Saturday, June 19, 2004

For GR 17 and also for Kluwer volume on last year's 2003 Vigier Conference in Paris.

The emergence of gravity and dark energy/matter from the cohering of zero point energy.



Ordinary matter made from real on-mass-shell lepto-quark fermions and gauge force bosons only accounts for approximately 4% of all the large-scale stuff of our universe, which may be one of a infinity of parallel universes in hyperspace that we call “Super Cosmos.” I propose that the remaining 96% of our universe consists of two forms of partially coherent exotic vacuum dominated by a condensate of bound virtual electron-positron pairs. Einstein’s gravity emerges from the variations in the macro-quantum coherent phase field of the condensate. This condensate is the inflation field in the large-scale cosmological limit. Both dark energy and dark matter are simply residual total zero point energy densities that emerge from the vacuum condensate’s intensity variations. Approximately 73% is anti-gravitating zero point “dark energy” density with equal and opposite negative pressure that is causing our universe to accelerate in its expansion rate. The remaining gravitating 23%, called “dark matter,” is also zero point energy density with equal and opposite positive pressure found concentrated in large-scale structures like the galactic halo that prevents our solar system from escaping into inter-galactic space. Astrophysical scale geon structures of w = -1 dark matter simulate w = 0 CDM in terms of their gravity lensing. The electron, as a Bohm "hidden variable" on the micro-scale for example, is a spatially extended structure whose repulsive self-electric charge, Casimir force and repulsive spin rotation are balanced by the strong short-range zero point energy induced gravity from its exotic vacuum core. The electron, and the quarks, shrink in size, up to a certain minimum, when hit with large momentum scattering transfers from strong space warping that makes their surface areas small compared to what they would be in flat space for a given radial distance. An experimental appendix by Ken Shoulders on "exotic vacuum objects" or "EVO" charged geons made from large numbers of electrons glued together by zero point energy is included. The zero point force holding as many as one hundred billion electrons together is not the QED Casimir force, which may even be repulsive, but is the entirely different strong short-range gravity force induced by the zero point energy by the entirely different process of Einstein's general relativity omitted from the flat space-time QED calculations. These EVOs show anomalous motions and energies that seem to be examples of Alcubierre's "warp drive" and "cold fusion" respectively.

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