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UFO Blue Light suggests Weightless Warp Drive

OK Terry 10-4 yes you got a good idea.

On Oct 15, 2005, at 4:03 PM, Terry Arbegust wrote:

Jack and Saul Paul perhaps this would be of interest?

From: "trixcleverspacealien"
Date: Sat Oct 15, 2005 10:55 pm
Subject: Hawking's "Chronology Protection Law" & George Wheeler's "Blue Light UFO" Synch


Incommensurability, Orthodoxy and the Physics of High Strangeness:
A 6-layer Model for Anomalous Phenomena
Jacques F. Vallee and Eric W. Davis
National Institute for Discovery Science
Las Vegas, Nevada



Was the UFO directly responsible, as in the Kinross Case? As in the
burned-out points in George Wheeler's squad car, in Elmwood?

And what about Elmwood?

In February 1987, U.S. Army Col. Harold E. Phillips, of the Defense
Intelligence Agency, convened an inter agency working group to study
UFOs on an ongoing basis. The UFO Working Group, at least initially,
included one Army and three Air Force generals, Defense Intelligence
Agency scientists, an Army colonel, three officials from the National
Security Agency, a supervisor from the CIA`s domestic intelligence
division and a technical team from the CIA`s Science and Technology

[04:51p.m.c.d.t. On 10-15-05]

Hi Doctor Jack Sarfatti have you ever read this report? the George
Wheeler [Blue light] Ufo incident report?

No. I don't read such reports. Bruce Maccabee & others do that. I don't have time to read them and others are more competent to interpret them.

It's the one that is in Howard Blum's book OUT THERE and is probably
the reason John Alexander's UFO Working Group decided that the ELmwood
UFO incident was the "Perfect Candidate"? Also did John Aleander,
Colonel Philip's consider Wheeler's BLUE LIGHT as a reason for
determining the Wheeler, Elmwood incident the UFO Working Group's
Prefect Candidate?

Recall that the so-called missing Roswell Nurse Rosemary McManus Brown
that I discovered was in residence at the Dove Nursing home in Eau
Claire very near Elmwood, [probably NOT during the time span that
Wheeler had his experience which was in 1975 1976.

Note that 1975 was the year that Sarfatti, Toben Fred Alan Wolf wrote
Space Time and Beyond number 1, also note coincidentally that John
Alexander is a member of SarfattiScienceSeminar], and it may have been
the SAME nursing home that George Wheeler was takin to for 6 months.
In addition my first cousin Lee Horne which is mentioned in OUT THERE
was the treasurer of the UFO Site Center Corporation that was going to
build a UFO landing strip in ELMWOOD, obviously because of the Wheeler
incident? [time now is: 05:27p.m.]


[time now is: 05:13p.m. 10-15-05: Any hard physics information on just
such an eventuality?, what does your theory say about that idea?]

The conclusion of this lecture is that rapid space-travel, or travel
back in time, can't be ruled out, according to our present
understanding. They would cause great logical problems, so let's hope
there's a Chronology Protection Law, to prevent people going back, and
killing our parents. But science fiction fans need not lose heart.
There's hope in string theory.

No logical problems - you have globally self-consistent loops in time.

Also note that George Wheeler maybe related to the Cosmologist /
Physicist John Wheeler?, if not then that would remain a trivial
coincidence, also note that Wheeler said he saw a BLUE light coming
out of the UFO, isn't this similar to Bruce Cornet's Blue light /
sound? Do you think Wheeler's Blue light UFO sighting was more
probable than not probable to be an example of your Dark Energy Flying

I have no idea. Not enough information.

Exotic Vacuum WMD: Reversed Doppler Flying Saucer wave files

On Friday, August 22, 2003, at 04:12 AM, Bruce Cornet wrote to Jack

The reversed Doppler effect is superimposed on the sound frequencies,
causing all of them to lower and rise in frequency uniformly.

Jack Sarfatti wrote:


On the other hand, at the stern of the UFO where we have "dark energy"
/\zpf > 0 we get a universal blue shift.

