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4D Super Solid Emergent Gravity

On Jul 8, 2006, at 2:35 PM, Paul Zielinski wrote:

Jack Sarfatti wrote:

On Jul 8, 2006, at 12:28 PM, Paul Zielinski wrote:

Jack Sarfatti wrote:

On Jul 8, 2006, at 10:48 AM, Paul Zielinski wrote:

OK, so /\ is a source for G_uv and R_uv, and therefore shows up on the RHS of the field equations?


Much like Yilmaz's vacuum source field?

NO! Yilmaz's source is not ~ guv!

Well, it's a function of g_uv.

That's not good enough. It must be linearly proportional to guv otherwise it violates Lorentz invariance & the equivalence principle - > general covariance as indeed Yilmaz's theory does and as Hal Puthoff's PV gravity model does.

Although everything is kosher as to g_uv itself in Yilmaz's theory.

I doubt that.


In Yilmaz's model the g_uv metric field is related to the underlying
phi field via an exponential expression, by the definition of phi..

Wave a red flag in front of Raging Bull why don't you? ;-)


Then why do we need geometric propagation of the Weyl curvature? Why can't we just bundle it all into the /\ vacuum source field?

Because /\ can be exactly zero and we still have curvature where it is zero!

OK, so /\ is truly independent of matter-induced Weyl curvature in your theory?

NO! You jump to the wrong conclusion. /\ is a source of Ricci curvature the same as any ordinary matter source in Tuv. That is both virtual and real sources gravitate. Puthoff does not think so BTW that is another error in his PV theory.

OK, thanks for clarifying this.

So you have two physically independent *sources* of spacetime curvature, regular T_uv | matter, and /\.


Right. But they act in the same way as far as generating Ricci curvature locally which, in turn, induces Weyl conformal vacuum curvature in the standard manner.

What /\ is depends on the inflation field intensity.

/\ ~ (Quantum of Area)^-1[Inflation Field Intensity - 1]

In essence, isn't that what Yilmaz was proposing?


Yilmaz's underlying phi field couples to the sources, while it looks like your /\ field doesn't depend at all on the matter distribution.

True /\ does not depend on the on-mass-shell sources. /\ is the sum of all the off-mass-shell sources in the sense of quantum field theory e.g. A. Zee's "Quantum Field Theory for Nutcases" ;-) I mean "in a nutshell." Anyone who does physics must be nuts! ;-)

There is no analogy here that is not completely misleading.

OK, forget Yilmaz. Does your /\ field depend at all on the matter distribution? I think not.


Can there be any coupling at all between the Weyl vacuum curvature and /\ in your model? Or are these fundamentally independent quantities?

You completely misunderstand what I am saying. The relationship of dark zero point energy /\ to Weyl curvature is exactly the same as any Tuv is to Weyl curvature via the directly induced Ricci curvature.

OK. So /\ really is simply an additional source term on the RHS of the Einstein field equations that adds to the Ricci and indirectly to the vacuum curvature induced by gravitating matter (where "matter" includes, e.g., electromagnetic energy)?

Yes, exactly if you want to keep the equivalence principle, which Puthoff does not seem to care about in his PV model hawked by Eric Davis in the USAF teleportation paper that Sharon Weinberger roasted in "Imaginary Weapons".

Zero point energy and ordinary energy both bend space-time in exactly the same way, both directly make the local Ricci curvature that then induces Weyl curvature exactly as Wheeler et-al say it does.


Puthoff's error is that he thinks only gradients in zero point energy bends space-time. That is completely wrong and it violates the local equivalence principle.

While your solution is that there are two superfluid components, where the gravitational effect of one compensates the gravitational effect of the other?

There are THREE components. Also think 4D ODLRO SUPERSOLID not 3D superfluid. Remember I predicted the ODLRO He supersolid in 1969 (Physics Letters) only now recently seen in the lab.

v = (h/m)d(Ground State ODLRO Goldstone Phase) 3D superfluid

B = (hG/c^3)^a/2d(Inflation Vacuum Field Goldstone Phase) 4D supersolid

Note replace G by G* >> G the scale-dependent running coupling constant for gravity to make contact with extra space dimensional "brane" models like in "Warped Passages" (L. Randall)

In vacuum at T = Absolute Zero you have

Coherent Condensate + Locally Incoherent Nonlocally Coherent Zero Point Fluctuations ~ (Quantum of Area)^-1

That together make the Super-Solid Density at Absolute Zero.

Then the "THIRD MAN" here is the "NORMAL FLUID", i.e. fermion elementary excitations and boson collective modes in 3+1 space-time that is Tuv(On-Mass-Shell Sources)

The Locally Incoherent Nonlocally Coherent Zero Point Fluctuations ~ /\.

"Nonlocal Coherence" in sense of Robert Becker seen experimentally in EPR entangled fringes with CCC switched on!

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