Sunday, July 16, 2006

Remote Viewing as Operational Intelligence Gathering
That's a good falsification - unless he got info before he died from someone in the future who had that info later. That is, we must consider all the electron qubit webs in each brain as nodes in a trans-temporal network - what PK Dick called VALIS. However, Hal's point is well-taken that the individual brain alone as a hypothetical retro-causal device is not sufficient to explain the phenomenon. Precognitive auto-correlation inside of one brain not enough there must also be telepathic cross-correlations among the brains.

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Cramer's handshake supplemented by signal nonlocality - in every case
of successful RV the subject learns the details of the target in the
future. This information is sent back in time in a self-consistent
"Novikov" loop. This conjecture is falsifiable, e.g. subject dies
before learning details of target yet the prediction is true.
Could be falsified by Price's RV of Semipalatinsk. Though he got feedback on his drawing of the crane, he insisted that the site had to do with development of technology for space travel, concerning which the intell evaluators unanimously disagreed. He died shortly thereafter. At the end of the cold war, however, it was found that his claim was correct.

Of course, you can save your hypothesis by saying that he got feedback after he died! :-)


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