Saturday, July 14, 2007

All The King's Horses and All The King's Men couldn't put Humpty Dumpty together again.
But along came Jack The Giant Killer

Electro-weak unification Higgs boson scale ~ 10^-16 cm

N(EM-Weak) ~ 10^-3210^66 ~ 10^34

N^1/2 ~ 10^17

N^1/3 ~ 10^11

coupling of spin 1 graviphoton A^a to flat Minkowski spacetime is ~ 10^-11 compared to Planck scale where it is 1 it's max.

&l ~ N^1/6Lp ~ 10^6Lp ~ 10^-27 cm = size of pre-inflation false vacuum gravity monopole core - analog to Abrikosov lattice but for hedgehog monopoles not vortices. It's a close packed honeycomb like the phase space cells in QM stat mech.

Homework Problem do same for

Nuclear physics 10^-13 cm

Electron physics 10^-11 cm

Atomic Physics 10^-8 cm

Nanotechnology 10^-7 cm

Computers 10^-5 cm

Biological cells 10^-4 cm

The size of the false-vacuum monopole cores increases as N^1/6Lp

The Kleinert world crystal lattice spacing between these monopole nodes of the vacuum condensate increases by

N^1/2 Lp

Equivalence principle implies that the zero point energy density of all quantum matter fields (sans sign) scales as (1/N)hc/Lp^4

this explains the cosmic dark energy,

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