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On May 23, 2004, at 1:07 PM, Tony Smith wrote:

Jack, you say that Dark Energy can be produced

Both Dark Energy and Dark Matter.

by using a real phased-array set of current loops

Superconducting current loops, maybe they also wil bel mechanically rotating, i.e. little rotating superconducting nano washer nuts ~ 10^-7 cm or superconducting nano-spinning tops with holes in them to trap magnetic flux - an array of nano-gyros imbedded in a mesh inside covering the entire saucer smart thin material fuselage skin that is essentially empty inside - no need for large macro-engine assemblies at all! "There's plenty of room at the bottom."

to induce order in the virtual Dirac sea,

Not quite. There is lots of order there already!

/\zpf = 0 means NON-EXOTIC |VACUUM COHERENCE| = Lp*^-3/2 is already there, otherwise NO SMOOTH CURVED SPACE-TIME is possible! We want to tweak the vacuum coherence with phase modulation!

thus increasing the relative density in the Dirac sea
of the coherent condensate of bound virtual e-p pairs,

in some regions and decreasing it in other regions to get the Tr(K) field distribution needed for warp drive for example.

that the "... phased array creates any /\zpf(P,s) ~ Tr(K)
FIELD CONFIGURATION needed for any self-propelled UFO
creating its own local metric field guv(P,s) according
to the Einstein field equation Guv + /\zpfguv ~ 0 ...".


Then, the question arises,
how do you build a real phased-array set of current loops ?

That's like asking Einstein in 1905 after he first writes down

E = mc^2

for a detailed blue print of the reactor for a nuclear submarine.

Ask those little guys whizzing around Out There!

Do you build small loops of conventional superconductors
a la Carver Mead
negative permittivity structures such as those
of ?

You tell me. What's the Carver Mead reference BTW.
We obviously need a Task Force to work on this problem, but DIA's "UFOGuy" is too dense to get the point it appears.

How will negative electrical permittivity help?

Main thing is to get a coherent field that will beat against the vacuum coherent field on a desired scale in a desired bandwidth set of temporal frequencies and spatial wave numbers in a given region of space at a given moment - i.e. wavelet transforms.

Do you build stiff diamondoid structures
a la Eric Drexler or the doped diamonds of ?

Sounds like you are off to a good start. Send me your reports.

Do you build less-stiff organic-type structures
a la Eric Drexler ?

Do you work with crystal structures such as YBCO superconductors
a la Ning Li
non-YBCO materials as discussed by Ray Chaio
barium titanate, as to which Constantin Ivanenko said
"... importance of barium titanate - key component
of "psi-genome weapons" -
was intuitively foreseen by SF author H. Kuttner;
- who wrote in his '54 novel "Mutants" that "destiny of
Humankind is contained in the chip of barium titanate crystal". ...".
Barium titanate, like some high-temperature superconductors,
has a perovskite-type crystal structure. With some such things,
such a YBCO, you get superconductivity. With barium titanate,
you get interesting dielectric and pizeoelectric properties. ?

We need really high Tc not the puny things they have now. NO CRYOGENICS at all. It must stay SC even in high T of re-entry should that become necessary if there is some breakdown on board.

Or maybe there is some kind of pumped non-equilibrium Frohlich mode we can use and avoid superconductivity altogether?


As to some geopolitical matters:

What about Lev Navrozov's statement at
"... In contrast to Hitler,
who stupidly grabbed the rump of Czechoslovakia in 1939,
China has been very cautious in its territorial claims,
since the position of China now is the best for the development
of "Superweapon No. 3," such as the nano superweapon. ..."

Yeah the Chinese are likely to beat us to the punch because they are less uptight about being "respectable" immersed in the hashish dreams of M string theory, spin networks, foams and weaves - pretty math to be sure, but as physics????

These mathematicians in physicist's clothing do not have any really good physical ideas and they hope that arcane math will provide the magic they seek like Faustus in his study at Wittenburg! Pun definitely intended! :-)

A mathematical physicist is a mathematician who has given up trying to do really important mathematics.

What about Herman Wouk's new book "A Hole in Texas",
which deals with a Chinese "Boson Bomb" related to
the vacuum-mass-Higgs system?

News to me. Tell us more.

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