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Alien ET Technology with nano-engineered anyon thin films?

My conjecture is that both the ED device and the propulsion depend on different phases of "anyonic matter" in thin films nano-engineered into the alien ET machinery.

There are three phases of anyonic matter in nano-engineered thin films

1. Infinite speed of sound in the thin film gives an incompressible Fractional Quantum Hall liquid of anyons that are electrons with "flux points" attached (slice of a flux tube in a plane). There is a combination of "fictitious" as well as magnetic fluxes involved. It's quite subtle.

2. Finite speed of sound where the phonons do not decay into lower energy modes is the anyonic superconductor with a quasi-particle energy gap. Getting a macro-quantum coherent order parameter here is not straightforward as the mechanism is a generalization of ODLRO. This is also tricky. However, I am assuming here that there is a locally variable phase field that locks into the vacuum phase field that determines the gravity 1-form tetrad field. If theta & phi are the two vacuum Goldstone phase field, and chi is the anyon superconductor phase field, then the modulated gravity 1-form tetrad field is something like

L = Lp*{(theta - chi)d(phi - chi) - [d(theta - chi)](phi - chi)}

Berry control phase chi ~ (anyonic surface density)(area of control loop) eq. 50 p. 91 Wilczek

Note that the Einstein geometrodynamic field is

guv(curved) = (Iu^a + Lu^a)(Minkowski)ab(1v^b + Lv^b)

Given guv, calculate Guv and everything else in a kind of discrete lattice approximation.

But how does the dark energy come in? The dark energy is a universal repulsive field that increases linearly with the separation r of the anyons as explained, e.g. by Susskind in Cosmic Landscape. That is essentially

V = (1/2)c^2/\r^2

F/m = - dV/dr = c^2/\r = non geodesic g-field induced by zero point dark energy

"anyon superconducting states are stabilized by repulsive interactions" p. 88 Wilczek


Guv + |/\|cos(chi)guv + kTuv = 0

3. Zero speed of sound gives a non-superconducting anyon metal where the gap vanishes.

Note this is not meant to be a coherent explanation - far from it at this point.

The "filling fraction" of Landau levels that is the control parameter switching among the 3 phases of anyonic matter in the thin films is 2pi(surface density)/(charge)(applied magnetic field normal to the thin film loop).

The basic ground state is the Laughlin wave function e.g. eq. 45 p. 89 Wilczek

On Jan 20, 2006, at 9:50 AM, Jack Sarfatti wrote:

I am not a lab person, but there are many good ones. I would simply like to be in the Project Jason meetings and watch their jaws drop when they roll out the craft described in the book by Doty - if it's real, as well as the ED device. I have no doubt that collectively the Top Guns can figure it all out rather quickly. That was impossible in the 1950's of course. It is only possible now since ~ 2001 with the new technologies and the observations of WMAP, Type 1a supernovae, gravity lensing etc. Nanotechnology was unknown in the 50's and they did not have a good theory of superconductors till mid-50's and no concept of thin film anyons with generalized quantum statistics interpolating continuously between bosons and fermions - essential to the effect I suspect.

On Jan 20, 2006, at 9:20 AM, Bill Ryan wrote:

Jack, I just wanted to acknowledge you in public for being very fair to Bob. I know he worked pretty hard at the book and his intentions are the best. Kudos to you for looking closely at the data that he’s brought to the public’s attention.

Re your own comments, I do agree with the spirit of this:

> ...that simply means the guys tasked at LANL et-al are not equipped to deal
> with it. The top physicists could figure it out very quickly. The problem is
> clearly that the USG "Black Ops" Boys have not tapped the top talent of the
> mainstream physics community. I bet Murray Gell-Mann could figure it out in
> a single afternoon! If not him, Susskind, or any number of top physicists
> could do it. The Problem could be solved in a Project Jason Workshop.

I bet you’d love to get your hands on some hardware like that in a good lab... =)

Best to all, Bill

From: Figaro
Date: Fri, 20 Jan 2006 11:46:03 -0500
To: Jack Sarfatti
Cc: (88 people)
Subject: Re: Anyon Superconductor: DIA Doc: "Roswell 1947 ET Energy Device BINGO! Bismuth

Now, that coming from Jack Sarfatti is a real compliment which just floored me, can hardly believe what you just said! And yes, I don't expect any reader to accept what's in the book at face value, taking anything in Science at face value just shows a lack of critical thinking IMHO.....As for Rick yes, he has been acting funny lately, not the Rick I use to know....Robert C

Jack Sarfatti wrote:
That's what we PhD theoretical physicists from good universities generally do. It's called working on a problem. In this case it's also detective work and MASINT intelligence analysis . In any case I do what I want thank you. Your book BTW is much better in terms of content than your friends and co-authors gave you credit for. Obviously Doty was ordered to deny what is in the book? Of course, Eric Davis is correct that no fact alleged in the book must be taken at face value without independent corroboration, but you do give a lot of details, which I like.
On Jan 20, 2006, at 7:41 AM, Figaro wrote:

Without further details from sources, which stopped in May of 2004 this is all speculation....Robert C

