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Gabriel Kron, James Corum Philadelphia Experiment Story

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On Nov 3, 2005, at 11:43 AM, Jack Sarfatti wrote:

On Nov 3, 2005, at 11:23 AM, art wagner wrote:
So, did the event actually happen?

Well, the guy who I think is John Moore, was a straight arrow of the Old School. He actually did not admit to anything in our meeting. He was basically uncomfortable as if still under some kind of secrecy oath. Jim Corum thinks something unusual happened in 1943 at the Navy Yard in Phila. Jim was Chief Scientist at SARA with access to Tesla Archive in Beograd during Soviet Era and he was Chief Scientist at ISR in W. Virgina for awhile financed by Senator Robert Byrd. So there is a lot of smoke for sure. We are talking MILLIONS OF DOLLARS of USG BLACK BUCKS in West Virginia alone.

(i.e., Dering is reporting correct facts then & after) & do you think that Hehl & Obukhov have found the connection to it?

You mean the Skewons? Hehl is a good theorist. Skewons may play a role probably when combined with my zero point energy emergent gravity vacuum coherence theory.

Key point Skewon in Hehl's paper is w = -1/3. You have to SKEW the Skewon to have its w more negative than -1/3 to get anything interesting with it.

On Nov 3, 2005, at 11:10 AM, Jack Sarfatti wrote:

We (i.e. ISSO) gave SARA $1,000,000 to work on this in 1999 - 2000. They did not come up with much. John Moore may be the guy who was allegedly at Philadelphia Experiment in 1943? If he is in his 80's and was on SARA Board, then he may be the guy who came to ISSO at 3220 Sacramento St in San Francisco with Jim Wes? Jim Corum also showed up from ISR in West Virginia. This was when we did not really have a clue as to how it all really worked and we were floundering around with Joe Firmage's short-lived millions of Internet Bubble Bucks. It was not until 2002 that I made the key discovery from the dark energy Type 1a supernovae data. This story is all in my books at
I have much of Kron's stuff in my library.

On Nov 3, 2005, at 10:35 AM, art wagner wrote:

on 10/29/2005 per John Dering
"Gabriel Kron was director of research for General Electric in the
1930's and for many years afterwards. His tensor analysis was
reviewed and corrected by Dr. John Moore (senior business advisor
to SARA, Inc.; John ran Rockwell when it was a company of 90,000
employees). ....Kron supervised the construction of the
synchronous motor generators on the DE-173. In 1943, in an address
to a mathematics conference Hoffman (ARW: Banesh?) said, 'we now
have experimental verification of Einstein's unified field
theory.' ....We have built and tested several some better than
others. Don't be fooled the gravity effects WILL NOT look very
gravitational, it will appear to be some odd type of EM
interference effect (ARW: See, perhaps, Eq. 60 in
( and Fig.
7 in ( )

I connect what Hehl is suggesting to what I am suggesting. Hehl & Co trying to do it all from U(1)EM which is not quite correct because it seems to conflict with the standard model of leptons and quarks. You must do it from U(1)hyperchargeSU(2)weak Higgs mechanism as I made a model of yesterday.

That is in the 3x3 ADJOINT IRREP of SU(2)weak for the basic vacuum coherence order parameter.

G = U(1)hypercharge SU(2)weak BREAKS to H = U(1)EM.

Note that the MASSLESS PHOTON is a linear combination of HYPERCHARGE + WEAK

The MASSIVE W^0 is also a linear combination of HYPERCHARGE - WEAK

So Hehl's starting point of H = U(1)EM is my FINISHING POINT where I start with G and get gravity from

e^i(Goldstone Phase)T3 that leaves the real (0|phi|0) INVARIANT

Where T3 is a generator of SU(2)weak.

Curved tetrad ~ 'd'(Goldstone Phase of simplest Standard Model Higgs)

On Nov 2, 2005, at 5:03 PM, Jack Sarfatti wrote:

On Nov 1, 2005, at 9:20 PM, Jack Sarfatti wrote:

Basic idea is that gravity & inertia must emerge together in order to obey the Einstein equivalence principle (AKA EEP).

