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The Josephson effect is a tunneling current that flows "Between two
Superconductors" separated by an insulating layer. The dc current depends on
the phase difference between the two wave functions and the density of
electron pairs in each superconductor.

The tunneling current interpretation is NOT FUNDAMENTAL. What is fundamental is the wave interference of TWO macro-quantum coherent order parameters. In the case of the Josephson junction with identical superconductors on both sides of the weak link, yes you have an actual supercurrent across the weak link. NOT so in the vacuum-superconductor link. All you have is a real circulating supercurrent in each nano-ring node of the phase coherent array mesh imbedded in the fuselage of the "saucer". The local PHASE of that real circulating loop of supercurrent INTERFERES with the local PHASE of the vacuum coherence to generate the local value of Alcubierre's key control source parameter Tr(K)

Tr(K) ~ cosine[relative LOCAL phase of loop of real supercurrent minus local phase of virtual electron-positron pairs inside vacuum occupying same space-time region as the real supercurrent. The real electron Cooper pairs are swimming in the virtual sea of coherent electron-positron pairs! Their relative local coherent phases BEAT at a single node of the nanomesh network to form Tr(K) at that node provided the inherent phase noise in the real supercurrent closed loop can be filtered out! You do not want to quiet the phase noise of the real supercurrent nano-loops too much because the effect is intrinsically huge, much larger than nuclear fusion energy density release. This phase coherence is a cosmic trigger to the enormous energy density of the vacuum. This is not a Casimir force effect - completely different laws of physics!

You're saying that there is only 1 superconductor and "the interpenetrating
vacuum coherence in the common support" and that the Josephson effect takes
place between the superconductor and the vacuum. To me, this is the most
important point in your theory. It represents your method of coupling to the
vacuum to control space-time curvature. Now I see that you are saying that
this all happens "inside" the superconductor.

YES! There is no actual tunneling current between real control superconductor and the vacuum in this case. That is not fundamental here. The virtual electron-positron pairs stay virtual. You do not want to hit them with 2mc^2 energy transfers to make them real. That destroys the delicate coherent local phase matching between COINCIDENT real supercurrents and virtual supercurrents that together generate the weightless warp drive.

You say "The vacuum is
everywhere the superconductor is". My question is if it happens inside, then
why not at the surface? If not at the surface, then why would it happen
inside? If it is happening inside, then why are currents persistent for eons
inside a superconductor?

Again you are barking up the wrong tree. Wherever there is a real electron-pair supercurrent there is also the virtual electron-positron pair "aether" it is swimming through. Each real Cooper pair is immersed inside the virtual electron-positron pair vacuum condensate. They each have coherent macro-quantum phases that coherently interfere with each other. What Hal Puthoff and everyone else miss is the coherent local phase of the virtual electron-positron sea. They mistakenly believe the "PV" virtual spin 1/2 electron-positron sea is completely 100% incoherent and uncontrollably random! For example, in SED for EM field it's uncontrollably random for the spin 1 virtual photons in that case. Furthermore, you need smooth ODLRO coherence of the virtual electron-positron pairs in order to generate Einstein's guv(x) field of locally curved smooth space-time with gravity.

Read Ray Chiao's background paper
and his more extensive 80 page paper linked from there.

Current cannot be flowing in or out of the
supercouductor, so therefore there is no Josephson effect.

Wrong as I explained above. The flow of actual particles is not fundamental to the basic wave interference essence of the Josephson effect. It is incidental. You have misperceived the physical essence of the macro-quantum effect! You have only seen the shadow not the light. Call this a generalized Josephson-Bohm-Aharonov effect.

I don't see anyone else challenging your ideas where I can learn from their
experience, and I'm not saying that you're wrong.

That's obviously because no one else on this planet at this time has thought of this precise idea-conceptual. I am the first one to have conceived it. It is uniquely original here and now. There is only one Mona Lisa painting by Leonardo Da Vinci, there is only one Ninth Symphony by Beethoven etc. None of the others, Volovik, Modanese et-al have seen precisely what I have seen and am bringing down from the Magick Mountain's Burning Bush. :-)

..these fifteen...Oy!!...these ten commandments!

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