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* Hal Puthoff wrote (for some reason my "reply" command does not work on Hal's e-mail address - it works on all others! So I have to copy and paste. Odd. ET surveillance by Dan Smith's friends? :-)): Hal's remarks in quotes.

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.... the zero point spectrum of QED is the only Lorentz
invariant spectrum.

"Indeed, as discussed in my paper, H. E. Puthoff, "Gravity as a Zero-Point-Fluctuation Force," Phys. Rev. A 39, 2333 (1989); Phys. Rev A 47, 3454 (1993),"


"... Lorentz invariance, which derives specifically from the spectrum's cubic dependence on frequency.  The cubic spectrum is unique in its property that delicate cancellations of Doppler shifts with velocity boosts leaves the spectrum Lorentz invariant." 

   Put a cutoff in that spectrum and you destroy Lorentz invariance. 

"In principle, yes.  However, as discussed in my footnote 21 in the above paper, I point out:"

"The possible existence of a cutoff in quantum theory is recognized to introduce a non-Lorentz-invariant factor, in that detection of a Doppler-shifted cutoff frequency by a moving detector could in principle reveal absolute motion.  As pointed out in the literature, however, [for example, by M. A. Shupe, Am. J. Phys. 53, 122 (1985)], as long as the cutoff frequency is beyond detectability (as in the Planck frequency in this case) there is no measurable consequence expected of such a breakdown of Lorentz invariance at this limit of present physical theory, either now or in the foreseeable future."


Hal Puthoff"

Right as far as SR is concerned. However as I show below GR demands a breakdown of SR globally. Indeed, the problem of nonlocality of the total energy in GR is related to this fact that

1. The symmetry group of SR (1905) with rest inertia m is the 10 parameter Poincare group.

2. The symmetry group of GR(1916) is the 10 parameter Diff(4)xLorentz Group

Diff(4) replaces the 4-parameter translation group T4 infinitesimally generated by the TOTAL MOMENERGY (Wheeler) Pu.
that is T4 is locally gauged and the strain tensor of the elastic world distortion field (~ tetrad field) is the metric field guv.
The tetrad field eu emerges from the macro-quantum phase variations of the partially coherent physical vacuum according to the Bohm guidance constraint

eu = Lp*^2(Phase of partial vacuum coherence),u

is elastic analog to quantum hydrodynamic particle IT velocity v = (h/m)Grad(Phase of Pilot qu-BIT wave)

where, a, u = 0,1,2,3

eu = eaEu^a

a in flat tangent space, u in curved base space

guv = Eu^anabEv^b = (1/2)[eu,v + ev,u]

nab = SR metric

' is ordinary partial derivative

Phase transformations on the vacuum coherence ---> Einstein's tensor general coordinate transformations 3 meg file

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