Friday, January 26, 2007

Whoops - wrong Penrose diagram

is strictly speaking not correct, but it's basically OK - remove the upper left triangle and squash the diamond a bit.

But the retro-causal idea still works. More on this soon.

On Jan 26, 2007, at 3:39 PM, Jack Sarfatti wrote:

Hawking and Ellis p. 127 The Large Scale Struture of Space-time

Conformal Penrose diagram for dark energy deSitter solution of

Guv + /\guv = 0

Fig 17 ii

A square, horizontal lines time = constant

vertical lines are "coordinate chi = constant" see Fig 16 for definition of chi.

The upper (lower) horizonal boundary is future (past) null infinity I^+- for light rays (null geodesics).

What about i^+,^- for timelike geodesics?

So my basic idea is even easier to picture using the correct Penrose diagram.

"de Sitter space has ...a spacelike infinity for timelike and null lines both in the future and the past. This difference corresponds to ... both particle and event horizons for geodesic families of observers."

Then go to Fig 18i for particle past horizons - that concerns us. We are the "particle."

What I am talking about is in Fig 19 i p. 130

The future event horizon for advanced light waves shooting back to past event horizon on 45 degree lines in the Penrose diagram has "area" ~ 1//\(dark energy) ~ 10^120 - 10^122 BITS.

The region bounded by both future and past event horizons of timelike geodesic observers (us) for the spacelike future and past spacelike null infinities is a skewed "diamond" shape (Fig 19i) like in my wrong diagram. So the basic idea below is correct, simply imagine that triangle at upper left is not there at first. It's actually there and more but those are in effect other universes we can never communicate with provided that signal locality is correct. If it is not, it's a different ball game - that's a key unresolved issue.

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