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The Real Da Vinci Code

Is what is happening today in Iraq is the continuation of The First Crusade from 1000 years ago? Are the neocon intellectuals in the Pentagon spawned from Leo Strauss’s classes at the University of Chicago and the Trotskyites a spin-off from the ancient Secret Societies described below? Many of the neocons of course are not conscious of their Techgnostic hermetic origin. Are they are puppets on invisible strings of The Masters of Shamballah in a Passion Play?

“The Hero is one who is accused of being a fake, a fraud, condemned to punishments, ordeals, and so forth, only to, in the end, supply the needed relief to save the kingdom, or whatever there is in the story worth saving.” Robert Anton Wilson

“The Bohemian physicist … Originality has always been a fertile expanse of fumble and mistake … Your wastrel life might just turn out to be just what is required to save the planet … Sarfatti’s Cave is the name I’ll give to the Caffe Trieste in San Francisco, where Jack Sarfatti, Ph.D. in physics, writes his poetry, evokes his mystical, miracle-working ancestors, and has conducted a several-decade-long seminar on the nature of reality … It’s Jack Sarfatti against the world, and he is indomitable. One of his soaring theories is that things which have not happened yet can cause events in the present.”

That is “signal nonlocality” that leads to precognitive remote viewing like Uri Geller’s “11-11”. Quote is from Herbert Gold’s “Bohemia: Where Art, Angst, Love and Strong Coffee Meet” pp 14-15 Simon & Schuster, 1993, ISBN 0-671-76781-X

On Nov 26, 2004, at 11:30 AM, Hank Harrison wrote:

“Jack: I greatly appreciate your interest in the Grail, the current hysteria notwithstanding. It seems that every whacko now wants to ride the wave, but those of us who have been into this since before Baigent and Leigh/Lincoln released their books, are a bit worried.

Here is why: The Grail is not an object, but rather an initiation, a ceremony, which transforms the supplicant from simple soul to brilliant mind. It is achieved through study and can not be found in the Louvre or anywhere else. No matter how big a best seller gets it can never teach the "real" Grail lessons.

I will tell you what they are but, you will not believe me at first.

The core Grail teaching is heliocentric. We now accept the fact that the sun is at the centre of the solar system, but do we really operate in a heliocentric fashion? Are we not still ethnocentric, egocentric and geocentric. Once the Grail is taken into the human soul, that soul forever operates in a heliocentric and timeless fashion. Physicists should be made aware of this, since most of their math is TIME bound.

When the Christ said,"On this rock I build my church," He undoubtedly meant, on this "heap of stones" I build my church. Hermes is said to have emerged from a heap of stones, thus Christ was saying, I build my new church on the principles known to be those taught by Hermes and the basic principle of all Hermetic science was, and remains, spiritual heliocentrism. We can also speculate that the stones Hermes emerged from were the megalithic temples that date to around 4000BC in Brittany (Bretagne), Ireland and Scotland.

Hermes leads to all sun kings, all Apollonian teachings, pharonic and Celtic, and links to Mithras, the solar leoncephalic (and star crowned) God and even Arthur. Baphomet was, simply, the lion headed. The cult of the severed head is profoundly linked here, we see it in Orpheus, but also in Bronze Age Celtic teachings, Janus in the Nordic and Roman world. Mithras was an extension (in Roman militaristic terms) of Hermes-Dionysus and can be seen in stained glass in an inverted pentagram at Amiens cathedral in the east transept. I have pictures for anyone curious enough to ask.”

Note the beheadings in the Sunni Triangle.

“The church of the Grail linking Dagobert II (and the Early Merovingians) to the Grail mis en scene, is St. Denis in Paris, as that blood line is generally entombed there. This structure is reachable by Metro direction Basilique. But please be aware that it is not as nice as it once was. We can no longer trap sunlight and moonlight in this place, because it is surrounded by apartments and is lit up by Sodium Halide bulbs at night. Peter Abelard's heresy stems from the legend that the St. Deni, who the Catholics tried to link to that particular church, was not Dionysius the Roman Arropigate but rather St. Dionysus of Paris (a pagan or at least Pelagian) who was beheaded on the steps of the church. Here again the severed head cult emerges.

