Friday, November 16, 2007

Lisi getting major media coverage despite Lubos Motl calling him a "crackpot". I have my doubts about the claims of E8 with regard to gravity, but I do not know having not yet studied the paper - only Lubos Motl's remarks on it. It's clear E8 is real physics, i.e. testable out on the limb even if it turns out to be partially wrong. String theory is not real physics. I mean most of the "string theory" papers on the archive at best are good math papers having no connection to real phenomena.

Lee Smolin has some very interesting things to say about Alain Connes's non-commuting geometry. Note this gives quantized area trivially. Smolin says the standard model with Higgs-Goldstone macro-quantum vacuum ODLRO fields pops out of Connes's theory - important, indeed startling, claim.

Note on "spin networks" - I have them in my theory quite literally. The "nodes" of the 3D spin networks are my GMD field quantized "monopoles" (second homotopy group ~ integers) and the "edges" are simply GMD field quantized vortex filaments (first homotopy group ~ integers) for 2 world hologram Goldstone phases with 3 real Higgs scalars contracted down from 8 Goldstone phases with 9 real Higgs scalars giving the M-Matrix where c-number ODLRO curved tetrads ~ diagonal part of 4x4 M-Matrix, spin connections ~ anti-symmetrized off-diagonal part of M-Matrix.

One real Higgs scalar for each boson "dimension of space" in order to have stable topological defects in the post-inflation single-valued vacuum condensate ODLRO Higgs-Goldstone order parameters.

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