Saturday, November 12, 2005

Conversation with Dan Smith who is Chicken Little of the UFO Aviary

On Nov 12, 2005, at 1:58 PM, Jack Sarfatti wrote:

Here is how it all works Dan in a Nutshell:

The world is a sequence of spontaneous broken symmetries.

Each time a symmetry is spontaneously broken in the vacuum a new emergent order of complexity is born.

Gravity is such an emergent order.

The vacuum consists of a local coherent part and a local incoherent (zero point fluctuation) part.

Both parts, however are nonlocally coherent from the Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen effect.

The local coherent part gives Einstein's gravity and inertia of matter together. The local incoherent part (ZPF) gives both the repulsive dark energy and the attractive dark matter, which you get depends upon scale and the strength of the local coherent part's intensity.

Einstein's gravity comes from the local coherent part's "Goldstone Phase".

Inertia of leptons & quarks (the building blocks of real matter of atoms ... us) comes from the square root of the intensity of the local coherent part AKA Higgs field.

The Portal is a special structure in the Einstein geometrodynamical field made stable and possible by the manipulation of dark energy. The latter can be done directly by SUPER MIND because MIND is a PHYSICAL FIELD and INNER CONSCIOUSNESS is a PROPERTY of that PHYSICAL MACRO-QUANTUM FIELD with SIGNAL NONLOCALITY.

Parallel universes are also special structures in the geometrodynamical field. There is nothing supernatural here. It is your primitive mind that mistakenly thinks this is supernatural UT beyond physics. Hell Dan I don't need UT to get scared. Just tell me a ghost story. The point is that one's emotional responses to this stuff DON'T MATTER when you want to understand REALITY!

On Nov 12, 2005, at 1:44 PM, Jack Sarfatti wrote:

On Nov 12, 2005, at 1:34 PM, Dan Smith wrote:


OK, then, how about something simple like a portal between a Bohmian and a Copenhagian world?

Dan your question is STUPID. It's WORD SALAD. Perhaps I should say "WORLD SALAD"?

Not all questions deserve an answer. Your question is "not even wrong" (W. Pauli) it is "ill-posed."

"The Question is: What is The Question?"

It's not up for grabs. Copenhagen is simply WRONG! Period. No, ifs ands and buts.

Dan, the point is that the portal STAR GATE is simply an OBJECTIVE LOCAL "MATERIAL", i.e "IT" GEOMETRODYNAMICAL STRUCTURE like the Golden Gate Bridge. The Golden Gate is supported by REAL STEEL on-mass-shell. The Portal is supported by VIRTUAL ZERO POINT DARK ENERGY!

Meantime give final date 5 months from now for your whatever it is.

From: Jack Sarfatti []
Sent: Saturday, November 12, 2005 3:04 PM
To: Dan Smith
Subject: Re: How 'bout them Portals....Mind the Gap?

On Nov 12, 2005, at 11:15 AM, Dan Smith wrote:


Alright, my little physics genius, here’s a question for you.

You would like to have a purely physical portal; a portal that connects two worlds with different physics.

Define "different physics". First of all that is an IDLE SPECULATION for which we HAVE NO EVIDENCE. All the evidence is that the PHYSICS IS THE SAME. There a JILLIONS of MAINSTREAM PAPERS on this BTW. Furthermore DUMMIE - all LIFE-FORMS will come from UNIVERSES WITH THE SAME PHYSICS. Read Barrow & Tipler & Rees & Davies. Your question is HARE-BRAINED!

It seems to me there is going to be a Physics Gap, a physics interfacing problem. If you have Physics I on one side and Physics II on the other side, what physics are you going to have in the middle? How about just a black box or a black hole?


How do you patch the Gap? What will happen to a Physics I object passing through to Physics II? What sort of transition will that be?


For the Stargate troopers there will be a continuity of mind/consciousness. That will finally be your only bridge. That is why the Stargaters definitely have to Mind the Gap!

There is an SLS conference on Techno-Poetry with a lot of goofy academics. You should go there. Birds of a feather.

That is your one line proof that Mind can and does transcend mere physics.


