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We are such dreams that stuff is made from.

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"Sounds like the reality of archetypes incarnates only
upon experience by a willing or even unwitting host."

Listen to the last half of


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"Anyway, archetypes are not physical, neither space nor time nor energy
nor matter nor motion is involved."

Archetypes are invariants of finite groups of morphings. There is a relation of finite groups to continuous groups Saul-Paul Sirag is interested in.

"I agree.

"But if they can be experienced, then in Jack's words, they are physical


"So, what is a true meaning of physicality?"

Anything that happens is physical. Anything that might happen is physical. Anything that is not forbidden is physical. Not all physical phenomena are "material", i.e. are Bohm's "hidden variables" - they can be mental thought pilot waves that influence the motion of matter. Gravity also influences the motion of matter, but there is a big difference between gravity and mind. Gravity is a material field, a geometrodynamic field not unlike the electron field and other matter fields. All matter fields are driven by thought fields. When the matter fields directly back-react on their pilot thought qubit fields then they excite presponse inner conscious experiences or qualia in those thought pilot fields with signal nonlocality, i.e. retro-causal spooky telepathic action at a distance violating the no-cloning theorem of orthodox quantum theory. This is a more general quantum theory like general relativity is to special relativity.

"That's a big, multidimensional question."

"So how about this way around: something like an archetype BECOMES also
physical (by Jack's definition) only when it is experienced. This idea is
related to the observer phenonmenon, and to the concept of "collapsing".


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