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The close-packed little (figuratively speaking of course) "green balls" of "Volume-without-volume" are of size

&l ~ N^1/6 Lp

There is a point gravity monopole inside each "green ball" where the vacuum ODLRO order parameter drops to zero leaving the two effective 3D + 1 Goldstone phases undefined corresponding to this S^2 "vacuum manifold" of minima for coherently ordered holgraphic ground states of virtual quanta.

the surrounding surface area is A

N ~ A/Lp^2

In the case of a single electron

A ~ 10^-22 cm^2 corresponding to the shell of electric charge

N ~ 10^-2210^66 ~ 10^44

&l ~ 10^7Lp ~ 10^-27 cm

This is very much like Ken Wilson's "renormalization group" in lattice gauge theory.

Note also on meaning of holography

"Euclidean quantum field theory in d-dimensional spacetime ~ classical statistical mechanics in d-dimensional space." A. Zee p. 262 "Quantum Field Theory in a Nutshell"

Therefore Euclidean quantum field theory on the ANYONIC fractional QM statistics 3-dimensional spacetime of the surrounding surface ~ classical statistical mechanics in 3-dimensional space, i.e. volume without volume.

On Jul 15, 2007, at 2:30 PM, Jack Sarfatti wrote:

For the record I think Hal's paper is wrong. He has it inside out. Indeed the de Witt calculation show that the interior ZPF has w = +1/3 therefore positive ZPF pressure with positive ZPE density /\zpe ~ (mc/h)^2 ~ 10+22 cm^-2 is INSIDE and induces strong enough micro-gravity to glue the surface electric charge together. The outside ZPE density has w = -1 and is very small. Hal's picture is qualitatively wrong IMHO.

Note in the world hologram picture of t'Hooft as further clarified by Jack Ng's very readable papers (Univ. Maryland):

ZPE density is hc/NLp^4 = (hc/Lp^2)/\zpf

/\zpf ~ 1/NLp^2 ~ (10^66/N)cm^-2

N ~ 10^-2210^66 ~ 10^44

/\zpf ~ 10^22 cm^-2

Very very pretty picture!

It works. It really works semi-quantitatively.

Also the electron is not a point. It is a spatially extended Bohm hidden variable, but its gravity is so strong that it looks like a point by the time the scattering momentum transfers are ~ 2mc ~ 1 Mev

Hal's picture only works if you assume that uniform ZPE does not gravitate. This is wrong and squarely contradicts Einstein's GR as does his PV model.

Hal's paper shows what not to do.

On Jul 15, 2007, at 1:30 PM, wrote:

Hi Paul, attached is my latest use of the ZPE formalism, just came out in Int. Jour. Theor. Phys.  Shows how the formalism leads naturally to a point electron without infinite mass generated by the coulomb fields.

Get a sneak peak of the all-new

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