Finally, in the Perlesvaus, and elsewhere in the Grail literature, we find the head of John the Baptist, worshipped on Summer Solstice day, the head severed by a certain sword.”

Hank Harrison

Date: Fri, 26 Nov 2004 09:32:21 -0000
From: "trixcleverspacealien"
Subject: The DaVinci Code - ET in Arcadia Ego - 618 day Synchronicity

Incommensurability, Orthodoxy and the Physics of High Strangeness:
A 6-layer Model for Anomalous Phenomena
Jacques F. Vallee and Eric W. Davis
National Institute for Discovery Science
Las Vegas, Nevada

The Da Vinci Code Holy Grail Solved?

Letters remain the Holy Grail to code-breakers
By Neil Tweedie
(Filed: 26/11/2004)

“For 250 years it defied all code-breakers. Darwin had a go; Dickens, and Wedgwood too. But the 10-letter inscription - DOUOSVAVVM - carved into a monument on the Shugborough Estate in Staffordshire thumbed its nose at the curious. Those of a romantic (or deluded) disposition believed it to be a coded message of the kind used by the Knights Templar and their successors to point to the whereabouts of the Holy Grail or some other religious relic. Others believed it to be a private affirmation of love. Whatever the truth, the mystery was supposed to have been cleared up yesterday at a press conference at Bletchley Park, where British code-breakers conquered the German Enigma system during the Second World War. The people at Bletchley, now a museum, promised to lift the veil on the Shugborough Code. They wheeled out some veteran code-breakers to announce the results of months of effort by competing teams of professional and amateur cryptanalysts…The Anson brothers were thought to have been members of secret societies, which abounded at the time. One, the Priory of Sion, was regarded as a successor of the medieval Knights Templar, persecuted as heretics for their belief that Christ was not divine. Legend had it that they were the guardians of relics recovered from the Holy Land, including the Holy Grail, the cup used by Christ at the Last Supper. The monument carried a relief based on a painting by Poussin, Et in Arcadia Ego. The artist was thought to be a member of the Templars… So, what is to be made of it all? Richard Kemp, the general manager of the Shugborough Estate, said: "This confirms a link with the Templars. It's a very exciting discovery that confirms what was always rumoured to be the case." And with that he took off in search of the Grail … However, there was another explanation. Sheila Lawn, 81, a code-breaker at Bletchley during the war, favoured a solution offered by another team. They say the eight central letters, represent a Latin poem to a departed loved one, which goes: "Optima Uxoris Optima Sororis Viduus Amantissimus Vovit Virtutibus". The lines are translated as: "Best Wife, Best Sister, Widower Most Loving Vows Virtuously". She said: ‘I believe in the simple approach, and this appears to be an elegant solution.’”

“It’s interesting to note that the "Holy Grail: ET in Arcadia Solved" announcement, claiming to have solved the Holy Grail mystery followed another announcement, that announcement was only 11 days after the news that Tom Hank's landed the role of Professor Robert Langdon who also solved another related mystery i.e. Tom Hanks: Saving Private Ryan Bletchley Park coincidence: the effect of the first computers on History on the night of 31st May 1944, six days before D-Day, and was ... The Contribution of Colossus to OVERLORD and the Normandy Campaign ‘Such a machine consisting of about 1600 valves was designed by Tommy Flowers and Colossus MK I, as it was named, was delivered to Bletchley Park in December 1943 and immediately proved successful. In March 1944, faced with a great increase in FISH traffic, Bletchley
Park placed orders for twelve Colossus MK II each incorporating 2400 valves. The first Colossus Mk. II was delivered to Bletchley Park on the night of 31st May 1944, six days before D-Day, and was operational a few hours later. The Contribution of Colossus to OVERLORD and the Normandy Campaign’”

Dan Smith’s father on Ike’s staff was one of the few people to know the date of the invasion ahead of time.