Note that stability of the universe's carbon life forms, rigidity of common materials, atomic physics & chemistry, i.e. fine tuned e/m ratios etc are for late cosmological epochs when TCCB << 250Gev

The rest inertia of leptons & quarks must come from the macro-quantum Higgs vacuum amplitude in the spontaneous symmetry-breaking of SU(2)weak (in standard model effective field theory in sense of the renormalization group scaling of coarse-graining out finer scales, i.e. sliding short-distance cutoff L^2 - hG*/c^3.

Gravity comes from complementary Goldstone phase modulation complementary to the Higgs vacuum amplitude.

Note that

(Phase Uncertainty)(Number Uncertainty) ~ 1

The selection of a spontaneous symmetry breaking scheme is not unique, though it is more restrictive than the solutions to string theory.

The NASA Pioneer anomaly (2 actual probes, and apparently their rotation about their centers of mass distinguishes them from other probes that do not sense the anomaly) suggests a monopole-like point defect at center of sun in the hedgehog configuration with wrapping number -1.

N = number of Lie algebra generators for unstable incoherent false vacuum symmetry group G.

N - K = number of Lie algebra generators for metastable coherent vacuum symmetry subgroup H.

n = dimension of REAL representation of unstable incoherent false vacuum G

Then for G Yang-Mills field coupled to n-component real scalar fields.

The number of real massive Higgs boson small oscillations in the Higgs vacuum amplitude is n - K.

The number of Meissner effect massive gauge bosons is K.

The number of massless gauge bosons is N - K = dimH

Topological defect stability is

d' = d - n

d = dim of physical spacelike slice (AKA physical space)

d' = dimension of stable defect in physical space

i.e. the homotopy group mapping of

1 + d' + r = d

r = dim in physical space that surrounds the defect of dim d'

SSB in SU(2)weak models


2. Adjoint 3-irrep of SU(2) T^a given by the structure constants of SU(2) in 3x3 matrix rep. n = 3 real scalar fields. This is a 2 -> 1 homomorphism of SU(2) to SO(3) whose multiply-connected 3-parameter manifold is S3 with antipodes identified.

G(false incoherent vacuum) = SU(2)

If only non-zero VEV is along T3 axis in group space

H(true coherent vacuum) = U(1)

i.e. S1 circle about T3 axis.

SU(2) -3-> U(1)

R = e^-i(THETA)T3 leaves real(0|phi|0) invariant. Therefore, THETA is the effective Goldstone phase here out of which Einstein's 1915 GR field equations emerge.

B(P) ~ L''d'THETA(P)

G/H = SU(2)/U(1) ~ S2 = Sn-1

n = 3 = dimS2

N = 3 for G = SU(2)weak

N - K = 3 - K = 1

K = 2

n - K = 3 - 2 = 1 Massive Higgs

2 Massive gauge bosons

1 Massless gauge boson.


d' = d - n = 0

i.e. point defect singularity where (0|phi(x)|0) -> 0 in physical 3D space surrounded by

r = 2 i.e. S2 2-cycle that is not a boundary.

This is quantized geometrodynamic "flux without flux" N = -1 is a Hedgehog.

But above model is incomplete - does not fit observed NEUTRAL WEAK CURRENTS it only has W+ & W-!

3. Next consider G = U(1)hyperchargexSU(2)weak -1x3-> H = U(1)EM

n = 4

Now N = 4

N - K = 1

K = 3 massive gauge bosons i.e. W+,W0,W-

N - K = 1 i.e. photon

n - K = 4 - 3 = 1 Massive Higgs

d' = d - n

Where d = 4 for complete space-time

d' = 0

1 + r + d' = d

r = 3 surrounding subspace in 4-D space-time with space-like slice S2.

This surrounding space for wrapping number N = -1 (hedgehog) are two concentric spherical surfaces in physical 3D space with point defect at center, and the 3-vector real vacuum order parameter oriented along the radial direction with CONSTANT MAGNITUDE

a_g = -cH(t)

V = G/H = U(1)hyperchargeSU(2)weak/U(1)em ~ S2

e^-i(Goldstone Phase)T3 leaves the one non-vanishing REAL VEV INVARIANT like in simplest Higgs model.

There is only ONE Goldstone phase here for the T3(weak generator) and it seems to give gravity via

B(P) = (hG/c^3)^1/2'd'(Unique Goldstone Phase of U(1)SU(2) -> U(1))

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