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"No phenomenon is a phenomenon until it is an observed phenomenon." True?

Hiley shows by explicit calculations that there is no "retrocausality" in Wheeler's delayed choice experiment nor in the variations with a maser cavity in one channel of a Mach-Zehnder interferometer. Even Aharonov & Vaidman made a mistake there! Hiley totally refutes the Asher Peres interpretation of quantum theory, though the late Peres was formidable - a powerful mind. Peter Woit suggest that string theory is pseudoscience, but Hiley shows there has been a lot of bad mystical physics at the foundations of quantum theory - that an ontological reality can be maintained - that Bohr was wrong on that point and Einstein was right, though many of Bohr's insights survive because the opposite of a great truth is another great truth.

Thus Hiley's Bohmian analysis is consistent with the no cloning theorem in which the denial of signal nonlocality imposes strict limits on imperfect optimal cloning of an unknown quantum bit - something like 5/6 for maximal fidelity of the cloning beyond which one gets signal nonlocality and true retrocausality as in the remote viewing and presponse experiments on living matter. This is consistent with David Deutsch's and Wigner's view that consciousness is a violation of microscopic quantum theory. Note there is no measurement problem and no "collapse" in the Bohmian view of micro-quantum theory although in many experiments it's as if collapse. True retrocausality with signal nonlocality is a fundamental breakdown microscopic quantum theory's "sub-quantal equilibrium" (A. Valentini) in which macroquantum spontaneous symmetry breaking leading to emergent phenomena like conscious brains and our accelerating expanding pocket deSitter horizoned universe on the cosmic landscape of the megaverse are prime examples. There is no Hawking wave function of the universe in the macro-world, although it is there in the initial cosmic trigger from the future that retro-causally creates the primordial inflation bubble evolving to the hot Big Bang whose remnant we see in the COBE & WMAP NASA probes. The Hawking wave function of the universe is replaced by the Landau-Ginzburg order parameter that in 3D + 1 is local, which is why there are no giant Schrodinger Cats. Note however that 2D + 1 boundaries with "anyons" have nonlocal order parameters which have a hologram nature.

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Demystifies a lot of quantum

nonsense not only in pop books, but also in standard text books. Even the great Wheeler may be wrong about the quantum?

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