Saturday, June 09, 2007

At this point in time I see no problem in theoretical physics in
2007, including both dark energy and dark matter, that cannot be
solved satisfactorily in terms of the two great already battle-tested
organizing ideas:

1. The gauge principle, i.e. Einstein's relativity principle
expressed in its deepest form.

2. "More is different" (PW Anderson) emergence of new orders i.e.
effective low/high energy theories including renormalization group
flows to fixed points, ODLRO, "hidden symmetry", Goldstone-Higgs
mechanism, spontaneous ground state symmetry breakdown leaving action

If anyone has a counter example - let's see it.

String theory and loop quantum gravity are over-mathematized clearly
failed programs. The only surviving parts are already in 1 & 2 above.

On Jun 3, 2007, at 5:00 PM, Jack Sarfatti wrote:

> PS To be more precise: Let Psi be the matter source fields forming
> a basis for an irreducible representation R of the rigid global Lie
> group G where the action field density L invariant under G. We need
> a new larger action density L' invariant under the larger locally
> gauged G(x) where the parameters of G are no longer constants but
> are arbitrary functions of the overlapping local coordinate charts.
> L(Psi, Psi,u) -> L(Psi, R(DuPsi), Au) where Au is the spin 1
> compensating gauge field "connection".
> GR is less direct than Yang-Mills because of the equivalence
> between local g-forces and stationary non-geodesic observers
> outside of event horizons. Not all GeoMetroDynamic fields are
> stationary of course - but the non-stationary corrections (gravity
> waves) are usually pretty small - definitely small Earthside. In GR
> the passive no gravity arena for Yang-Mills fields becomes at
> active player. A^a is the warped tetrad connection. It is spin 1
> as a quantum field. The GMD affine connection is secondary
> essentially (,u is ordinary partial derivative):
> GMD connection of Einstein-Cartan theory ~ e^ae^b,u = (I^a + @A^a)
> (I^b + @A^b),u
> this includes possible torsion fields, but not a non-metricity Weyl
> conformal boost field in which the inner products are anholonomic
> (path dependent) - the non-metricity 4-potential has no relation to
> the EM potential which was Weyl's error of 1918. The curl of this
> conformal boost 4-potential vanishes in a simply connected way for
> phenomena observed so far.

Jack Sarfatti
"If we knew what it was we were doing, it would not be called
research, would it?"
- Albert Einstein

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