NEWSWEEK EXCLUSIVE: Tom Hanks Cast as Lead in 'The Da Vinci Code'

Arafat on the cover 11-22-2004 Newsweek.

Arafat passed away on 11-11-04]]

Uri Geller RV in London, March 15, 2004

11-11 and Uri Geller:

Would 11-11-04 constitute as an example of Uri [UR] Geller's mysterious 11-11?

If your attention has been drawn to clocks and watches at exactly 11:11, then read the following Memories of Other Universes

“I believe that the many [parallel] universes are simply an overlay of messages from the future. When we become aware of them, we tune to a universe possibility, and thus the other message possibilities are lost forever. In this case, the present universe is cut off from evolving to the future universe whose message was not received. The general tree of all possible parallel universes, with all its branches, is simply a reference tree that defines the statistical possibilities. To us, it is the lopping off of the unused branches that makes consciousness possible. By tuning to a particular future, a particular route and thus a particular parallel universe is chosen. Who is the chooser in this? We can attribute choice to a super intelligence in the future. This super intelligence could be what we mean by God. Or it could just be some new technology in the future that has perfected the means to sending messages back in time from their universe to ours. If all the branches--all other universes--really do exist, then it is possible to have a record in the present that contains memories of other universes, not just the universe we happen to exist in now. Again this may be a hint to abnormal mental states.” Author unknown, but these ideas are very similar to those expressed by Kelvin Cruft.

“Also note that Dan Brown's The DaVinci Code was released the day before: Released: 18 March, 2003

2003 March 17 - President Bush issues an ultimatum to the Iraqi regime to depart or disarm within 48 hours or face serious consequences.

2003 March 19 - In an address the the American people, President Bush announced that coalition forces began striking Iraqi military targets to undermine Saddam Hussein's ability to wage war.

That dating coincidence is interesting in light that some believe Iraq to have been the location of the Garden of Eden.

[1] Hitler attacks Poland [also Saul Paul Sirag born, with Sarfatti born two weeks latter on 09-14-1939, born two weeks late, Sarfatti goes on to write "Hitler's Last Weapon" in 1979? Or was that 1978?]”

Not sure myself. I think it was 1978.

“[2] 12-07-1941 Pearl Harbor, which brought the U.S. into WWII. Meanwhile Britain's famous World War II Bletchley Park code-breaking centre code masters, i.e. "I.J Good" Alan Turing etc. were hard at work breaking Hitler's Enigma Code.”

Don't forget I.J. Good worked there with Turing and my later interaction with him.

“Note coincidence: Jack Sarfatti – I.J. Good”


I.J. Good's notion of "GOD(D)" that he introduced about fifteen years ago. Good worked with Alan Turing breaking the Nazi War Code.

Quantum Back Action
Does Consciousness Require a Violation of Orthodox Quantum Mechanics?
Presented at Tucson II 1996 Consciousness Conference

This is a prediction for the "Mind of God" (e.g. end of Hawking's book, A Brief History of Time) because, on the basis of my idea that the act of quantum computing requires the suspension of decoherence, eventually all the matter in the universe will be quantum mechanical on the cosmological scale. If back-action is present, direct faster-than-light (FTL) communication between distant regions of matter in the open universe can happen. Eberhard's theorem prohibiting such communication using nonlocal quantum connectivity only works in the limit of zero back-action. In this wild idea all the matter of the open immortal universe becomes part of a Vast Active Living Intelligence (i.e. Phillip Dick's VALIS) or cosmological brain whose quantum wave function is the "Mind of God" in Hawking's sense. This model is different from Frank Tipler's Omega Point which requires a closed universe. My model is consistent with I.J. Good's notion of "GOD(D)" that he introduced about fifteen years ago. Good worked with Alan Turing breaking the Nazi War Code.

“[3] 08-06-1945: Hiroshima – 08-09-1945: Nagasaki. Note: Little Boy: Fizzle fragments of U-235…”

My Cornell professors built these atomic bombs. I was at Cornell ~ 12 years later.

