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Contrary to Hal Puthoff's and Eric Davis's allegations: You cannot boil an egg with the zero point energy of ordinary vacuum that is free of dark energy because of the coherence of the Higgs Ocean in which we are immersed like deep water fish.

I meant to add below that:

1. Einstein's plain vanilla 1916 GR has zero torsion. The Bianchi identities then demand that /\zpf is a constant. 1916 GR was formulated before quantum theory. Quantum theory and observations demand that /\zpf be a variable local field that in the large scale limit approaches Einstein's cosmological constant of dark energy /\ ~ (H/c)^2 ~ 10^-56 cm^-2 instead of the /\ ~ 10^66 cm^-2 predicted by "quantum gravity".

2. Hal Puthoff's wrong "Type II Casimir force" theory of Ken Shoulders' EV (charge clusters) demands that /\zpf ~ 10^22 cm^-2 in all of space outside the charge clusters. Therefore, Hal's theory here disagrees with observation by 56 + 22 = 78 powers of ten. That is 122 - 78 = 44 powers of ten better than quantum gravity theory, but nothing to write home about! :-)

You cannot boil an egg with the zero point energy of ordinary vacuum free of dark energy.

3. As shown by Ian Peterson Hal Puthoff's claim with Dan Cole of Boston University that the Casimir force taps vacuum energy is incorrect. The Casimir force at best can only tap the very small electrostatic energy of mutually induced "electric dipole" charge separations in the neutral plates of area A separated by d.

Casimir force = (dimensionless number)e^2A/d^4

This is mistaken for a zero point energy force only because e^2 and hc have the same physical dimensions. In fact the electromagnetic micro-quantum zero point energy density is very small because of the macro-quantum coherence of the Higgs ocean (modern day generally covariant "aether"). One can get a Casimir force formula by calculating the perturbation on this vanishing zero point energy introduced by the plates. This is similar to the Weisskopf-Bethe calculations of the Lamb shift in hydrogen. However, that calculation is equivalent to a quantum electrodynamic calculation of the mutually induced charge separations inside the neutral plates. The idea that the ordinary vacuum has untapped zero point energy of order /\zpf ~ 10^22 cm^-2 i.e. (10^19 Gev/10^-33)10^22 ~ 10^(19 + 33 + 22) = 10^74 Gev/cc (Type II Casimir force EV model prediction) is absurd.

Note that c^2/\zpf is equivalent to G(mass density). So Hal Puthoff's estimate for virtual photons in the EV case gives

10^21x10^22 = G(mass density) ~ 10^-7 (mass density)

i.e. effective mass density of

10^(21 + 22 + 7) ~ 10^50 grams/cc

filling all space in Hal's theory.

Such a universe could not exist because in Einstein's gravity ALL sources of energy, even virtual zero point energy directly warp spacetime.

Note that if

/\ ~ (H/c)^2 ~ 10^-56 cm^2 at all scales


(10^19 Gev per 10^-33 cm)10^-56 cm^-2 ~ 10^(19 + 33 - 56)Gev/cm^3 ~ 10^-4Gev/cm^3 ~ 10^5 ev/cm^3 ~ 10^-7 ergs/cc ~ 10^-14 Joules/cc ~ 10^-17 British Thermal Units per cubic centimeter.

1 food calorie is a kilocalorie ~ 4,000 Joules.

So we have ~ 10^-17 food calories per cc

A gallon of gasoline is worth ~ 31,000 kilocalories, i.e. 31,000 food calories.

Therefore, we need V where

10^-17 V ~ 10^4

V ~ 10^21 cc ~ (10^7 cm)^3 ~ (10^5 meters)^3 ~ (10^2 kilometers)^3

i.e. you need a cube 100 kilometers on a side to have enough ORDINARY vacuum energy to compete with 1 gallon of gasoline.

Therefore, Hal Puthoff's claims to the media are definitely misleading!

The zero point energy density of ORDINARY VACUUM is much too small for any practical use.

What about exotic vacua?

That's a different story.

