Sunday, January 07, 2007

Back from the future creation of the universe

Our future dark-energy dominated deSitter "observer horizons" have a scale ~ 10^22 miles ~ 14 billion light years - analogous to us falling into a black hole with effective FRW Newtonian potential c^2/\r^2 (3D harmonic oscillator)

The averaged dark zero point energy density coarse-grained over a very large scale in those weird units is

Einstein's Lambda ~ 10^-44 square miles^-1 ~ 10^122 BITS

The space-time curvature radius made by the Earth at its surface is ~ 1 AU ~ 10^8 miles.

The space-time curvature radius made by a neutron star at its surface is ~ 1 AU ~ 10^2 miles.

Note in SSS Ruv = 0 for static non-geodesic "shell" LNIF observers accelerating whilst standing still in intrinsically curved tensor spacetime

g00 = -1/grr = 1 - rs/r

rs = 2GM/c^2 = 2(Gh/c^3)(Mc/h) = 2(Planck Area)(Compton Wavelength of source M)^-1

Effective horizon Unruh-Hawking black body temperature is

T ~ hc/krs

k = Boltzmann's constant.

The cosmic dark energy then has a black body temperature from the deSitter horizon of

T(Dark Energy) ~ (Einstein's Lambda)^1/2(hc/k)

The flow of advanced waves back from the future Omega Point deSitter horizon to the past Alpha Point of inflation leading to hot Big Bang with WMAP at ~ 380,000 years afterward, is a Novikov consistent loop in time that explains how the early universe has low entropy and why the thermodynamic arrow of time is aligned with the accelerated expansion of 3D space in our pocket universe on the populated cosmic landscape of the megaverse.

Jack Sarfatti
"If we knew what it was we were doing, it would not be called research, would it?"
- Albert Einstein

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