Jack Sarfatti wrote:

"Bismuth" mentioned in Collins-Doty Fig 1b p. 163 on the propulsion system also in the DIA document p. 168 on the power supply. John Dering also emphasized it in his research on the Nazi devices. Well Nobel Prize (2004) physicist Frank Wilczek writes:

"it is interesting that the above estimate [1000 deg Kelvin] of the gap is of a reasonable order of magnitude for a high temperature superconductor" intimately connected to Robert Laughlin's wave function for fractional quantum "Hall Effect" (mentioned in by LANL Spook "Mr C" et-al) and "This 'coincidence', together with the fact that both the cuprate and the BISMATE high temperature superconductors are strongly two- dimensional and highly magnetically correlated, so that they may well support CHIRAL SPIN ORDERING" p. 79 in Wilczek.

Compare to DIA document of Collins-Doty p. 168 Exhibit 2a

"The interior contained 6,366 small black circular objects (.003 cm) that SPINS CLOCKWISE ... when a demand for electricity is placed on the device."

That orbital rotational fluid motion is not "spin" of course, but it is suggestive - also of the Victor Schauberger "Nazi Bell" device reported by Nick Cook of Jane's Defence Weekly. Suggestive clues. Nothing conclusive or rigorous of course - YET! ;-)

On Jan 19, 2006, at 10:48 PM, Jack Sarfatti wrote:

For "toy model" thin film anyon high Tc superconductor embedded in fuselage of "saucer"
Surface density ~ 10^14 cm^-2 i.e. [1/(10^-7)]^2 cm^-2

Critical Tc ~ 10^3 Kelvin pp 78-9 Wilczek

In my model this means, best case scenario of good phase-locking of anyon coherence to vacuum coherence

|/\| ~ [1/(10^-13x10^-7)]cm^-2 ~ 10^20 cm^-2

Theta ~ (effective charge of anyon)(effective anyon flux) in a small "pixel" in the active thin film. Something like

Guv + |/\|cos(anyon phase shift)guv + k*Tuv(source EM fields & currents) = 0

Where k* ~ 10^40 (8piG/c^4)

In the Best of All Possible Worlds (BPW) scenario. ;-)

On Jan 19, 2006, at 9:23 PM, Jack Sarfatti wrote:

On Jan 19, 2006, at 9:01 PM, Figaro wrote:

Jack Sarfatti wrote:

Preface, I have not yet read the Collins-Doty "Exempt from Disclosure" from the beginning. I am only puttering around the "physics" Ch 3 and will jump back to the beginning later. I am also reading Frank Wilczek's "Fractional Statistics and Anyon Superconductivity" at the same time as my "precognition" tells me that is the relevant solid state physics for the energy device as well as the propulsion. I could be wrong of course.

Fig 1a p. 162 describes what purports to be a secondary "conventional" electromagnetic (giant capacitor) propulsion system needing air that would not work in vacuum and is not a "silent running" zero g-force warp drive that is my primary interest. I am not suggesting that the description in the document makes sense. It does not. Collins admits he does not understand it. Apparently no one else in USG does either, assuming it's not a forged document of course. Since the craft is supposed to be empty inside (Col. Corso) either that is a different craft or the document is disinformation fed to Collins.

The Craft have two propulsion systems according to the LANL source. One for space and the other for planetary environments. Don't try to make too much out of those notes. They are there for information purposes only and are incomplete......Rmc

10-4. The propulsion notes are too incomplete, but the energy device notes have some interesting clues that seem to tie in with my metric engineering equations.

No pictures are provided.

Fig 1b p. 163 has more nuts and bolts detail (rotating assembly) and mentions bismuth (also mentioned by SARA's John Dering at ISSO in connection with alleged Nazi saucers) as well as "lag currents" & megaHz pulses, "Hall Effect" and "diamagnetism" - but no clear idea of the principle of the purported electromagnetic propellentless propulsion. The report is an incoherent hodgepodge that even Hal Puthoff could not understand p. 164.

The notes are for information purposes only, you're trying to make too much out of it..........Rmc

Depends what you mean by "information purposes". Either "Mr C" is deliberately planting disinformation, or he is being honest admitting that they haven't a clue how the EBEN technology works - or both.

The alleged "LANL Spook" "Mr C" on p. 166 spouts more gibberish trying to explain how the alien craft flies. But he does say TWO different propulsion systems one is "anti- gravity," i.e. my use of "warp drive" though no explanation is given.

He also says others or I wouldn't not understand the propulsion system because they really don't understand it as he explained on that page. He explained it the best way he could since the thing is Alien.....Rmc

Right, but that simply means the guys tasked at LANL et-al are not equipped to deal with it. The top physicists could figure it out very quickly. The problem is clearly that the USG "Black Ops" Boys have not tapped the top talent of the mainstream physics community. I bet Murray Gell-Mann could figure it out in a single afternoon! If not him, Susskind, or any number of top physicists could do it. The Problem could be solved in a Project Jason Workshop.

Then on p. 167 starts the discussion of the ED (below) that is a bit more intelligible.

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