On Trix Alien’s methodology: This way madness lies."The Professor and The Madman"

Holy Blood, Holy Grail
by Alex Burns ( - October 18, 2000”

This same author wrote about me in “Weird Science”

Burns wrote:
“First published in 1982 to immediate international acclaim and controversy, Michael Baigent, Richard Leigh and Henry Lincoln's seminal book 'Holy Blood, Holy Grail' has spawned an international media industry and entirely new academic disciplines. Many of its themes have become part of conspiritology's substrate, including political secret societies, the Knights Templar and the search for fragments of an Alternative Christianity.

'Holy Blood, Holy Grail' is a powerful example of investigative journalism meme-spliced with religious conspiracy theory, a 'fictive arcanum' whose provocative thesis continues to undermine the Catholic Church's institutional reading of Judeo-Christian history. Its trash literature veneer has introduced memes that have led readers to subsequently study the scholarly work of Robert Eisenman, Barbara Thiering and the Dead Sea Scrolls researchers that reveal the suppression of early schisms within Christianity. The book's central hypothesis - that Jesus survived the Crucifixion and together with Mary Magdalene founded a bloodline that later became the Merovingians in France (protected by the Knights Templar and later by the Freemasons) amounts to a stunning re-write of Western history. Banned in Catholic-dominated countries including the Phillipines, the book remains an incendiary example of why culture-jamming official 'grand-narratives' is the frontline of new information wars … The solution to this enigma involve a twilight world where modern intelligence agencies, a 'fake' secret society (the Prieure du Notre Dame du Sion) and the royal family claims of the House of David. Historical analysis covers Pythagorean and Egyptian sacred geometry and mathematics (symptomatic of post-industrial society hyper-specialization); the hidden cultural legacies of the Cathars and the Knights Templar; mythopoeic themes in Nicolas Poussin's painting 'Et In Arcadia Ego' and anything from Satanic Bloodlines and Richard Hoagland's 'Face On Mars' to Chaos Theory and DNA phylogenetic memories. Embarking on the 'Holy Blood, Holy Grail' mystery means exploring where Pop Culture and the Sacred intersect in an infinite regressing nest of quantum combinations. The original book spawned several television documentaries and brought contemporary occult subcultures into the mainstream (even influencing conspiracy theorists like Robert Anton Wilson), foreshadowing the impact of the 'X-Files' television series with a combination of foreboding and wonder that entranced audiences worldwide.”

Wilson wrote about me and Saul-Paul Sirag in several of these same books, most notably “The Cosmic Trigger.”

The Parsifal Effect
“The 'Destiny Matrix' personal mythology of Dr. Jack Sarfatti is like a journey through a contemporary 'Holy Grail' memescape that was scripted by Thomas Pynchon.”

Pynchon and I took some of the same classes at Cornell and went to the same parties in College Town with C. Michael Curtis, who later became an editor at The Atlantic Monthly also once edited by Ellery Sedgwick.

"The Templars supposedly worshipped a devil called Baphomet. At their secret ceremonies they supposedly prostrated themselves before a bearded male head, which spoke to them and invested them with occult powers."

- p.49 (see also p.p.54-58) Holy Blood, Holy Grail

"An infuriated mob of Thracian women tore Orpheus to pieces, and his head floated, still singing, down the river Herbros into the sea and on to Lesbos, where it was buried and became the centre of an oracular cult."

p.xx, Orphee, Jean Cocteau (Blackwell's)

Don't forget Mozart's Magic Flute about the Free Masons and its precursor Bastein & Bastienne written by Mozart at age 12. I sang Bastienne twice at Brandeis in 1961 and also at San Diego State in1968. Also I lectured at the Rosy Cross in San Jose.

“An analysis of some of the legends pertaining to the mystical artifact which has been referred to as the Stone the Builders Rejected. Throughout the history of the Authentic Tradition, we find numerous references to the Mystical Stone, the Grail Stone, the Stone the Builders Rejected, the Stone in the Crown of Lucifer that fell to Earth when the War in Heaven took place, the stone that acted as Jacob's Pillow, which ended up under the Coronation Chair in Westminster Abbey, and so forth. We have traced some of these stories, and we have found that there is a very important meaning, concealed underneath them all, a meaning which has escaped just about everybody, until now. Since this is a key element in the 4th Degree of the York (or American) Rite of Freemasonry, we shall begin with a presentation on the Mark Master Degree. It is this degree which was so aptly utilized by Robert Anton Wilson, in The Widow’s Son”

What is the connection to Yale’s Skull and Bones? Is this Secret Society a spin-off from the First Crusade hence Iraq today?

