Friday, February 23, 2007

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Independent of the above, whilst reading Penrose & Rindler on spinors I thought:

That there are no finite dimensional irreducible unitary representations of the 6-parameter Lorentz group has physical meanings that seem to have been overlooked.
2-component spinors are the basic qubits for the fabric of spacetime, although not all 2-level systems are spinors.

These qubit spinors are deep hidden implicate structures of the invariant light cone (null geodesics).

The problem is the boost. That is Alice and Bob are coincident in relative uniform motion. The mapping from Alice's spinor to Bob's spinor is not unitary. It is Hermitian but not unitary. Unitary maps conserve inner products. So the spinor inner product is not conserved in a Lorentz boost. Locally gauging the Lorentz group gives the dynamical torsion field. Hmmm....

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