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World Hologram is obvious in the new theory

Once we have the idea that the curved tetrad field of gravity comes from the electroweak Higgs mechanism

B = (hG/c^3)^1/2'd'(Goldstone Phase) is the fundamental geometrodynamic field.

Goldstone Phase conjugate to VEV in G = U(1)hyperchargeSU(2)weak --3x3adjoint irrep of SU(2)--> H = U(1)em

i.e. Goldstone Phase is rotation about T3(weak) axis in the T1(weak)-T2(weak) plane, where {Ta} is Lie Algebra of SU(2)weak in the 3x3 adjoint irrep.

Then the Bekenstein-Hawking ---> 't Hooft-Susskind replacement of volume degrees of freedom by surface BITS quantized ~ hG/c^3 is simply Gauss's Theorem with the quantized wrapping numbers from second HomotopyS2(S2) = Z since the vacuum coherence local order parameter Higgs field is single-valued.

That is for spin connection W determined by B

D = (hG/c^3)^1/2(d + W/\)

F = DB

DF = 0

You can think of the 2-form *F as an "area" geometrodynamic field.

D*F = *J

The DeRham surface integral of the 2-form *F over a 2-cycle = DeRham volume integral of 3-form D*F over interior to the 2-cycle even if it is not a boundary.

The surface integral is the WRAPPING NUMBER N (which is 1 or -1 for the hedgehog) multiplied by the geometrodynamic flux quantum ~ hG/c^3.

The wrapping number N is ~ the number of Hawking-Bekenstein BITS. There must be at least 1 point defect in each universe for this to happen. The SCREEN of the WORLD HOLOGRAM is the the non-bounding 2-cycle for an arbitrary spacelike slice. We only need 1 Dirac string to quantize the charges, similarly, we only need one point defect per universe to get the quantized Lp^2/4 area bits of the World Hologram.

i.e. number of times the S2 sphere vacuum manifold G/H is wrapped for a single wrap in the surrounding S2 surface of the point defect enclosed by the 2-cycle. The second homotopy group here is the integers.

On Nov 4, 2005, at 6:28 PM, Jack Sarfatti wrote:

Derivation of the World Hologram?

I am not proposing the usual magnetic monopole here. I am proposing a geometrodynamic monopole in which the global translation group T(4) generated by total 4-Momentum Pa in 1905 Special Relativity is locally gauged to Diff(4) Group of Local Coordinate Transformations.

For example, if we were doing quantum theory in flat spacetime, the unitary operator

U(La) = e^iPaL^a

Makes the globally rigid space-time displacement L^a on the simple quantum wave psi(x).

To make it simpler lets consider only 1 space dimension x and P^a is the linear momentum in the x direction. Then by Taylor series since P = (h/i)d/dx

U(L)psi(x) = psi(x + L)

everywhere in space the same L.

Periodicity (i.e. S1 topology) and single-valuedness of the quantum wave imply quantization of linear momentum, i.e. discrete momentum eigenvalues hn/2L, n in discrete group Z from homotopy

PI1(S1) = Z I suppose?

In any case, off that momentary tangent to GR.

T(1) --> Diff(1) means that L is not a constant but is an arbitrary function L(x).

This means we want a gauge covariant derivative with a compensating potential.

I leave this as a homework problem for this 1 Dim space. Actually do it in 1+1 Space-Time.

OK doing it in 4D gives the curved tetrad field

B = (hG/c^3)'d'THETA

THETA is the Goldstone Phase of the Vacuum Coherence given below. THETA is a MULTI-VALUED 0-form from branch cuts something akin to a Riemann surface!

Now in 1915 GR without torsion - start simple.

B determines the spin connection W via the


De = dB + W/\(1 + B) = DB + W/\I = 0

The exterior Diff(4) covariant derivative is, therefore,

D = d + W/
If we treat B as a Yang-Mills field then

F = DB = - W/\I

note that DB = dB + W/\B


DB^a = dB^a + W^ab/\B^b

But vanishing torsion implies

DB^a = - W^ab/\I^b

DF = 0 Bianchi identity, i.e. like Faraday induction & no magnetic monopoles

D*F = *J(curved tetrad sources) i.e. like Ampere's law & Gauss's law

D*J = 0 local current density conservation

In any case the VACUUM MONOPOLE will be in this curved tetrad B field not the EM A field.

The GEOMETRODYNAMIC FLUX is the two-form in 4D space-time

*F = *DB

Therefore, the surface integral of 2-form *F is the volume integral of the 3-Form *J and they are QUANTIZED obviously in accord with the Bekenstein-Hawking thermodynamics of blackholes

The 't Hooft-Polyakov point defect of the Higgs field when surrounded by the surface integral of *F is ~ NArea/Lp^2 where N is in Z

Since *F is normalized to 1/Lp^2 ~ c^3/hG.

Seems logical? Pretty simple from my new POV.

Is this "the organizing idea" the M-theorists are looking for?

