Saturday, January 06, 2007

Discussion at American Zoetrope Virtual Studio
"Newton’s Third Law of Motion states that for every action there is an equal yet opposite reaction. Frankly, I believe that this law applies to all aspects of life, not just motion."

Yes, true. I have a PhD in physics from the University of California BTW. The third law technically comes from a symmetry principle, displacements in space leading to conservation of total linear momentum - a vector. You generalize it to include time in Einstein's 1905 special relativity and you get besides conservation of energy also E = mc^2. It doesn't stop there, you then use the "local gauge principle" plus Einstein's "equivalence principle" to get Einstein's 1915 general theory of relativity where gravity is the bending of space-time and we have black holes and the expanding universe out of the Big Bang. Then we notice what the Russian military has been working on called torsion fields that are a kind of twist in space-time with cracks or dislocations in the "world crystal" in addition to the bending of space-tiime. This gives us the dark energy where the expansion of 3D space out of the Big Bang is accelerating rather than slowing down. It also gives us time travel to the past and between parallel universes in Star Gates like SG 1 and it explains how the Extra Terrestrials get here to abduct us and play with our genes. In fact I am working on how their saucers actually fly with Russian torsion field weightless warp drive. Now when you apply action-reaction to quantum theory you get our inner consciousness emerging from the two-way flow between the mental quantum waves of telepathy and matter in David Bohm's hidden variable theory when you also add another physical principle called "More is different" by Princeton Nobel Laureate P.W. Anderson. Details are in my book "Super Cosmos" on Amazon. I also give short talks on this in Paramount Pictures DVD Star Trek IV Disk 2 and on Learning Channel's "Ultra-Science." Now when we get to "entropy" we have the "holographic universe" in Lenny Susskind's book "The Cosmic Landscape" in which physical reality really is virtual and digital like in the movies "The Matrix" and "The Thirteenth Floor." We live in De Sitter's universe of dark energy with negative entropy flowing backwards in time from the far future observer de Sitter horizon Omega Point of Tielhard de Chardin back to the past Alpha Point of inflation from false to true vacuum at a point on the cosmic landscape in a self-consistent loop in time - the Oroborus.

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