Saturday, November 26, 2005

Extra Space Dimensions & Casimir Force Data

Note, in addition if the modified uncertainty principle

&p ~ h/&r + (h/Lp)^2(&r/h)

Lp^2 = hG/c^3

is correct as several authors on electronic archive have published, then the Casimir force

|<-L->|Area of plates = A

will be modified to

F(Casimir) ~ (hc/L^4)A ---> ~ c(h/L + (h/Lp)^2(L/h))A/L^3

i.e. a new quantum gravity term in the QED Casimir force

~ (c^4/G)(A/L^2) ~ (String Tension)(A/L^2)

Now this is much too large if Newton's constant works at the separations of the plates.

Therefore, either the modified uncertainty principle is falsified, or the effective string tension is much softer at the current levels of experiments from large extra space dimensions.

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re: Advanced Space Weapons Technology

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From: Jack Sarfatti
Date: November 26, 2005 10:23:50 AM PST
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Subject: Re: dark energy detector

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I hope you can catch me up on something I obviously don't understand. The complete lack of enthusiasm on the Stardrive board over what seemed to be an empirical verification of your theory (w=-1) makes me wonder about a few things.

Most people on it are not educated in physics.

You're saying for ages that w=-1. Hal Puthoff et. al. are saying that it's -1/3.

No, Hal says it's +1/3 in some sense for the QED Casimir force boundary effect. He cites some old paper by DeWitt.

Eric Davis works with Hal. You posted about a month ago that it appeared that Hal was ready to throw in the towel on his theory and left a flurry of posts seemingly meant to bury the dead. Looks like ya'll knew about the supernovae data but didn't post about it.

This data has been around for awhile. It's in my books from 2002. This latest is simply more confirmation.

Eric Davis posts several times in accord with your theories. He's delivering at STAIF on generating dark energy in the lab.

He is?

You posted about dark energy detector on Oct 25.

So, is Eric Davis presenting YOUR stuff at STAIF?

Maybe, but he is obviously not giving me the credit!

What was it a month ago that caused you to pen that it seemed Hal was ready to bury the dead dog?

Don't expect me to remember that. Too much volume of e-mail in and out.

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