Remember, the dark energy universally repels, the dark matter
universally attracts. Put the two together in the right way and you
get a net unidirectional timelike geodesic motion. Objects in the UFO
are in weightless free float, although to the outside observer the
object appears to accelerate and to traverse distances with
effectively superluminal average speed. The former was shown by Bondi
and Terletskii, apparently independently, some 40 years ago. The
latter was shown by Alcubierre about 10 years ago.



[UFORC] ISEP: Exotic Vacuum WMD: Reversed Doppler Flying Saucer ...
On Friday, August 22, 2003, at 04:12 AM, Bruce Cornet wrote to Jack
... The reversed Doppler effect is superimposed on the sound
frequencies, ... - 9k - Cached - Similar pages

[PDF] Post Date: Picture of the non-spherically symmetric non-static ...
File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTML
Doppler blue shift of an approaching object for an observer. in front
of the UFO.
... 0 where Bruce Cornet's tape recorder is located is (within ... - Similar pages

[PDF] What is the Universe made of? Jack Sarfatti, 8/27/03, 11:44
AM, p ...
File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTML
motional Doppler blue shift. Similarly, the stern of the star ship
has an exotic
... e-mail exchange with Dr. Bruce Cornet on his empirical
measurements, ... - Similar pages

The Performance - Sound Profiles; Similarities; Differences; Anomalies
The Performance by Bruce Cornet, Ph.D. ... It is highly unusual to
have a sound
violate Doppler's law, which states that the apparent frequency of
that ... - 11k - Cached -
Similar pages

archive: Re: SETI Music to ETIs? & More



SEE BELOW WHEELER SAID: When the craft rose he said, a blue flash of
light shot out. That's the last thing he remembered until the motorist
found him. "I don't know what I saw," Wheeler reported, "but all I
know is that I don't want that experience repeated ever again."

Oh OK. Good. Now I see what you mean. :-) The dark energy layer will be in the stern in this case the bottom
of the vertically rising craft. That will make a blue shift yes. Since the whole fuselage is a thin film phased array one can shift the relative position of the dark energy region quickly to different parts of the ship's outer surface for rapid turns without pulling any g-forces.

Date: April 22, 1976
Location: Elmwood
County: Pierce

Source: >From the book Out There by Howard Blum. Pages 188-190. 1991
Pocket Star Books.
Note that this is the second sighting by George Wheeler that is
documented by Howard Blum in this book. For the first sighting, see

The second time George Wheeler saw a UFO was almost a year to the day
later, on the evening of April 22, 1976. This time there was a noise.
He heard it moments before the attack.

It all began when George, out on an evening's patrol, noticed an
orange glow near the quarry at Tuttle Hill. "Looks like we got a fire
out there," he radioed in. "I'm going to investigate."

When he drove to the crest of County Road P, he was high up enough to
have an unobstructed view. To the north, over a flat hilltop alfalfa
field, there it was. "My God, it's one of those UFO's again," he
shouted into the police radio. But when he started to describe the
craft, he was very calm, under control.

"It's huge," he explained over the radio to Chief Helmer's wife, Gail,
who was working as a dispatcher that night. "Bigger than a two-story
house." And he went on that it was silver-colored, perhaps 250 feet
across, and that a bright orange beam glowed from its domed roof. The
light was so powerful, he couldn't look straight at it. It hurt his eyes.

Yes, reddish light on top from positive zero point pressure and blue light from bottom where there is negative zero point pressure is exactly what my WWD theory predicts.

And just as he was describing this light, the craft started to rise.
That was when he heard the loud whooshing noise. And, before he
realized what was happening, a blue ray shot out from the craft. The
ray hit the squad car.

The police radio instantly went dead. The chief's wife was yelling on
the other end, "George, can you hear me? Are you all right?"

But George couldn't hear her. The car was a wreck. Its lights were
out. Its points and spark plugs were ruined. And Officer Wheeler was

David Moots, a dairy farmer, was driving the babysitter home when he
noticed the squad car, its lights off, sitting in the middle of the
road. He went over to investigate. He looked inside and saw George
Wheeler sprawled across the front seat.

