Tuesday, June 29, 2004

OK, in reworking my EVO collaboration with Ken Shoulders and preparing paper for Vigier V Paris Proceedings (Kluwer) and for GR 17 I included my Bohm hidden variable rotating thin charged spherical shell model of Vigier's spatially-extended electron for the "tight atomic states" (with Maric et-al in Beograd) "cold fusion" anomalous atomic energy release. Dynamical stability including the repulsive QED Casimir force + the centrifugal barrier in the rotating frame + Coulomb self-energy + strong gravitational effect of the exotic vacuum dark energy core of the electron gives apriori

/\zpf ~ (10^-15 cm)^-2

inside the charged thin spherical shell of total charge e of radius e^2/mc^2 = 10^-13 cm to stabilize the electron!

That is I APRIORI DERIVE the weak force scale (alpha)(e^2/mc^2) from a simple Bohm-Vigier HV model!

That was not my intent. It popped out in a surprise. I did not get it earlier because I did not include the repulsive QED Casimir force in spherical cavity explicitly in my toy model for the semi-classical electron a la Lorentz theory of the electron of 100 years ago that fits in with Bohm's pilot wave theory.

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