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World Hologram
On Jul 27, 2007, at 4:30 AM, Paul J. Werbos, Dr. wrote:

At 10:37 PM 7/26/2007, Jack Sarfatti wrote:

Jack: My theory is formally same as GR, but with a larger connection field including the antisymmetric 3rd rank GCT torsion tensor field in addition to the symmetric non-tensor curvature (disclination) only Levi-Civita connection for parallel transport of tensor fields along paths - at the spin 2 geometrodynamic field level bilinear in the spin 1 Yang-Mills tetrad/spin connection fields that emerge from modulations in the macro-quantum vacuum ODLRO coherence. The dimensionless world hologram coupling (Lp^2/\)^1/3 = (1/N)^1/3 (N = Bekenstein BITs) of the spin 1 Yang-Mills A^a tetrad field to flat spacetime makes the pure gravity torsion field renormalizable in its quantum fluctuations. The dimensional coupling hc/Lp^2 of the pure gravity-torsion field to matter fields is still there of course.

Paul: It sounds as if it should be possible to phrase this in a way which permits the kind of self-contained discussion that might help.....

Jack: Well I gave the equations in the last message, but the modes of thinking are not familiar to a majority of physicists who do not know "soft condensed matter" techniques as developed mainly by P.W. Anderson at Princeton and the topology/homotopy methods of David Thouless, the French School for defects in ordered media and also the use of Cartan exterior forms - a very powerful compact notation that is frame independent and gets to the core of general relativity and field theory easily.

Paul: For those who are open-minded, a new paper that basically starts from GR and equations 1.11 as a variant, spells out all the definitions and spaces of the objects, and then briefly reviews what many do not know... to make it self-contained except for the citations...
and then concludes with listing in linear fashion how one tests the differences with GR... might be helpful. (In my own special case, I really do like to see a simple comparison of the two Lagrangians, before and after.)

Jack: The basic Lagrangians of curvature and torsion have been known for a long time - lots of papers starting with Kibble 1961 - different choices are possible some allow propagating torsion others not. Look at Hehl, Hammond. No one however has my equations

e^a = I^a + (1/N)^1/3A^a split of Einstein-Cartan 1-form

N = (Lp^2/\zpf)^-1

A^a = M^a^a intrinsic warp field is diagonal part of the M-Matrix of the world hologram from the cohering of the false vacuum in the moment of inflation triggered from the future dark energy deSitter horizon of the observer-dependent "causal diamond", the Omega Point in a globally consistent Novikov loop in time with advanced Wheeler-Feynman signals lowering the entropy of the early universe.

Torsion field spin connection

S^a^b = - S^b^a = M^[a,b] antisymmetric off-diagonal elements of the M-Matrix

M^a^b =dTheta^a/\Phi^b - Theta^a/\dPhi^b

{Theta^a} = Minkowski 4-vector of magnitude Theta of coherent Goldstone phase 0-forms

{Phi^b} = Minkowski 4-vector of magnitude Phi of coherent Goldstone phase 0-forms

Theta & Phi are the world hologram coherent phases, their singularities are the geometrodynamic monopole nodes of the world crystal lattice whose disclination defects are curvature fields and whose dislocation defects are torsion fields (e.g. H. Kleinert).

However, the above deep structure of the tensor substratum do not make any difference at the classical level where one simply works with e^a. It will make a difference for issues of quantum gravity fluctuations.

My equations are conceptually important in same way as Einstein compared to Newton. Einstein corrections to Newton are for the most part very small - but a huge conceptual difference.

Paul: It might also be helpful if any discussions of superstring theory and of UFOs could be segregated into a very separate section, to avoid confusion, particularly for those who would find those discussions distracting. (In my own papers I try such segregration as well... it works for open-minded and honest people, if only there were more of them...)

Jack: I think the math I gave is quite clear and self-contained. No mention of "UFO" anywhere in

The extra 6 dimensions are obviously there sticking out like a sore thumb - Elephant in the Room - no I will not ignore them. You do not see really the whole picture.

A^a = M^a^a

requires extra 6D no escaping it.

Also it's intuitively obvious that curvature is like a closed string and torsion GAP is like a broken open string. Hence the leptons and quarks come from the extra 6D of the torsion fields ultimately. Compactifying them makes them into internal symmetry groups. So that part is good.

i.e. locally gauge 10 parameter Poincare group,

10 = 4 + 6

One dimension for each element of Lie algebra is needed.

Supersymmetry is going to quaternian manifold instead of real manifold.

The two magnitudes of the 2 Minkowski 4-vectors of Goldstone phase 0-forms of the post-inflation vacuum ODLRO field define the hologram of 3D space volume without volume in lattice of geometrodynamical monopole defects of the 3 real Higgs fields in the 3D sector of 9D slices of 9D + 1 space-time. The remaining 6 independent Goldstone phases are the coordinates of Calabi-Yau space.

These are new conceptual connections that no one still inside Plato's Cave as it were has seen before me - not even Witten.

Two great ideas behind it all are battle-tested

1) Local gauging of rigid symmetries of field actions

2) Hidden symmetry (Higgs mechanism) (ODLRO in vacuum)

applied to rigid Poincare group of 1905 special relativity

using technique of Cartan forms

That's All Folks.

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