In the trade, we call it freedom of physics. It is our 0th Amendment right.



From: Jack Sarfatti []
Sent: Saturday, November 12, 2005 1:04 PM
To: Dan Smith
Subject: Re: Peeling the onion....avoiding some of the tears

On Nov 12, 2005, at 9:07 AM, Dan Smith wrote:

Jack, et alia,

Behind every story there is another story. There will always be a pre-quel and a sequel.

Dan, my brother Mike is now able to post videos on WEB easily.

Above you are speaking Qabala & Jorge Luis Borges

Now we have the Anonymous postings, wherein the visitors attempt to prove that we and they cannot go home again. At least we cannot step into the same river twice.

Worthless rumor

About Anon: someone already on Victrolas list. Most likely then a known or possibly a yet unknown member of the Aviary. Not Bruce, not Hal, not Bob, not Kit, not John, not Ron, not Ernie. Lets see, have I missed any BIRDS?

I doubt that. In any case the information is worthless as it is not authenticated.

In the C/I game there is a big deal about containment and control. You want to make sure the loop stays focused and closed. You want instant feedback. Its got to be a very small world after all. Each player will have to take several roles.

If there is a story, it has been around for maybe three generations. To stay covered, it would have grown many layers of moss. If this is not another false start, then we have to start peeling back.

It is about going and coming home. It is a mini-apokatastasis. It always comes back to Gauguin: who are we, from whence do we come, whither do we go? Without that context, every other question is chasing after the wind.

You mean "passing wind."

Carl Sagan: it should be a given that Carl would have been mixed up in this. Wasnt Donald Menzel, of the stick in the water bending illusion notoriety? Almost reminds you of Richard Feynman with has famous water glass trick.

Contact: definitely not about rocket ships. More about portals and interdimensional travel, heavy on the psychological side.

This is your basic confusion Dan. Bad physics. Portals is all geometrodynamics with dark energy. It's not psychological.

Also about the re-discovering of Selfness. Where is the Astronomy and Physics, Carl? Guess thats what happens when a visitor comes marching thought the living room wall of a scientist.

The probability of that is the same as the probability that all the air in your room will spontaneously collapse to a liquid. It doesn't happen Dan. The burden of proof that it does happen is on you.

They get religion, in about a nanosecond. Something for some of you to look forward to, in about, oh, say, five months from now.

Your false prediction noted for the Imperial Record!

Or maybe Carl is just another one of us new-age idiots.

What is your fantasy about Sagan here? You are, as usual too vague.

Bruce is the first one here to pick up on the portal idea.

No he is not. It's already in

Physics may be universal but aint cosmic.


Different strokes for different folks.

Do you take aspirin each day?

All those numbers in the story? Get a grip, you number crunchers. You wont be able to take your TI9200s with you to heaven. At Princeton they taught us to do horseback calculations. Guess they had a good reason. They didnt offer that course at Cornell, but they did have Hotel Management. It would be good for the Vacuum crowd. Try getting your priorities straight. Try getting with the program. There are still several more layers to this onion. Save your tears.

Dan you seem very anxious to die.

And all you Buck Rogers techies. They dont even have air conditioning or television out there,

How do you know?

and yet look who came a knockin on our door?

We have no factual evidence really for the "core story". I do have

that's a hard fact for me. Everything from RMC & you so far is simply un-authenticated rumor - probably disinformation.

Wishing won't make it so Dan.

Its not what you know or what toys you have, guys and gals, its all about Who you know and how you know.

Yes, on how you know.

Some genius around here wondered if they had freedom of religion. If they could just hear that question, Im sure they would be rolling in the isles. What they do have, my little friends, is freedom of physics.

You are babbling incoherently Dan.

Carl has been there and done that, Jack. He doesnt need your formulas, nor all the abuse that you dish out with them. His cow is long dead. Yours will be in about five more months. Thats not a threat, its just another promise.

Your promise is noted and we will be LOL and rolling in the aisles when you cannot deliver the goods. If I am wrong fine. For me it's WIN-WIN. For you it's WIN-LOSE. Can you give a precise date for that "five months"?

RiverWorld, anyone?


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