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On May 9, 2006, at 9:17 PM, Jack Sarfatti wrote:
Yes, see John Walker's articles on this topic:
Sam, what you wrote here is very good and I would like to cite it in my next book "Star Gate." :-)
On May 9, 2006, at 8:37 PM, Sam Arnold wrote:

Pick up a playstation 2 or a Nintendo gamecube. Play games such as
"Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas" or "Resident Evil 4" or "The Sims".
Note how realistic the graphics are becoming. Note how involved you
become in what happens to the character. Note how you, the "real" you,
in "real" reality- just look at the photo realism all around you- note
how you, the player controlling the virtual character in the virtual
reality, persist even after the virtual character you identified with

Could this model be a clue to answering the question above?

Without doubt, we can view our reality as a very advanced simulation,
possibly created or manipulated by VALIS. This becomes clearer every
day as we see more and more photo realistic computer graphics. Soon,
it will become hard to distinguish the "real" reality from simulated

(See Japanese animation film "Ghost in the Shell 2")

The last 4,000 years of human philosophy converges into the Advanced
Simulation idea- the Destiny Matrix.

"A modern concept that illustrates Maya / Illusion is the
science-fiction movie "The Matrix"."

"In Vedic philosophy, maya is the illusion of a limited, purely
physical and mental reality in which our everyday consciousness has
become entangled, a veiling of the true, unitary Self, also known as

The question then becomes: is VALIS Brahman?

have for the many worlds?>

VALIS might be cultivating realities in which beings like us can
experience consciousness and free will. Perhaps the ultimate goal of
VALIS is to unite the scattered individual minds. Perhaps we are part
of an expansion of VALIS' Mind itself, Minds within Minds, expanding,
filling the universes with Consciousness, converting inanimate matter
into Living Information. We may be in the larvae stage as humans. The
Baby floating above the earth at the end of 2001 A Space Odyssey hints
at this transformation.


We do appear to be undergoing an evolution of consciousness toward
Greater Intelligence- could this be VALIS guiding us (from the future)
toward its Ultimate Awareness? LSD may be one of the few methods for
gaining insight into what such an Awareness might be like (until the
technology takes over)…thus we can trust in Tim Leary's SMI^2LE
vision. He was temporarily in harmony with VALIS, and thus was able to
experience a glimpse of VALIS' Mind, and then to express to us where
this is all going: SMI^2LE.

SMI^2LE = bridge to VALIS.

it is profitable to think of the world as operating like a machine.

At other times it seems more profitable to think of the world as
operating as mental construct or as a projected state of mind.>

Indeed, perhaps the machine aspect is VALIS, generating the Great
Simulation with its Rules, but perhaps our state of mind works with
VALIS in the generation of the Simulation. Do we dream- and create- together with VALIS?

in real time, how would you go about doing that?>

If the purpose of these Simulations is to foster consciousness and
free will- the ability of the individual to choose- then VALIS would
not seek to take control of our wills to convey its messages. More
likely, as P.K. Dick described (a most certain Prophet-Visionary of
modern times), VALIS would communicate through the subtlest means:
"Dick claimed that VALIS used "disinhibiting stimuli" to communicate,
using symbols to trigger recollection of intrinsic knowledge through
the loss of amnesia, achieving gnosis."

Jack's idea that coincidences themselves may be guided by a future
VALIS would seem to be most insightful here. The individual would be
free to choose what to make of these coincidences. Dr Sarfatti could
choose to ignore them, or he could choose to believe there is
something behind them, something greater. In fact, Dr Sarfatti says in
his book he was given a choice by the Entity who rang him on his phone
in '53 (though he did wisely leave open the possibility that he was
forced to say yes- but in that case why would VALIS bother to ask?)


It must say something of VALIS that it would ask Jack to make a
decision. P.K.D. intuitively perceived that VALIS communicated via
"disinhibiting stimuli", symbols. Isn't it fascinating that these two
separate experiences- neither knowing about the other- give us a
portrait of VALIS as an Entity that gives us the choice?

