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Penrose's twistors define a real photon entire globally flat null geodesic on the light cone including its helicity with 4 complex numbers that are 2 related non-relativistic qubits from the O(3) group. This is not surprising from what we know of the 4- complex component special relativistic Dirac spinors. Space-time points in complex twistor space are Riemann spheres and the null geodesics of Minkowski spacetime are points in twistor space. The twistor program has not had much success in terms of physical predictions, so its math details while pretty are not of prime interest here.

However, from this, and from Penrose's spinor formulation of general relativity comes the IT FROM BIT (Wheeler) relation that IT world tensors in classical space-time are entangled states of O(3) qubit spinors in quantum BIT objective information space - the Plenum of Hawking's "Mind of God" if you like.

In particular, the quaternion representation of a world vector is

Vu = V0I + V1S1 + V2S2 + V3S3

where {I,S1,S2,S3} is the O(3) basis for the NR Clifford algebra, essentially the Pauli spin 2x2 matrices in the simplest representation.

Vu = (Sigma)V^A^A'VAA'

u = 0,1,2,3

Where in general

V0 = (2)^-1/2[V00'+ V11']

V1 = (2)^-1/2[V10'+ V01']

V2 = i(2)^-1/2[V10'- V01']

V3 = (2)^-1/2[V00'- V11']

If you want to think of spins then "0" is spin down along 3-axis, "1" is spin up.

Or you can think of 0 & 1 as values of classical c-bits.

We see, that Vu is at a deeper level a pair-entangled spinor state of 2 qubits.

It is assumed that each qubit is at the same space-time point, but obviously this need not be the case. We then have the non-local entangled space-time, where qubit (0,1) is at x and qubit (0'1') is at x' - this is for globally flat space-time. For curved spacetime, we need to introduce anholonomic spin-connection fields for parallel transport of the spinors. This will give both curvature and torsion.

V0(x,x') = (2)^-1/2[V0(x)0'(x')+ V1(x)1'(x')]

V1(x,x') = (2)^-1/2[V1(x)0'(x')+ V0(x)1'(x')]

V2(x,x') = i(2)^-1/2[V1(x)0'(x')- V0(x)1'(x')]

V3(x,x') = (2)^-1/2[V0(x)0'(x)- V1(x)1'(x')]

Curiously, these are essentially the 4 Bell pair states used in the quantum teleportation algorithm!

This is hardly a coincidence, but it is a clue to something even more profound and startling having to do with advanced alien extra-terrestrial super-technology seen, for example, on the NIDS Bigelow "Skinwalker Ranch" in Utah.

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We had contacts with Jim Corum at ISSO. See my book Destiny Matrix for details. Pretty bizarre. Worth watching till the end. Von Neumann died in mid-50's however ...

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This is *very interesting, watch it all! Von Neumann, Einstein and
Phila Exp! Very important.

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make sure it is complete - it's long and can cut off - copy and paste

More on this anon. Keep your eyes glued to your computer screen. ;-)

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