Friday, January 27, 2006

Edge of the Ledge as Electroweak Splitting

"the distinction between electromagnetism and the weak nuclear force is central to modern cosmology, because the energy released when it occurs is the ostensible power source for inflation of the hypothesized brief period of rapid expansion following the big bang." p. 154 Robert Laughlin "A Different Universe".

Gravity must start at the Planck scale 10^-33 cm in order for Lambda to be defined as a parameter in say a DeSitter space metric to begin with.

That is

B ~ (dtheta)(phi) - (theta)(dphi)

must come into being at 10^-33 cm

So this must give a slow roll down the variable Lambda landscape to the edge of the ledge picture given by Lenny Susskind in "Cosmic Landscape." Falling over the edge at ~ 10^-16 cm. is when electromagnetism splits from the weak force. The released zero point vacuum energy then is the "reheating" described by the old big bang theory in Steven Weinberg's "The First Three Minutes" leading to "surface of last scattering" seen in WMAP data.

Since /\ is changing in "time" in vacuum obviously torsion fields are needed, i.e. "string theory".

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