Friday, January 20, 2006

What are events?
Smolin's eq. 3 p. 15

guv = buv + huv 2 fluid model

huv is quantized in perturbation theory.

In my theory buv is a dynamical emergent ODLRO c-number field that obeys

Guv + /\buv + kTuv(source fields f) = 0

So it is still classically background independent. The huv spin 2 quantum field contributes to Robert Becker's locally random nonlocally coherent "dark energy" (negative pressure) or "dark matter" (positive pressure).

That is compute Guv' formally from huv and impose on the vacuum expectation value

<0|Guv'|0> = /\buv

buv = (1u + Lu)(flat)(1v + Lv) EEP

L = Lp*{theta(dphi) - (dtheta)phi]

for Planck vacuum manifold G/H = S2.

On Jan 20, 2006, at 8:30 PM, Jack Sarfatti wrote:

This is violated in Hal Puthoff's PV theory:

"Events are not points of a manifold, they are identifiable ONLY BY [LOCAL] COINCIDENCES between the values of fields preserved by the actions of diffeomorphisms." p. 12 Lee Smolin

Let @ be such a diffeomorphism

@(M,g,f) -> (M'g'f')

M = Manifold with
fixed dimension
fixed topology
fixed signature

g = geometrodynamical field

g = (1 + L)(flat)(1 + L) = Einstein's Equivalence Principle (EEP)

L ~ exterior derivatives of 2 Goldstone phases of the Planck vacuum manifold G(False Vacuum)/H(Inflation)

point p in M ---> p' in M'

All dynamical fields f are DRAGGED along in the diffeomorphism

@.f(p) = f(@^-1p)

Principle of General Relativity is - the physical space time is the EQUIVALENCE CLASS {M,gf}. This is a gauge freedom redundancy removed by the Diff(4) group that is the local gauging of the global translation group T4.

Now R. Kiehn can generalize this.

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