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"Negative Energy" is a sloppy term

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This work has points of discussion which are probably relevant to your theories:


Not directly at the moment.

First we need to clarify the sloppy use of "negative energy".

What "gravitates" ABSOLUTELY in Einstein's general theory of relativity is the stress-energy tensor. In the Newtonian-Galilean limit this gives the modified Poisson equation

Laplacian of the universal gravitating potential energy per unit test particle mass

~ (G/c^2)(Energy Density + 3Pressure)

The new Einstein source term missing in Newton's theory of gravity is "3Pressure".

There is also a lot of confusion on the relevance of the Casimir energy, especially in the presentations of Haisch & Puthoff et-al.

It is true, as they say, that you can get a negative energy density in the Casimir effect for the quantum vacuum zero point fluctuations IF you only look at a fragment of the whole.

Let's take Hal Puthoff's favorite example and only look at the virtual photons ignoring anything else.

Situation 1. Infinite empty space. The total energy of all the virtual photons will be E(virtual photons). Never mind that this is infinite if you assume space-time is a continuum. Even if you put in a finite volume at the Hubble radius you still get infinite energy unless you put in a Planck scale cutoff. That is, in general

dE(zpf)/dV ~ hc/Lp^4 = hc/(hG/c^3)^2 = c^7/hG^2.

Actually putting in a finite volume at the Hubble radius does not mean much since according to local causality we only see our past light cone. Indeed, the total quantum vacuum energy in any finite volume of space is infinite if the Planck cutoff Lp --> 0.

From Dirac Sea to Higgs Ocean
When we look at the sky we are not at all seeing a single 3D spacelike slice of 4D space-time. We are seeing ALL TIMES from our local HERE-NOW back to about 380,000 years after the inflationary breaking of vacuum symmetry first-order phase transition whose released binding energy "latent heat" of virtual fermion-antifermion pairs cohering the random zero point false vacuum fluctuations provided the heat of the hot Big Bang. A second-order phase transition alone does not work.

This gives the coherent vacuum field that Brian Green calls The Higgs Ocean. The False Vacuum without gravity or inertia is the Dirac Sea.

The Quantum Electrodynamic (QED) Casimir force is simply a boundary effect. Place two neutral conducting flat plates of area A parallel to each other separated by distance L, i.e. an uncharged capacitor.

The dimensionless Casimir potential energy per unit test particle rest energy is in Hal's favorite case

V(Casimir)/c^2 = a(hc/L^3)(A/mc^2)

Since, as Hal never tires of explaining, you cannot fit waves longer than L between the plates the total vacuum energy density between the plates is NEGATIVE relative to the total vacuum energy density outside the plates in the whole universe.

Never mind that if space-time is a continuum that both of these energies are INFINITE. We SUBTRACT two INFINITIES to get a FINITE NUMBER. Actually what we do is to subtract off the infinity from all of space without the plates to the infinity from all of space with the plates. That's what DeWitt for example does.

Where a, in the formula for V(Casimir) is a dimensionless number that is calculated in a very complicated way in what Feynman called "a shell game". This "regularization/renormalization" trick (e.g. Hal's citing of DeWitt using w = +1/3 "photon gas") This NUMBO JUMBO is "understood" only by a few High Priests at the Top of The Pyramid and is very much like Jack Parsons and L. Ron Hubbard invoking The Evil One in "Strange Angel." It's the Wizard of Oz effect. Feynman, who invented most of it, admitted to me in his office at Cal Tech in 1968 that it was a "scandal" that no one was able to improve on his own HOCUS POCUS - that happens to work very very well. This is REAL MAGICK without magic. In any case there is this large body of mathematical folklore that really does give extremely accurate agreement of the renormalization/regularization algorithms with experiment. No doubt about that. This is a Cargo Cult Dance of the Wu Li Masters that really works though no one understands why really it should work as well as it does. Recently Wilczek, Gross et-al have almost done for the SU(3) QCD of the strong sub-nuclear quark-quark forces what Feynman and Schwinger did for the U(1) electromagnetic force improved on by Salam-Weinberg, t'Hooft et-al for U(1)xSU(2) including the weak force. Note the false vacuum of the Dirac Sea to Higgs Ocean Creation of Our Universe in Inflation uses U(1)xSU(2) where U(1) refers to "hypercharge".

