Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Unique Goldstone Phase for Emergence of Gravity

The Higgs mechanism for the spontaneous breaking of SU(2)weak in the post-inflationary vacuum explains the origin of inertia for the leptons and quarks that make ordinary matter whose Omega is only 0.04 of course. Omega ~ 0.96 is all virtual nonlocally coherent but locally incoherent ZPF of which Omega ~ 0.23 is negative ZPF energy density and Omega ~ 0.73 is positive zero point density where

Total density of Omega = 1.00 (large scale) is

Omega(Total) = Omega(ZPF) + Omega(Higgs)

So Omega Higgs Condensate is only ~ 0.04.

Omega = density/(critical density)

Note that the "Omega" Higgs condensate analog in superfluid helium is also quite small. Most of the superfluid helium ground state is nonlocally phase locked ZPF that is locally completely random same idea seen in the EPR real 2-photon pair state of Clauser --> Aspect experiments on violations of Bell's locality inequality for polarization correlations.

|1,2> = (2)^-1/2[|1+>|2-> + |1->|1+>]

Now for SU(2) I took case of 3 independent conjugate phases for the Paul spin matrix algebra T1, T2, T3. However, in the standard theory there is actually only ONE independent phase theta needed. That is, a = 1,2,3

U(n,theta) = e^i(theta)n^aT^a = cos(theta/2) + 2in^aTasin(theta/2)

This is for a physical rotation of theta about a space axis with unit vector n = (na) whose effect in the fundamental irrep 2-component complex spinor space is given by U(n,theta). The two hidden angles of latitude & longitude are in the n unit vector.

OK it is this theta(P) that is the relevant Goldstone phase for the emergence of gravity in

B(P) = (Effective Lattice Length)'d'(theta)

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