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Resolution-dependent gravity self-coupling strength IT FROM BIT

e^a = I^a(flat Minkowski) + (1/N)^1/3A^a(intrinsic warp field) = emergent tetrad field 1-forms

~ M^a^a "Destiny Omega Point Matrix" of Goldstone World Hologram Screen Coherent Vacuum Phases

The holographic dimensionless self-coupling of gravity to itself at the renormalizable Yang-Mills spin 1 tetrad-spinor level is

@G = (1/N)^1/3 ~ (Lp^2/\zpf)^1/3

N = Bekenstein BIT of area of surrounding surface enclosing N hedgehog geometrodynamic monopole point defects.

The extreme UV limit is N = 1 at 10^19 Gev where @G = 1 (the maximum)

The extreme IR limit is N ~ 10^122 for our local pocket causal universe

For cosmology @G ~ 10^-41 at 10^28 cm

For Large Hadron Collider @G ~ [(10^-33)^2/(10^-16)^2]^1/3 ~ [10^-66 10^32]^1/3 ~ 10^-11 at 10^-16 cm

For nuclear physics @G ~ [(10^-33)^2/(10^-13)^2]^1/3 ~ [10^-66 10^26]^1/3 ~ 10^-13 at 1 fermi 10^-13 cm

For atomic physics @G ~ [(10^-33)^2/(10^-8)^2]^1/3 ~ [10^-66 10^16]^1/3 ~ 10^-17 at 10^-8 cm

For nanotechnology @G ~ [(10^-33)^2/(10^-7)^2]^1/3 ~ [10^-66 10^14]^1/3 ~ 10^-18 at 10^-7 cm

In biology @G ~ [(10^-33)^2/(10^-4)^2]^1/3 ~ [10^-66 10^8]^1/3 ~ 10^-19 at 10^-4 cm

In solar system physics @G ~ [(10^-33)^2/(10^14)^2]^1/3 ~ [10^-66 10^-28]^1/3 ~ 10^-31 at 10^14 cm

Lenny Susskind's IR-UV BOOMERANG duality is that

for sub-Plankian scale Lp^2/x i.e. energy transfers in scattering > 10^19 Gev per elementary scattering AKA Einstein's "local coincidence" (1918 Hole Paradox)

x > 1

effective N is x. Going inside the Planck scale (sub-Planckian physics) pushes you outside to avoid mini-black hole creation.

On Jul 11, 2007, at 9:16 AM, Jack Sarfatti wrote:

re: gr-qc/0602022

Curious formal similarity

For the surface of a Ken Shoulders charge cluster

r^2 ~ n(h/mc^2)^2

i.e. radius r of cluster ~ n^1/2 like white noise Brownian motion

n = 1 that's a single electron as a Bohm "particle" guided by a pilot wave.

n =/= N below

In the world hologram

r^2 ~ N Lp^2

N = number of Bekenstein BITs where

4pir^2 is the area of a surrounding closed 2D surface enclosing N point defects of the vacuum ODLRO order parameter with 3 effective real Higgs fields implying 2 independent world hologram coherent Goldstone phases with point geometrodynamic monopoles that are the lattice points for Hagen Kleinert's world lattice.

The quantum gravity fluctuation in the (area)^1/2 of this non-bounding surrounding boundary-less surface (2-cycle) is

&r ~ (Lp^2r)^1/3


r/&r ~ N^1/2/N^1/6 = N^1/3

N ~ Lp^2/\zpf

A most amazing result that the quantum uncertainty in the space-geometry automatically adjusts so that "Volume without volume" world hologram 3D image of the 2D "screen" obeys Euclidean space geometry in the appropriate (Area)^1/2 parameter. This is a kind of fractal wavelet phenomenon where

/\zpf = 1/Area ~ 1/r^2 ~ 1/NLp^2

The "Casimir" gravity zero point energy density is then

T00(zpf) ~ (hc/Lp^2)/\zpf ~ hc/NLp^4

Therefore as the area of the surrounding surface increases enclosing more and more point monopole nodes of the vacuum ODLRO order parameter, the zero point energy density decreases as 1/N explaining the low cosmic dark energy where N ~ 10^122 at the future de Sitter horizon of our forward light cone defining the causal limit of our pocket universe in the megaverse of many universes on the cosmic dark energy landscape populated by eternal chaotic inflation spawning these Hubble bubbles from the unstable Minkowski spacetime without any rest masses, without any gravity and any torsion, these three all emergent from the Higgs-Goldstone macro-quantum coherent vacuum created FROM THE FUTURE by advanced retro-causal signals from the total absorber future de Sitter horizon in a Novikov globally consistent loop in time of information flow - self-creation by retro-causation.

In the case of Ken Shoulders charge cluster for a single electron n = 1

N = (10^-11)^2/(10^-33)^2 = 10^66/10^22 = 10^44

Therefore, the interior-to-the-shell DeWitt w = + 1/3 positive pressure attracting zero point energy density is

10^-44(hc/Lp^4) = 10^-44 10^19Gev 10^132/cc

this is enough to glue the repulsive electric charge together (Abraham-Becker-Lorentz stresses)

The exterior to the shell ZPF energy density is

10^-122 10^19Gev 10^132/cc

retro-causally from our future de Sitter horizon "Omega Point" of Teilhard de Chardin as it were.

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