On Nov 4, 2005, at 11:24 AM, Jack Sarfatti wrote:

I here UNIFY the Electro-Weak Force with Einstein's Gravity Geometrodynamics.
I think this is the first time anyone has even thought of doing this?
Why did I think of this?
Einstein's Equivalence Principle
That's why!
If leptons and quarks get their rest inertia from the electro-weak force vacuum symmetry breaking Higgs mechanism then so must gravity (curved space-time) emerge from that because:

Any physical theory that does not have gravity and inertia emergent together is a wrong theory.

Theorem of 'tHooft & Polyakov

"If the manifold of degenerate vacua contains non-contractible two-surfaces like the sphere S2. This corresponds to the vacuum manifold V = G/H having a non-trivial second homotopy group PI2(G/H) =/= I. If the unbroken VEV invariant normal subgroup G of H has a non-trivial FUNDAMENTAL GROUP PI1(H)" HENCE A CONJUGATE GRAVITY-GENERATING GOLDSTONE PHASE IS GUARANTEED! "then there are point defect 'monopole' solutions from

PI1(U(1)) = Z"


"Grand unified models based on simple groups G which break to leave H = U(1)EM must produce MONOPOLES.

The simplest monopole is the 't Hooft-Polyakov ... which appears when SU(2) is broken to U(1) ... the 3-component Higgs field phi far from the core of the monopole takes a HEDGEHOG configuration

VEV = (0|phi|0)3r^

where r^ is the unit radial vector in physical 3D spacelike slice of 4D space-time."

p. 64 "Cosmic Strings & Topological Defects"

In this case however we do not have a magnetic monopole, but a charge neutral geometrodynamic monopole because the gauge potential is not Aem, but the curved tetrad

B = (hG/c^3)^1/2'd'(Goldstone Phase) Translation group to Diff(4)

The effective vacuum order parameter here in the 3-irrep of SU(2)weak is

a_g = -dV(Dark Energy)/dr = cH(t)r^

From Einstein's eq using w = -1

G00 ~ c^2/\zpfg00

/\zpf ~ H(t)/cr

g00 ~ 1

See below.


I thought of the HEDGEHOG from the NASA Pioneer data alone BEFORE I knew of the 't Hooft-Polyakov "theorem".

I claim that Einstein's gravity emerges from the single Goldstone phase in

e^-i(Goldstone Phase)T3

that leaves the only non-vanishing VEV (0|Higgs Field|0)3 invariant in the 3-adjoint irrep of SU(2)weak spontaneous symmetry breaking of the vacuum

G = U(1)hypercharge SU(2)weak --3--> H = U(1)EM (photon)


The degenerate vacuum manifold for constant (0|Higgs|0)3 is S2.

n' = 3 is the number of real scalar Higgs fields in the 3x3 irrep of SU(2) in which the VEV is taken along the 3-direction in fiber group parameter space.

However, U(1)xSU(2) has n = 4 real scalar fields in d = 4 space-time corresponding to group U(2). That is one mode for each generator in the Lie algebra.

e^-i(Goldstone Phase)T3(0|Higgs|0)3 = (0|Higgs|0)3

Einstein's geometrodynamic field, therefore is the curved tetrad 1-form

B = (hG/c^3)^1/2'd'(Goldstone Phase of U(1)xSU(2) --3--> U(1))

'd' means topological singularities in the vacuum manifold

V = G/H = U(1)hyperchargexSU(2)weak/U(1)em = S2

N = 4 = number of generators of G = U(1)xSU(2).

N - K = 1 is number of generators of H = U(1)


K = 3

is the number of massive SU(2)weak force gauge bosons


W+, W0, W-

On the other hand, the number of real Higgs quanta is

n - K = 4 - 3 = 1

This provides our UNIQUE Goldstone phase for emergent Einstein-Gravity as a c-number low-energy long range effective field theory.

The Higgs quanta on mass shell are small vibrations of the single real Higgs VEV along the 3-direction in SU(2) group parameter space in the 3x3 matrix adjoint irrep. The physical Goldstone phase leaving that (0|Higgs Field|0) invariant mod small oscillations is the S1 circle of renormalizable Mexican Hat minima in the 1-2 plane of internal weak force 3x3 group representation fiber space.

The number of massless gauge quanta is

N - K = 1, i.e. H = U(1)em.

OK, think of U(1)hypercharge SU(2)weak as a 4D group parameter space.

One real dimension for each Lie algebra generator. We have 4 with 4 conjugate phase parameter.

2 orthogonal TRANSVERSE directions are W+ & W- they are T1 & T2.

T3 is electrically charged neutral.

T4 the hypercharge is also electrically charged neutral.

The T4-T1 plane (like longitudinal-timelike virtual photon polarizations)

has a rotated frame in which one axis is W0 the massive weak electrically neutral weak current boson

and the orthogonal axis is the MASSLESS electrically neutral PHOTON!

