zpf = (mc^2/e^2)^2(1 + (2/alpha)^2) ~ (274)^2(10^-13 cm)^-2

Homework problem - check my algebra for errors WYSIWYG - this is on the
fly computing this now for first time ever.

main_engineering: I get,

2/\zpf(e^2/mc^2)^2 = [1 + 2/(alpha)^2]

/\zpf = (mc^2/e^2)^2[1/2 + 1/(alpha)^2]

/\zpf = (mc/J)^2[1/2(alpha)^2 + 1/(alpha)^4]

= (1/Compton wavelength)^2[1/2(alpha)^2 + 1/(alpha)^4]

= (1/2.426*10^-10 cm)^2[(137^2)/2 + (137)^4)]

= (1/2.426*10^-10 cm)^2[352284745.5]

= 5.984*10^27 cm^-2

You had (274)^2(10^-13 cm)^-2 = 7.5076*10^30 cm^-2

I am too impatient to try to follow your arithmetic, but obviously

/\zpf ~ (Electron Compton Wavelength)^-2 ~ (10^-11 cm)^-2

which is a nice result of this toy model. In other words the zero point energy induced radius of curvature is of the order of the virtual electron-positron plasma cloud "soliton" ~ 10^-11 cm dressing the bare spatially-extended electron 10^-13 cm across, which should perhaps show J. P. Vigier's "cold fusion" i.e. his "tight atomic states" below that predicted for the hydrogen atom with a "point electron."

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