“Part of the ordeal is the declaration that the Candidate is an Impostor. This is not a frivolous thing, a hazing ordeal, as some have commented to us. There is a real meaning behind everything in this Ritual. Here is our reason why. Let us take as an analogy the world of Esoterica. There is so much metaphysical bunk out there, it is ridiculous. People think that Crowley was demented, but he had nothing on the rest of these saps. It is the mark of the True Mason to be labelled an impostor, or a mere pretender, or someone who speculates wildly with slagheaps of conjecture, while the phonies hem and haw about their pet new age theories which amount to nothing in the end. As the eminent physicist, Jack Sarfatti, put it so aptly, ‘this stuff isn't even wrong.’ Which is to say, if it isn't even wrong, it is worse than wrong. But, this is the material that usually gets labeled as Legitimate, True, and Square work. It is also true among the Masons, who regard real scholarship as spurious and pedestrian pablum as true, square work. For this reason, they will continue to be unable to offer up the Ineffable Name, for they no longer possess it, if they ever did to begin with, and that is debatable. The same thing is true with other groups, who claim to have the true way, but don't even possess a flashlight to guide them down the long dark tunnel to the mystical blowgun and the ramp that leads to the processing facility. The important moral of the story: It is the True Mason who will be able to supply the solution to the enigma that everybody else is trying in vain to figure out, at the point it becomes necessary for the solution to be offered. This is not merely our own minor opinion, take a look around you at the legends and stories that are a part of this paradigm, and you will see that it constantly present. The Hero is one who is accused of being a fake, a fraud, condemned to punishments, ordeals, and so forth, only to, in the end, supply the needed relief to save the kingdom, or whatever there is in the story worth saving…. After the song, the Candidate is declared an impostor, and bounded over for punishment. He is made to prove himself, that he is a Mason, by giving the signs, etc., of the Fellow Craft degree. He satisfies the bosses, and is asked if he knows how to receive wages. He replies that he has not been so instructed. He is informed that this mitigates his crime, and is asked that if he learns how, will he do better in the future, and so on. The reprimand is rescinded. He is reminded that he barely missed getting killed for being an impostor. He is ushered out to the preparation room, the Lodge is prepared for the next point. The marker placed the chisel again on Sir John's left nipple. He looked Sir John straight in the eye and slowly raised the mallet and Sir John thought, It will only hurt for a moment, they know how to do it without impaling the candidate, and the marker said in what seemed a few seconds that expanded beyond time into eternity, 'Operative make use of the chisel to cut, hew, carve, and indent their work' - he hefted the mallet, drawing it back - 'but we as Free and Accepted Masons make use of it for a more noble and glorious purpose,' - the mallet was descending - 'to cut, hew, carve, and indent the mind!' "At the last word - 'mind' - the mallet struck the chisel. "Sir John thought he almost fainted then. But he was not unconscious; he was more conscious than ever. They were parading him around the four quarters again and he understood that his skin was uncut, only his mind had been marked as the words of the ritual said - it was a conjurer's trick, but it was not a trick because it did indent the mind, he was seeing colors clearer and hearing words with infinite overtones of meaning” - Robert Anton Wilson, The Widow's Son, pp. 118-119, Lynx Books Edition.