So that's ELECTRO-WEAK THEORY in a NUT SHELL without the PARITY VIOLATION - we stick that in later. Now for the emergence of gravity:

Suppressing the tangent fiber indices, in compact symbolic form

ds^2 = guvdx^udx^v = (1 + B)(Minkowski)(1 + B)

D = d + W/

De = dB + W/\B = 0

R = DW = curvature 2-form

Einstein-Hilbert Lagrangian density is for /\zpf = 0

L = R/\e/\e

DR = 0 is Bianchi identity

D*W = *J(Matter) is Einstein's field equation.

* = Hodge dual

D*J(Matter) = 0 is local conservation of matter stress-energy current densities.


On Nov 3, 2005, at 7:35 PM, Jack Sarfatti wrote:

On Nov 3, 2005, at 2:42 PM, art wagner wrote:

Are you totally anti-Chaplygin...? Is Lobo loco...?



Note that the energy density in the expanding universe scales as

energy density ~ (space expansion factor)^-3(1 + w) = a^-3(1 + w)

OK the skewon field has w = -1/3, therefore

skewon energy density ~ a^-3(2/3) = a^-2

Phantom energy has w < - 1 therefore its energy density increases as universe expands. This causes the BIG RIP totally destroying the universe.

However, Lorentz invariance and equivalence principle DEMAND UNIVERSALLY for ALL vacuum ZPF

w = - 1 EXACTLY (at least for isotropic fields).

Einstein's equation for ZPF i.e.

D*W = *J(ZPF)


translates to the w = -1 exotic vacuum equation

Guv + /\zpfguv = 0

In general in the Newtonian weak curvature Galilean v/c << 1 limit

Guv + kTuv(sources) = 0

in the 00 component

G00 ~ Grad^2V ~ (G/c^2)(Energy Density)(1 + 3w)

For w = 0 we have Newton's gravity theory in Poisson eq. form.

for radiation w = +1/3 we have the famous Einstein factor of 2 in gravity bending of light. Note that fast matter looks like light in this regard.

For Skewons we have w = -1/3 so that the source term on RHS VANISHES.

Skewons DO NOT BEND SPACE-TIME (at least on large scale isotropic case - that may be the loophole).

ZPF BENDS SPACE-TIME ABSOLUTELY, i.e. NO CASIMIR FORCE SUBTRACT NO BOUNDARY FROM BOUNDARY as in QED. QED thinking FAILS for gravity. That's one of Hal Puthoff's BIG BLUNDERS in his attempt at metric engineering. Another is his naive use of a single global coordinate system - another story.

For zero point energy w = -1 ON THE NOSE and in isotropic case

G00(ZPF) ~ Grad^2V(ZPF) ~ -2(G/c^2)(Energy Density)




Put them together for NEGATIVE MATTER PROPULSION of the GEODESIC KIND - no g-forces!

The basic story is simple!

You need torsion to make /\zpf inhomogeneous. Maybe you need a Skewon as well as an auxilliary field? I don't know yet.

Also small scale anistropies may be important. Above is only for FRW cosmology very large scale homogeneous isotropic "aether".


Total Exotic Vacuum Virtual Particle "4D Super-Solid" Density = Higgs Vacuum Locally Coherent Condensate Density + Nonlocally Coherent Locally Incoherent EPR ZPF density

The second term on RHS can be locally negative as can the LHS.

Remember in the Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen-Bohm effect, the photon pair state is nonlocally coherent but locally incoherent. Same for momentum pair correlated interferometry. The Higgs field however is also LOCALLY COHERENT and it is that LOCAL COHERENCE that Einstein's curved space-time gravity emerges from!

B(curved) ~ 'd'(Goldstone Phase of U(1)yxSU(2)weak -> U(1)em)

i.e. point defects like Pioneer anomaly since

n = 4 real scalar fields

N = 4 generators of U(1)hyperchargexSU(2)weak

N - K = 1 = number of generators of U(1)em

K = 3

n - K = 1 is the single Higgs boson amplitude oscillation whose conjugate phase is the Goldstone phase out of which Einstein's 1915 GR field equations emerge quite simply.

K = 3 massive weak force bosons W+, W0, W-

N - K = 1 is the massless photon of H = U(1)em

The NASA PIONEER gravity anomaly data show this effect clearly on macro-scale of tens of AU with the point defect d' = 0 at center of our Sun


This is a point defect with "wrapping number" = -1.

Instead of magnetization we have

a_g = -cH(t) ~ 1 nanometer per sec^2 anomalous dark energy blue shift between the two S2 spherical surfaces. First one at ~ 20AU. Don't know where 2nd one ends.

That is anomalous part of the radial geodesic equation is

dr^2/dt^2 - a_g = 0

a_g as a vector is constant

/\zpf = H(t)/cr

V(ZPF) = c^2/\zpfr^2

= cH(t)r

a_g = - dV(ZPF)/dr = - cH(t)

as observed.

Most of this is in my book Super Cosmos.

But the U(1)hyperchargeSU(2)weak ---> U(1)em

will be in book #4 of

Space-Time and Beyond: The Series

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