Friday, May 12, 2006

Consciousness & Cosmology
Theme: Consciousness, Cosmology, and Gravity

The possible connection between these three ideas has been suggested by Sir Roger Penrose in his series of semi-popular books. What do all three ideas have in common? John Archibald Wheeler speaks of IT FROM BIT in which the material world emerges from what Sir James Jeans called "mind stuff." Olaf Stapledon's "Star Maker", P.K. Dick's VALIS and Gene Roddenberry's "Q" in Star Trek resonate with this possible enigmatic mind-matter connection. The boundary between fact and fiction is not as sharp as it once was. Time travel to the past is now the subject of papers in the Physical Review. The cosmic dark energy, though only 10^-30 density of water is 73% of the the stuff of our pocket universe in the "Cosmic Landscape." What is the "dark matter" that is 23%? Are they both simply forms of quantum vacuum zero point energy of negative and positive pressure respectively. Can the dark energy be amplified on a small scale to make traversable wormhole time travel machines to the past that evade Hawking's "chronology protection"? Is consciousness some kind of physical field that can couple strongly to the fabric of space-time itself? Michio Kaku calls this a "Type IV" super-civilization. George Chapline and Robert Laughlin suggest gravity as an emergent macro-quantum vacuum coherent phenomenon analogous to a superfluid. I have published a different detailed model of that as well on the Cornell Archive. That the conscious mind is also a macro-quantum coherent field like a superfluid with holographic properties is also now a common idea. Is the common factor macro-quantum coherence? Can the coherent phases that may make the fabric of curved spacetime be locked to the coherent phases of a machine or even a living mind? One of the basic properties of quantum information/computer theory is the "no perfect cloning a quantum" theorem that forbids the sending of signals through the particle and event horizons of cosmology and black hole physics. This implies that string theory's "Cosmic Landscape" of parallel universes is unscientific. This is David Gross's lament in a recent Nature. However, experiments by Dick Bierman and others suggest "signal nonlocality" in living matter. The theory of "signal nonlocality" has been developed by Antony Valentini. It violates micro-quantum theory, but not the macro-quantum theory of emergent phenomena that may include consciousness, cosmology and gravity. This would then, perhaps, give us Hawking's "Mind of God", the Vast Active Living Intelligence of perhaps a "spin foam" cosmic computer, with the Megaverse as a "simulation" in The Matrix of M-Theory?

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