Now as to Z's misguided attempts to do away with the equivalence principle and general covariance (Hal Puthoff has a similar idea in his PV gravity theory that Cliff Will, Matt Visser and Bill Unruh reject for that reason) Penrose in Ch 17 of "The Road to Reality" backs me up in what I said to Z. More details on this another time. Basically Z tries to restore Newton's idea of gravity force to Einstein's GR. That does not work. Z does not understand the paradigm shift in the passage from Newton to Einstein in the change in the meaning of "inertial frame" and "inertial motion". Consequently any attempt to write the plain vanilla 1916 connection (no torsion)

{LC} = Tensor Gravity Force + Inertial Force = Net Gravity Force

always winds up with

Tensor Gravity Force = 0

when calculated correctly.

That is, in Einstein's theory, unlike Newton's theory

Net Gravity Force = Inertial Force

This is in contrast to Newton's theory where you CAN write

Net Gravity Force = External Gravity Force + Inertial Force

Z tries to force Newton's force idea into Einstein's theory where there is no room for it.

Note Newton's theory is pragmatically good to 10^-7 in all NASA space probe motions.

Einstein's theory is good to 10^-14 in the pulsar data.

Einstein's theory limits to Newton's under the appropriate conditions. They give same pragmatic answers but for very different explanatory reasons.

Z's attempt has been tried before by scores of amateurs and it always fails for basic reasons nicely spelled out in Roger Penrose's book.

On Nov 24, 2004, at 2:10 PM, Jack Sarfatti wrote:

On Nov 24, 2004, at 11:39 AM, Edward Halerewicz, Jr. wrote:

Its taken me a while to buy into "dark matter" but I
believe there is enough evidence to show that it does
exist. Even if dark matter resided in extra
dimensions as you seem to believe, it would be
confined to the symmetry of string theory to preserve
the Standard Model, another Earth in hyperspace is
unlikely. But I really doubt there are actually only
four fundamental force as often claimed, reminds me
too much of air, earth, fire and water, so what to do
Fernando, simple like any good theorist go back to the
drawing board.

The extra-dimensions are not needed to explain both the dark matter and the dark energy. They may be there. I am not denying that possibility. The optimum post-inflation vacuum state has vanishing zero point energy density because of the macro-quantum coherence of the Higgs Ocean (at ALL scales - contrary to Puthoff's claim that dark energy is only important in the large-scale limit.) Exotic vacuum phases correspond to deviations away from the optimum of both positive and negative quantum pressure. The quantum pressure has a strong direct warp effect on the fabric of space-time given by Einstein's extended exotic vacuum field equation

Guv + /\zpfguv = 0

Where, in the absence of a controlled metric engineered perturbation,

/\zpf = (Mc/h)^2 [(h/Mc)^3|Higgs Ocean|^2 - ]

M is the regulator mass for the ODLRO effective c-number field theory giving Einstein's field equations.

/\zpf =/= 0 are the exotic vacuum states.

w = -1 = (pressure/energy density) in the large-scale FRW metric limit

A lump of w = -1 exotic vacuum mimics w = 0 CDM in its gravity lensing.

The NASA Pioneer 10&11 anomalies are a hedgehog topological defect in the Higgs Ocean centered at the Sun. That is two concentric spheres centered at Sun forming the boundaries of a dark energy exotic vacuum region where

/\zpf = H(t)/cr

H(t) = Hubble parameter

The boundary of the inner sphere is r ~ 20 AU

The approximate dominant "S-wave" (multipole expansion of Green's function of the Poisson equation) effective universal gravity potential per unit test mass of the dark energy inside the two spheres is

Vzpf =c^2/\zpfr^2 = cHr = c(Hubble recession speed)

The observed gravitational anomaly is

a_g = -dV/dr = cH ~ 10^-7 cm/sec^2 pointing back to the Sun.

Similarly the Galactic halo holding our solar system to the galaxy is a dark energy effect with

/\zpf = (v/c)1/r^2

Vzpf = c^2/\zpfr^2 = cv

v is the tangential speed of our solar system around the big black hole at the center of our galaxy.

v = fr

f is the frequency of rotation.

v is constant so that

f = v/r

f decreases as r increases.

Warp drive propulsion uses an appropriate /\zpf field configuration in the fuselage of the saucer or black triangle. Similarly for the stargate teleportation in Eric Davis's USAF paper.

Ken Shoulders' EVs are easily explained as well as key features of high-energy physics like the universal Regge slope of hadronic resonances and the point-like parton structure of nucleons under high magnification with inelastically scattered electron beams.

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