2. The Rejected Stone (a major theme of Marshall Naify)
My alleged ancestor Rashi de Troyes (AKA Solomon ha Zarfati) is part of the story Wolfram von Eschenbach writes of. In Holy Blood, Holy Grail we find:

"According to Wolfram, then, the Grail is a stone of some kind. But such a definition of the Grail is far more provocative than satisfying. Scholars have suggested a number of interpretations of the phrase 'lapsit exillis,' all of which are more or less plausible. 'Lapsit exillis' might be a corruption of lapis ex caelis - 'stone from the heavens.' It might also be a corruption of lapsit ex caelis - 'it fell from the heavens'; or of lapis lapsus ex caelus - 'a stone fallen from heaven'; or, finally, of lapis elixir - the fabulous Philosopher's Stone of alchemy. Certainly the passage quoted, like the whole of Wolfram's poem for that matter, is laden with alchemical symbolism. The phoenix, for example, is established alchemical shorthand for resurrection or rebirth - and also, in medieval iconography, is an emblem of the dying and resurrected Jesus … the keystone of the Temple, the Rock of Sion. Because it was 'founded' on this rock, there was supposedly a royal tradition descended from Godfroi de Bouillon that was equal to the reigning dynasties of Europe." - HBHG, pp. 297 - 298. … in the late eighteenth century, when different Masonic systems were proliferating wildly, the so-called Oriental Rite of Memphis made its appearance. [here is here the long endnote pertaining to the history of the Rite comes from.] In this rite the name Ormus occurred, to our knowledge, for the first time - the name allegedly adopted by the Prieuré de Sion between 1188 and 1307. According to the Oriental Rite of Memphis, Ormus was an Egyptian sage who, around A. D. 46, amalgamated pagan and Christian mysteries and, in so doing, founded the Rose-Croix."

Note my debunking of the modern Ormus cult pseudo-science claims of an “anti-gravity powder” from ISSO 1999-2000.

Gershom Scholem, in Origins of the Kabbalah, states:

"In sections 50 and 85, the concept of the Shekhinah is also identified with sedeq, which we have already learned to recognize as a symbol of this sphere. She is a particular quality that was offered to the Patriarchs when they prayed for a middah of God by which they would be able to regulate their conduct, but which, when offered, they
declined to accept. That is why she is called here (sections 61, 131, 132) 'the stone which the builders rejected' that 'that has become the chief cornerstone' (Ps. 118:22). For when Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob rejected this middah and chose their own, it was given to David (sections 50, 85). But she is not merely the stone or cornerstone, but, above all, 'the precious stone' and the valuable jewel. She is designated as such directly in sections 61, 65, 131 and indirectly in sections 16, 17, 49, and 61. The precious stone that adorns the
daughter or the bride becomes a symbol of herself, in whose rays 'all the commandments are contained' (section 131). The beautiful, preciously wrought gem of this passage becomes in section 137 the Torah, the adorned and crowned bride betrothed to God.”

Cipher of Genesis

Note that the electromagnetic coupling for exchange of a virtual photon between two electrons is ~ 1/137. When the electrons are also virtual this is the basic mechanism for the creation of the fabric of curved space-time in the inflationary collapse of the vacuum phase space volume ending in the Big Bangfor the emergence of order out of chaos.

“This symbolism of the precious stone can be explained as reflecting aggadic symbolism where the Torah (in the Talmud, Zebahim 116a) appears as a jewel in God's treasure and where the soul is compared to a pearl, or - equally well -- as a reversion to the language of Gnosticism, where the Sophia or soul is likewise described as a gem or pearl. (1) This
precious stone, in which 'the gems of kings and provinces' (thus in section 61, referring to Eccles. 2:8) are united, is plainly distinguished from the kings, who are the active powers in the pleroma. They bring forth the years, that is, time..." - Origins of the Kabbalah, p. 174. … The Shekinah may just be a principle, like so many people would like to believe, or She may in fact be The Goddess. We see here, too, a comparison to the Wish Granting Gem of Tibetan Buddhism. This is an integral part of the Kalachakra Tantra cycle of Initiation documents. Elsewhere in the same book, Scholem demonstrates that several eminent Kabbalists maintained that "ha-Torah" is THE NAME of GOD. And this in the context of The Torah being equated with the Shekinah, and the other Feminine elements. Raphael Patai maintains that the Shekinah is none other than Asherah, the Hebrew Goddess.” Author unknown. Sent to me by e-mail using an alias on November, 26, 2004.

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