"George, you OK?" he asked.

The police officer didn't stir. Moots repeated his question.

This time George tried to move. He leaned forward from his seat, and
then fell back. He didn't have any strength, and he looked white as milk.

"What's wrong, George?" Moots asked. He was really worried.

It took the officer some effort, but he finally managed to speak.
"I've been hit. Get me to a radio." His voice, Moots noted, was
shaking, full of fear.

"By a car?"

"No," George Wheeler answered very slowly and distinctly, "by one of
those UFO's."

At just about the time David Moots discovered the dazed police
officer, Gail Helmer was at the radio in Village Hall trying to figure
out what was going on. She decided to call Paul Frederickson, a
nursing home administrator, who lived just east of Tuttle Hill.

"Maybe you can look out your window, Paul, and tell me what you see.
Anything unusual out there?" she asked.

It was after eleven and Frederickson was already in bed, but when a
neighbor asks a favor - especially if she's the wife of the police
chief - nobody in Elmwood complains too much. He went to his window.

"I saw this flaming orange object in the sky," Frederickson
remembered. "It resembled a bright orange half-moon. I watched it for
a full ten seconds and went back to the phone. By the time I returned
to the window with my wife, the object was gone."

A few miles away, south of Tuttle Hill, Mrs. Miles Wergland was
watching the eleven o'clock news on her bedroom television. Suddenly
her set went black. Annoyed, she put on her slippers and trudged to
the cantankerous television. She kept on pushing the on/off button.
Nothing happened. And then she noticed the glorious light shining
outside her bedroom window. The room was now pitch-dark but outside
something was lighting up the sky - and it was moving. Its glow
suddenly illuminated the bedroom. Bathed in this light, she went to
the window and watched a spacecraft zoom silently across the night
sky. "It was shaped like the moon, but was much brighter and colored
differently," she remembered.

She watched it pass from sight, and when it was gone the television
flashed back on.

Source: Excerpt from an article published in the Melrose, WI
Chronicle, February 24, 1988

UFO's - Seeing is Believing for Local Resident

The first sighting was also on Tuttle Hill near his home. It was April
22, 1976, and Paul Fredrickson was at home with his family. Around
11:00 p.m., he received a phone call from the police dispatcher, Gail
Miley. The dispatcher asked Paul to look out his window toward the
quarry that was located about 1 1/2 miles away, and report back what
he saw. The dispatcher was concerned, because shortly before, George
Wheeler, a former police chief of Elmwood and at that time on duty as
a relief officer, had radioed in to the Pierce County Sheriff's
Office, that he had seen a glow at the top of Tuttle Hill, where the
quarry is located. Wheeler was concerned about a possible fire, and
said he was going to investigate. The next time the dispatcher heard
from Wheeler, he had reached the top of the hill, and reported he saw
a UFO above the quarry. He started to describe the object when the
radio went dead. That's when the dispatcher called Paul. From his
window, Paul said he saw "a bright orange glow. It resembled a bright
orange half-moon. I went back to the phone and by the time I returned
to the window, it was gone." At about the same time, a neighbor, south
of Tuttle Hill, saw something shaped like the moon above the quarry,
but it was much brighter and colored differently.

[10-15-05 at 04:58p.m. BLUE FLASH]

Moments after these sightings occurred, a passing motorist came upon
Wheeler's police car, parked with no lights on. The motorist noticed
Wheeler with his car door open, and apparently dazed. Wheeler told the
motorist he had been hit by a UFO. After recovering, Wheeler reported
to local papers that he had seen a huge object, as high as a two story
house, and about 250 feet across. It was silver colored, with an
extremely bright orange light at the top. When the craft rose he said,
a blue flash of light shot out. That's the last thing he remembered
until the motorist found him. "I don't know what I saw," Wheeler
reported, "but all I know is that I don't want that experience
repeated ever again." Police Chief Homer later said, "I've seen
Wheeler under all kinds of conditions relating to police work, and
I've never seen him shaken up like he was that night." Wheeler was
later reported to have suffered severe headaches for several days
after the sighting. He was hospitalized for tests. Paul recalls that
Wheeler was once interviewed about that night by a professor. The
professor offered to put Wheeler under hypnosis to see if he could
remember any more about that night. Paul says Wheeler adamantly
refused, saying he never wanted to go through that night again.
Wheeler died about a year later.

