Thursday, March 22, 2007

The GCT invariant M Matrix is

M^a^b = (Theta)^a/\(dPhi)^b - (dTheta)^a/\(Phi)^b

dM^a^b = 2(dTheta)^a/\(dPhi)^b

d^2M^a^b = 0 World Hologram, Bekenstein area bits

(Theta)^a and (Phi)^b are Lorentz 4-vectors of 0-form Goldstone phases with 9 real Higgs field components

The Einstein-Cartan tetrad co-frame field 1-forms are

e^a = I^a + (Lp^2/\zpf)^1/2M^a^a

Lp^2 = hG/c^3

Spin connection 1-forms are

S^a^b = - S^b^a ~ M^[a,b]

Four M^aa from locally gauging T(1,3) 4-parameter translation group

Six S^a^b from locally gauging SO(1,3) 6-parameter Lorentz group

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