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What is the general rule to couple all massless matter source fields to the emergent GeoMetroDynamic field in the unstable pre-inflation "false vacuum" whose percolating bubbles populates the cosmic landscape in eternal chaotic inflation? The moment of inflation to a bubble is a vacuum ODLRO phase transition from micro to MACRO in which the Higgs-Goldstone fields "jell" so to speak converting false vacuum energy to the hot BIG BANG when the dark energy driven initial inflation stops.

Let G be RIGID the universal spacetime symmetry group that keeps the dynamical global actions of all massless matter micro-quantum fields invariant in the false vacuum. Its Lie algebra is {Pa,Pi}. For example
G = GL(4,R) (without adhoc branes, extra-dimensions - that sort of creep in later implicit in GR(4,R)) where each real Higgs field acts as an effective extra space dimension in order to keep topological defects stable (non trivial homotopy groups of same order as dimension of the spacetime symmetry Lie algebra).

Then the gauge covariant GDM field partial derivative (excluding internal Yang-Mills for now)

Du = [I^au + A^au(x)]Pa + A^iu(x)Pi

a = 0,1,2,3 & Pa generate RIGID T4

for Dirac spinors the Minkowski tetrads I^au are essentially Dirac gamma matrices

A^ua(x) are the compensating localized T4(x) gauge potentials (conjugate phases to the generators) with the 1916 GR zero torsion field constraint imposed on the tetrads, which are not allowed to have torsion gap dislocation defects in this limit. They still induce curvature disclination defects as in Rovelli's eq. (2.89)

The remaining i = 4 to ? are additional GMD fields, e.g. non-zero torsion field for i = 4,5,6,7,8,9 from localizing Lorentz group. So we have a kind of natural proto Calabi-Yau structure of quasi-extra dimensions here (Shipov's "oriented point").

i = 10,11,12,13 are GMD fields from conformal boosts

i = 15 is the GMD dilaton field.

On Oct 28, 2007, at 11:10 AM, Jack Sarfatti wrote:

Volovik correctly mentions that gravity as a Sakharov emergent macro-quantum field should not be re-quantized. There is a residual q-number part already in ODLRO density matrix theory that are off mass shell zero point fluctuations in the ground state and on mass shell normal fluid excited states at finite temperature.
On Oct 28, 2007, at 9:55 AM, Kay zum Felde wrote:

--- Jack Sarfatti wrote:

quite obviously the tetrads and the spin connections. The metric tensor and the Levi-Civita connection are
derivative composites not suitable for quantum gravity.

"That is a good hint for me to get closer in understanding the general aspects of your theory Jack. For me, this was quite a big puzzle in getting an idea what the challenges are in quantizing gravity. Quantizing the geometry in form of quantizing the metric or the Levi-Cibita connection is indeed quite weird now.

Thanks for explaining

Kay Zum Felde


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