Why not simply cut off space-time at the Planck scale and be done with it? Because to do so would violate the continuous symmetry of the Poincare group. Forget gravity here - at least for a moment. This is actually a pretty weak reason, but it is the reason Feynman gave me in his office in 1968.

Then there is Lenny Susskind's duality which replaces Heisenberg's uncertainty principle in a scattering probe of small distances

Uncertainty in space-localization ~ h/(Uncertainty in momentum transfer) + (Area Quantum)(Uncertainty in momentum-transfer)/h

The "Area Quantum" is the grain size in the WORLD HOLOGRAM.

If you plot the space-localization as a function of scattering momentum transfer from probe to target, it's a function

y = a/x + bx


dy/dx = - a/x^2 + b

Critical point is

dy/dx = 0


a/x^2 = b

x^2 = a/b

Only x > 0 is physical

Stability (minimum) is

d^2y/dx^2 = +2/x^3 -> 2/(a/b)^3/2

Therefore, in Lenny Susskind's theory, the harder you try the less you achieve. You reach a rock-bottom limit of resolution of space-time given by

y = a/(a/b)^1/2 + b(a/b)^1/2

Now Hal is used to doing QED where only relative voltages matter. See Wigner's essay on gauge invariance for engineers using voltmeters.

Hal has not really understood the profound difference the equivalence principle's universality makes. You can no longer only use relative differences.

The Casimir effect De Witt regularization NUMBO JUMBO uses the idea that RELATIVE DIFFERENCES are all that matters, and Lo & Behold recite the Feynman-Schwinger MAGICK SPELLS, and Dance The Academic Kakatchka well enough, you pull the White Rabbit out of The Top Hat, i.e. you get a finite number for "a" in

V(Casimir)/c^2 = (ahc/L^3)(A/mc^2)

In contrast, there is another effect from General Relativity that is in ADDITION to the above Casimir force basket that Hal put all his eggs into. That is the ABSOLUTE GRAVITY from the zero point vacuum fluctuations that Hal tries to hand wave away saying that only DIFFERENCES in the zero point energy density gravitate. To say that violates General Relativity. It violates the equivalence principle that is the Corner Stone of The Temple.

Therefore, we must go back to

Laplacian of the universal gravitating potential energy per unit test particle mass

~ (G/c^2)(Energy Density + 3Pressure)

The equivalence principle + Lorentz invariance of Special Relativity imply for isotropic ZPF that

Pressure(ZPF) = - Energy Density(ZPF)

Universal for all spins, all quanta.

Only when

(Energy Density + 3Pressure) > 0



(Energy Density + 3Pressure) < 0

Then you have EXOTIC MATTER (actually VIRTUAL EXOTIC VACUUM) to METRIC ENGINEER Star Gate Time Travel to the Past and to the Universes Next Door as The Crow Flies through Hyperspace. And we also have the Weightless Warp Drive (no g-forces) of the alleged Alien ET "flying saucers" of the alleged "JROD" told by Captain Robert Collins, Colonel Phillip Corso et-al.

So forget that "negative energy" sloppy talk.

Virtual Photons have positive zero point energy density with negative zero point pressure, so left to themselves virtual photons ANTIGRAVITATE repulsively. (Dark Energy)

Virtual Electron-Positron Pairs have negative zero point energy density with positive zero point pressure, so left to themselves they gravitate. (Dark Matter)

What you get (Dark Energy, Dark Matter, Nothing) depends on the scale and the intensity of the Higgs field at that scale.

Metric Engineering Warp and Wormhole is the MODULATION of the Goldstone Coherent Phase of the Physical Vacuum Order Parameter via variation on The Josephson Effect (in thin films most likely using Anyon Condensates as the "modulator").

Stability of the electron EVO in simplest Newtonian-Galilean limit is

V(EVO)/c^2 = V(Casimir)/c^2 + V(Rotation)/c^2 + V(Coulomb)/c^2 + V(Dark Energy)/c^2


V(Dark Energy)/c^2 = /\zpfr^2

Note also, for an EVO of mass M, angular momentum J & charge Q

V(Casimir)/c^2 = @(h/Mc)(1/r)

V(Coulomb)/c^2 = #(Q^2/Mc^2)(1/r)

V(Rotation)/c^2 = (J/Mcr)^2

J = angular momentum of the EVO.

dV(EVO)/dr = 0 (size of the EVO)

d^2V(EVO)/dr^2 > 0 (stability)

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