Saturday, July 17, 2004

The abstracts for GR 17 are online and I am looking through them to see which talks I want to catch. Hawking's new result depends on the Feynman path integral over all Einstein metrics with non-trivial topologies, i.e. wormholes and star gates. He is still working in imaginary time I suspect and may be getting imaginary results? The point however, to to see macro-quantum ODLRO put into the Feynman micro-quantum formalism. The hologram AsS/CFT idea is that gravity in a curved 3+1 space derives from a massless conformal quantum field theory in a globally flat world. This is not incompatible with my picture where I also have a massless conformal flat quantum field theory in the pre-inflationary false vacuum. This would be like a virtual 2D quantum Hall fluid prior to the phase transition to a macro-quantum coherent state (i.e. the inflation field) forming the true vacuum with gravity and inertia (rest mass of lepto-quarks & W mesons). That is the virtual electron-positron plasma is confined to the 2D holographic screen that is the false vacuum.

On Jul 16, 2004, at 3:45 PM, Jack Sarfatti wrote:

If you can't read this go to larger Acrobat file

on the emergence of qualitatively new forms of matter and exotic vacua in pumped open systems.

The most important last part is tentative as things very busy in London. I also briefly comment why I

suspect that what Hawking is going to say in Dublin in a few days, while of great interest, is probably wrong.

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See a very interesting article by Marcelo Gleiser Dartmouth College
"The three origins: cosmos, life and mind." More on that later.
More on that anon. Gray day in London. Off to British Museum for Egyptology Skull and Bones
in the basement. A top archaeologist looked at Lloyd Pye's "Star Child" skull last night and
concluded it ain't ET - a child's skull intentionally deformed. Star-studded group in Egyptology assembled
at British Museum last night to hear about The Hyskos Pharoahs. Perhaps the Jews came from them?
That's not what the lecturer said - only my speculation since they came from the "East" (Levant)
ruled Egypt for awhile and when overthrown became a slave caste. Would perhaps explain Joseph & Moses stories.
I will be at Hawking's lecture next week. Like Einstein with cosmological constant, Hawking may be throwing in the towel to Susskind too fast because he is depending on micro-quantum physics when he should be using macro-quantum physics and the rules change!

Micro-quantum physics is nonlocal, linear, unitary with entanglements and signal locality and the Born probability.

Macro-quantum physics is local, nonlinear, nonunitary with entanglement suppressed in the macro-mode, with possible signal nonlocality and a breakdown in Born probability rule from "phase rigidity" that in special case is Sakharov's "metric elasticity" for the emergence of smooth curved space-time in the inflationary phase transition where the inflation field is a virtual electron-positron macro-quantum vacuum condensate that contains Einstein's metric field guv from the coherent phase of the local order as well as both dark energy and dark matter as exotic vacuum zero point quantum pressures negative and positive respectively from the intensity of the local order parameter.

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