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Thanks, who wrote it? What's the reference to Bulgaria 1988 about?
The point is that the vacuum coherence is dynamical and can wobble around /\zpf = 0 causing an mini explosion of the "charge cluster." We are playing here with cosmic dynamite. This /\zpf field is the ultimate stuff of Super Cosmos. In one form it is dark energy, in another form it is dark matter. It stabilizes the spatially extended electron - hence J.P. Vigier's "tight atomic states" (Maric et-al in Belgrade), it explains the galactic halo, the absence of dark matter particles, the formation of galaxies, the universal Regge slope of hadrons, and its key parameter is the "quantum of area." /\zpf is what vibrates to make "strings."

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> Found this old file, for your archives:

> Actually, some guys from Livermore published in Phys. Rev. a
> model to show that Elektrum Validum was stabilized by the
> Bohm potential,  i.e, one could have a collective ringlike
> motion of electrons that was stable.  They probably worked
> for Jupiter Toy Company as well.


> This is very important! You got the papers? Which guys? Not
> the "C Bennett" of "precausal quantum mechanics"? He was
> also at Livermore. I wonder if Clauser knows them? If we get
> the big bucks we can hire Clauser as a consultant at The
> Presidio Laboratory. He's quite a friendly fellow.

"Jupiter Toy Company" in google gives only 3 items.

Link 3:

United States Patent 5,123,039 Shoulders * June 16, 1992
Energy conversion using high charge density

Disclosed are apparatus and method for obtaining energy from high electrical charge density entities. The energy may be received by the conductor of a traveling wave device positioned along the path which the propagating entities follow. Multiple traveling wave devices may be combined. Energy output from a traveling wave device may also be directed to the generation of a subsequent such entity. Thermal energy may also be obtained from an EV.

Inventors: Shoulders; Kenneth R. (Austin, TX)
Assignee: Jupiter Toy Company (Austin, TX)
[*] Notice: The portion of the term of this patent subsequent to May 21, 2008 has been disclaimed.
Appl. No.: 684640
Filed: April 12, 1991

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