Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Anyon Warp Drive of Alien ET Flying Saucers?

Bosons give positive zero point vacuum "dark energy" density hence repulsive anti-gravity expanding space with a universal reverse Doppler blue shift. Fermions do the opposite with negative zero point vacuum energy density contracting space with a universal "ordinary" attractive gravity "dark matter" red shift. Jacques Vallee in "fictional" "Fastwalker" describes retrieved alien saucers that show "Doppler shifts" from the thin skin fuselage when standing still clamped to ground when the "engine" is idling in different modes. See my chapter on this in "Super Cosmos" (wait for 2nd edition not out yet).

Anyon "condensates" in 2 + 1 thin film space-time smoothly interpolate between bosons and fermions controlled by applied perpendicular magnetic fluxes. Therefore, one can make an arbitrary phased array over the skin of the saucer to create the kinds of Alcubierre geodesic "dome," i.e. warp bubble whose shape can shift rapidly. Saucers show strange "shape shifts' from the reverse Doppler shifts of the changing warp bubble.

On May 2, 2006, at 12:00 PM, Jack Sarfatti wrote:

Can anyone defend string theory against Roger Penrose's pulverizing attack in Chapter 31 of "The Road to Reality"? One possible loop hole is that the Penrose-Hawking singularity theorems assume time travel to the past is not allowed and that one cannot have negative energy density with w > -1/3 or positive energy density with w < - 1/3. Both of these cases (isotropic ZPE source) give anti-gravity repulsion that may also prevent instant collapse of Calabi-Yau 6D space to a singularity.

Key equation is in Planck absolute units G = h = c = k = 1

G00 ~ 4pi(energy density)(1 + 3w)

When the RHS of this equation is positive the source gives attraction, when it is negative it gives repulsion that can prevent the singularity from forming.

Note, that when w > - 1/3 then (1 + 3w) > 0

For example -1/3 = -0.333 ... < - 1/4 = - 0.250 ...

1 - 3/4 = +1/4

When w < - 1/3 then (1 + 3w) < 0

So that w = - 1/3 is the critical turning point.

Special relativity + equivalence principle + Heisenberg's quantum uncertainty principle demand

w = - 1 for an isotropic source of zero point vacuum fluctuation virtual "dark" energy for all quantum fields at least in 3 + 1 space-time.

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