Date: April 1975
Location: Elmwood
County: Pierce

Source: From the book Out There by Howard Blum. Pages 187-188. 1991
Pocket Star Books.

It was silent. That was George Wheeler's first clue. Earlier that
night, when he saw the huge ball of flame coming in over a hill from
the northeast, he was certain it was a 747 about to crash. It was low
in the night sky - too low, that was for sure - but the pilot was
doing his best to steer it away from town. George, who had been a
combat flyer in World War II, silently congratulated the pilot for his
skill. Still, George was very worried; this wasn't going to be good at
all. He was sitting in his squad car and he had a perfect view. The
747 off in the distance kept on getting lower and lower, its flames
growing brighter and brighter until its orange glow overwhelmed the
night sky. As the plane moved out of town, George tried to keep pace
with it in his squad car. He wanted to be nearby when it went down;
there was no doubt there would be people who would be needing his help.

He drove at high speed across the empty country road, trying to catch
up with it. When the plane was nearly overhead, coming in really low,
just moments from impact, its flames lighting up the horizon, George
pulled into a ditch. He wanted to brace himself for the crash that was
at hand. It was only as the plane moved directly above him, as its
light and flames illuminated his squad car with the power of a
spotlight, that George Wheeler realized something was very strange.
The plane was absolutely silent. There was no whirr of engines, no
grinding of landing gears. There was not a sound. And all at once
something else, equally perplexing, became apparent. The plane wasn't
near to crashing. It was on a steady course.

The flying object - the officer, shaken and shaky, was no longer sure
it was a plane - began to fly toward the southside flats outside of
town. George, his eyes fixed on an orange light as bold as the glow
from an explosion, followed. When he caught up with it, the object
was, to his amazement, hovering. The land here was flat, meadows and
pastures fresh with spring grass, and the light from the object lit up
the countryside. It was nighttime, close to 11:00 P.M., but the sky
was as bright as high noon. George could see perfectly. He was scared,
trembling even, but he got out of his squad car and took it all in.

The object was a craft of some kind. It was shaped like two cereal
bowls put end to end and it was hovering about 1,500 feet above the
ground. It was huge - at least the size of a football field. And it
didn't make a sound.

George watched it for a while. Silhouetted against the sky, it was
bright and silent and motionless. He felt as if he was seeing
something that wasn't real, but of course he knew it was. That scared
him even more. Then, without warning, the object took off at a
tremendous speed. It would be incorrect, he would later insist, to
describe the craft's acceleration as quick; it was instantaneous. Even
more amazing, the craft began performing what appeared to be nothing
less than acrobatics. It was, George decided, putting on an air show,
and he was the sole audience. The craft would start out zooming along
at this truly phenomenal speed, and all of a sudden it would begin
turning at sharp ninety-degree angles, one after another, as though it
was being driven by a stunt pilot. Someone was joyriding in the sky
above Elmwood. George could only marvel. At last, it took off, flying
silently toward the west at the same impossible speed. It was gone in
an instant, and the night was once more dark.

That was the first time.

For the second sighting, see Report

Date: April 5-6, 1975
Location: Elmwood, Ellsworth and Maiden Rock

Source: St. Paul, MN Pioneer Press, April 8, 1975

Fear of UFO 'nearly paralyzes' policeman
An Elmwood, WI police officer said Monday he was "almost paralyzed
with fear" by an unidentified flying object (UFO) spotted by many
Pierce County residents late Sunday night and early Monday morning.

Officer George Wheeler said he was in his squad car on County Road PP
outside Elmwood about 12:45 a.m. Monday when he noticed "a huge
flaming object about the size of a football field or a 747".

[04:53p.m. JACK Note that Wheeler, said that he saw a BLUE LIGHT isn't
that indicative of the reversed Doppler effect you've said is
indicative of dark energy saucer mechanics?]


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