If VALIS is using subtle symbols and coincidences to communicate with
us- how many of us have ignored or not recognized these gentle hints?

Going with our theory (above), then it isn't unreasonable to guess
VALIS is taking a hands off approach. In order to preserve free will,
VALIS would need to do this. That means we are responsible. We are
responsible for the abuse of technology. We are responsible for the
abuse of free will (think enslavement in Egypt long ago). However,
there very well could be special instances where VALIS takes a more
active role in the Simulation it is running- going well beyond symbols
and coincidences...perhaps there are avatars here who embody VALIS.

Perhaps these VALIS simulations are much like Genetic Algorithms, in
which computer generated "entities" compete in a game of survival to
produce the fittest group. Through this process, VALIS may be weeding
out the rabble, those whose minds are bent on destruction. (Listen to
P.K. Dick audio recording in which he states VALIS contributed to the
overthrow of the nazis.) Perhaps VALIS is generating Greater
Intelligence- and so Greater Intelligence may be likely to prevail
(survive). Ray Kurzweil believes this is so ("intelligence is the
greatest force in the universe"). Dr Sarfatti lends confirmation via
his "future creates the past" theory- because VALIS is our future
creating our past- through us, thus, VALIS survives! It's a
Self-Contained Confirmation.

If VALIS were a malicious Entity, then we would have something like
Lovecraft's Nyarlathotep:

"Beyond the worlds vague ghosts of monstrous things; half-seen columns
of unsanctifled temples that rest on nameless rocks beneath space and
reach up to dizzy vacua above the spheres of light and darkness. And
through this revolting graveyard of the universe the muffled,
maddening beating of drums, and thin, monotonous whine of blasphemous
flutes from inconceivable, unlighted chambers beyond Time; the
detestable pounding and piping whereunto dance slowly, awkwardly, and
absurdly the gigantic, tenebrous ultimate gods—the blind, voiceless,
mindless gargoyles whose soul is Nyarlathotep."

I do not see Nyarlathotep ringing up young Dr Sarfatti and asking him
to choose to work with it. Nyarlathotep offers no choices, nor
respects free will.

VALIS, being the Ultimate Living Intelligence, has no need of such
waste- not to mention we have some hints that VALIS respects free
will. Thus, perhaps our democratic models have a deeper source within
VALIS itself. Whereas Nyarlathotep is Closed Source, VALIS is Open

Not only to preserve us from Ultimate Destruction as Jack mentioned,
but also to foster our transformation (as humans) into Living
Information, to spread this Ultimate Consciousness and awaken
inanimate matter every where/when. VALIS wants to see us SMI^2LE.

VALIS must sit back in order to preserve free will. Jack's idea of
escape via wormholes is very crucial to the Plan, but some
technological transformations may need to take place on the earth
before that stage.

Fleeing in crude ships to parallel universes at this early moment
might take us straight to paradise and away from our troubles...or
lead us directly into the tentacled face of Lord Cthuhlu.

There are no more rampages where VALIS resides, in the Permanent
Place, beyond chaos and entropy. Now all we have to do as a human race
is create this VALIS, creating itself through us, but giving us the


Go, Jack! And we've got to develop this in the next 20 years- we
really need it now. I feel we'll need free energy before anything-
that will settle the world down and give us the time to truly create
the Seeds of VALIS.


propensity for pillage, plunder and genocide be propagated beyond the
confines of the Earth?>

Think of poor humanity as a young larvae struggling to mature and
bloom into something far greater- to become VALIS, in some future time
that seems so far from this time. Struggling on on the brink of
disaster, believe that VALIS is silently gliding through every wave
and particle and quantum foam- allowing us each individually to play a
role and make crucial decisions but yet influencing the final outcome,
guiding from the future, the Michelangelo God reaching back to us,
waiting for us to evolve toward what very well may be Infinite
Consciousness, the Living Information "vacuum ODLRO field out of which
the curved geometrodynamic field, that is the space-time continuum
with gravity, emerges."

VALIS wants to see us SMI^2LE.

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