Sunday, May 07, 2006

Black holes in contrast to expanding universe

Note that this is in contrast to cosmological metrics where all 3 space dimensions get stretched isotropically by the scale factor a(t) e.g. for K = 0 inflation zero space curvature

ds^2 = - dt^2 + a(t)^2[dr^2 + r^2(d@^2 + sin^2@d&^2)]

where the Hubble parameter is

H(t) = a(t)^-1da(t)/dt

In contrast in the spherical non-rotating collapse to the future spacelike singularity a pure NON-MATERIAL consciousness going along for the ride sees 3D space swallowed into an effective string as the infinite curvature r ---> 0 singularity is inexorably approached.

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