Thursday, November 04, 2004

Gavin Newsome our idiot Mayor here in "Baghdad by the Bay" defeated Kerry. His Gay Marriage move galvanized the Jesus Freaks in Ohio et-al. The dope should have waited until after the election. The Marching Morons in Jesus Land care more about "values" than their own survival. The Lemmings march merrily off the cliff. The Pied Piper is off-tune but they don't care - The Deaf, The Dumb and The Blind!

Let us hope now that Bush Jr listens more to his own father not to "the higher father" and not only to the Red Revolutionary Trotskyites in Neocon disguise who are acting like the Judenrat to the Fanatic Christian Right hell-bent on making Saint John's Revelations real in Apocalypse Now! I see little difference between Al Qaeda, the Likud, and the fanatics on the American Christian Right and the Neocons. They are ALL equally crazy and dangerous. Also it seems that Usama is now bluffing. Let's hope so. They are all "Intellectual Morons" - see Finley's book

Bush can go two directions now: Henry V or Mussolini?
Which will it be?
Is Kristol Nacht coming?
See also Sir Martin Rees "Our Final Hour".
Sir Martin is Master of Trinity College, Cambridge, FRS, British Astronomer Royal and Hawking's boss.
He shows how the recent discovery of dark zero point energy as 73% of the universe makes possible the ultimate WMD that even Al Qaeda can develop: The Armageddon Bomb that literally destroys the Universe. Our entire universe is as fragile as our biosphere! This is just what the Christian Right Fanatics are looking for! Uh Oh! You better pray that the ETs will intervene to save us from ourselves!

On Nov 4, 2004, at 7:17 AM, wrote:

I was deeply disappointed by the Democratic loss.  However, I cannot escape a certain perverse glee in the Bush victory.  It bothered me that by losing, he was getting away scot-free from all his mistakes and the mess he had made of everything.  Now that he has won, for the next four years, he has to deal with and shovel the increasingly larger quantities of guano all the chickens coming home to roost are starting to bring back with them.  Believe me, there is going to be tons and tons of that stuff coming his way because facts are stubborn things and reality always trumps fantasy.  I would not blame Senator Kerry if he feels some sense of relief in his defeat:-).

It is true that both Parties are controlled by 'win at any cost' type of thieves, but looking at the polling process around the country, it was evident that at the grass-root and precinct level, the voting public respects and expects fair elections.  Carl Rove may have been successful to fool a large number of people by lying and inflaming their fears and prejudices, but he was unable to corrupt the process.  Long live The Republic! 

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