Monday, June 14, 2004

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On Jun 13, 2004, at 9:29 PM, Tim Ventura wrote:

Jack --
This is an excellent point that none of the huggy-bear ET-loving types wearing quartz around their necks have addressed:
Regardless of ET politics, while they're here on Earth they'd damned well better obey our laws or risk getting shot in the process. I can understand them not understanding some of the cultural issues, but in terms of kidnapping and implants, these should be obvious no-no's to any advanced race.
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On Jun 13, 2004, at 12:56 PM, Alexander Konkretny wrote from Moscow, Russia:

Jack Sarfatti wrote:

Of course. That is politics not physics! Knowing how they get here
will allow us to fight back! That's the point Dan! This is a military
matter of national security. You know that. Some of The VIsitors have
allegedly committed serious crimes of kidnapping and humiliations like
we saw our guys do in the Baghdad prison and no one is above The Law!

Alex: When we kill flies and cockroaches, do we care about their laws?
When we perform experiments on mice, do we care about their laws?
But that is indeed politics, not physics.

Jack: Precisely, and there is evidence that SOME of The Visitors view us that way!
"Be prepared as in life you march along ...." Tom Lehrer

On Jun 13, 2004, at 9:13 AM, Jack Sarfatti wrote:

On Jun 13, 2004, at 7:50 AM, Dan Smith wrote: Dan
'best possible world'

Dan: Jack is supremely confident that he understands how the ETs got here.

Jack: Yes!

Dan: What he is much less confident about is why they are here.

Jack: Of course. That is politics not physics! Knowing how they get here will allow us to fight back! That's the point Dan! This is a military matter of national security. You know that. Some of The Visitors have allegedly committed serious crimes of kidnapping and humiliations like we saw our guys do in the Baghdad prison and no one is above The Law!

Dan: But whatever
their intentions, they cannot be good. We may surmise their lack of good
will toward us, by their lack openness with us. Do they not steal into our
world like thieves in the night? Do they not abduct our citizens?

Jack: OK so we seem to agree on that. Remember the films "War of the Worlds," "Independence Day" and "Star Troopers" - not "Close Encounters" and "ET" - we need to be prepared for both scenarios.

Dan: Obviously, then, they are not here to further our agenda, so they must have
their own. If the ETs are our adversaries, should we not be attempting to
ascertain their intentions?

Jack: Not my job. I am doing my job.

Dan; Is that not the primary function of any
military intelligence: know thine enemy?

Jack: I have a full plate. I am not a one-man Army! Remember I was recruited in 1953 if not before! This has been a 50 year mission! You got drafted in 1975. You're in The Army Now!

Dan: Here we start running into contradictions, not just on the part of Jack, but
across the board of UFO commentators.

Jack: Are you really naive or simply pretending. BTW Read "Battle Ready" by Tony Zinni & Tom Clancy. Zinni is VERY SHARP! He should run CIA! Life is full of contradictions. It's not like a theorem from Euclid's geometry.

Dan: It would seem that humanity has experienced unprecedented advances on the
technological front in approximately the same time frame that the ET
presence has become generally known. In fact it is our advanced sensing and
communications technology that has made us more aware of their presence than
ever before.

Jack: In fact some factions of ET are assisting us, others are making war on us. It's a BIG MULTIVERSE Out There Dan! This is like Cornell USAF ROTC and Civil Air Patrol - we are making war game plans for every possible CONTACT scenario.

Dan: The ETs ought to be concerned. Our growing knowledge of their presence is
rapidly turning us into a tribe of wannabe Prometheans. They steal our DNA,
we steal their fire. Jack is our very own Prometheus incarnate.

Jack: You got that part exactly right Bhubba. You ain't as dumb as you pretend.

Dan: It would seem that we are forcing a showdown, and sooner rather that later:
shades of Independence Day and War of the Worlds!

Jack: Hey Dan, you know I did not scroll down to this when I wrote the above!

Dan: In both of these Hollywood extravaganzas, our victory over the Aliens was as
low tech as it was improbable. Step aside Jeff Goldblum, we now have Jack Sarfatti at the helm. With Jack
we are going to beat the Aliens at their own game.

Jack: That's exactly right! Now you are talking. That's The Story, That's The Script!

Dan: We will out fly them and
out shoot them. Doesn't it make you want to feel sorry for them? Poor
little Grays, they barely stand a chance, not against our Patriotic Hero cum
Laude. Wait 'til Hollywood gets hold of the Real Stuff! Am I being sarcastic here? Certainly Jack would not think so. He is deadly serious. If not he is putting on a good show of it.

Jack: I am serious and also not serious. Like Reagan, I keep my sense of humor.

Dan: Look, Hollywood just wants to make a buck, and, for that matter, so does
Jack, the last time I checked. Neither one is being paid to do counter

Jack: Huh? Your Intelligence is faulty, e.g. Hal Puthoff says he is not being funded by Paul Murad at DIA.

Dan:But maybe there is something serious going on here. And maybe it is not
just warm and fuzzy either. If the ETs came here to facilitate our
spiritual advancement, it would seem that they are doing a rather poor job
of it. There are many channeled communications to tells us that we must
save our Planet. They are long on warnings, but short on solutions.

Jack: Your Eschaton is The Final Solution! :-)

Dan: The New Age movement seems to have lost its steam, giving way to soccer moms in
SUVs. We are closer to the brink of an all out religious war than we have
been in the last 800 years.

Jack: Correct. GWB is Godfroi De Boulloin and this is a replay of The First Crusade - this time to Baghdad.

Dan: Yes, Jack is way ahead of the curve on understanding how they got here, just
ask him. He is very curious about their means. He is curiously incurious
about their ends.

Jack: I am curious yellow about that. However, I do not waste my time on idle pursuits. I do my job and I eat me spinich.

Dan: He seems to know all about the teleology, but does he give a hoot about the
Telos? Am I the only one sensing a blind spot here? Am I the only one who wants to
do something about it?

Jack: I want to build saucers and star gates not worry how many ET Invaders can jump out of a star gate on Bob Bigelow's Ranch in Utah in one second. Let Bigelow's Boys worry about that one.

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