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Russian Space and Psychotronic Torsionic Weapons Systems Study 1

"Returning to the question of Russian Resurgence, it may be remarked how 'gently' (except in some of national republics of f. USSR) proceeded the controlled (by secret KGB/GRU elite: nation's hidden 'Second Ring of Power', acting only during grave emergencies: cf. Prokhanov's 'Mr Hexogen' & debriefings of defector Golitsyn in '60s) decay" of overstuffed with both conventional & nuclear weapons former (?) global superpower.

No essential national assets (such as functional integrity of esoteric centers of power - not to say about nuclear arsenals) have been damaged; - and so much lamented by Old Paradigmers "collapse of academic science" had done to Russia very much good, - having liberated free thought from tyrannical domination of stupid carriers of obsolete dogmas (indeed, under Soviet regime perspectives of torsionic research in Russia would be incomparably dimmer).

Neither does present any problem for Russia so much lamented "brain drain" of best minds. Rather, the situation is reverse: wide emigration of top Russian experts, - which remain strongly spiritually connected to their tenacious Motherland, - does expand the area of Russian influence.
(In special cases - when a highly trained Russian expert has fair chances to obtain sensitive position in Western establishment - such persons (which had been specially targeted by secret Russian psychotronic services since '30s) are being, without their knowledge, remotely "psychotronically treated": that is, their minds are "telepathically entangled" with minds of their controllers/"minders"; - which are capable, via this link, literally "to see through their eyes & feel their thoughts": cf. on p. 161 of A. Robbins' "Unlimited Power"; Ballantyne Books, 1989 - and also L. Niven's "Mote in God's Eye" & chapter "Suckers and Suicides" in S. Lee's "Dunn's Conundrum".)

"Natural telepathic links" in minds/souls of Russian emigrants around the globe, - now lying dormant, - might be activated, tremendously increasing their capacity, after beginning of full-scale functioning (in the mode of "global-scale psi-broadcaster") of long-projected "New Ahnenerbe": nationwide center where will be concentrated (like in Himmler's Ahnenerbe but on much higher modern level - and with much better financing!) all esoteric explorations (including non-conventional Leading Edge scientific disciplines like torsionics - which'll be harmonically synthesized, without annoying interference of "professional skeptics", with achievements of Ageless Wisdom).
As sources of inspiration/paragons for this enterprise of global importance will be taken not only such classical examples as first in the world Dr Barchenko's psi-research lab & Himmler's Ahnenerbe, but also such more modern outfits as GRU-sponsored Rejdak's Intl Assn for Psychotronic Research (which functioned as cover for "reborn Ahnenerbe" during Communist regime in f. Czechoslovakia) & Britain-based Scientific and Medical Network, many respected members of which are sympathizing these ideas.
(From this viewpoint there might be regarded as highly significant appearance in the last - No. 51/2006 - issue of influential Moscow weekly "Zavtra" ("To-Morrow"): (which is regarded as an organ of Russian special services' elite: its Editor-in-Chief A. Prokhanov openly says about his close ties with GRU) of a large article bearing tritle "Putin is a target of PSI-weapons"; - where, - after wide (but not very deep) review of modern weapons of PSI/informational warfare, - there is made an appeal to increase measures of psychotronic defence of President & other VIPs, using most advanced modern technologies of psi-defence (including Internet-based).
Calls are made to the Ministry of Defence to organize special "Strategic Psychotronic Forces", which must constantly monitor minds of leaders of "potential enemy states".)"

Report today from Moscow by a Secret Agent for MASINT.

Jack Sarfatti
"If we knew what it was we were doing, it would not be called research, would it?"
- Albert Einstein

The Russian Torsionic Space Weapons Program is partially described in

The precursor to 6D Calabi-Yau space of the M-Theory Dream, it's hardly even a "program" yet, is already in the Kibble 1961 -> Shipov tetrad-based curvature + torsion extension of Einstein's point test particle curvature only theory of 1915.

The tetrad as "internal fiber" analog has 6 independent periodic angular degrees of freedom (in Euclidean metric) corresponding to the 6 dimensions of Calabi-Yau space.

Given a base space-time of dimension n, the number of extra independent degrees of freedom to orient the n-bein in the base space is

n(n + 1)/2 - n = n^2/2 + n/2 - n = n(n -1)/2 = number of undirected edges of the n-simplex.

The Poincare group has 10 parameters = 4x5/2

The conformal group has 15 parameters corresponding to n = 5 the Kaluza-Klein model with one extra base space dimension giving the 5-bein fiber needing 15 - 5 = 10 angles.

The n-beins or "oriented points" are proto "extended objects" like strings are. They are the non-vibrating ground states of the strings -> branes.

The pre-string physics must be implicit in eq (49).

The A4 curvature + torsion geodesic equation is (52). This is not the same as Einstein's 1915 geodesic curvature only equation.

The geodesic equation says that the objective covariant acceleration of the test particle relative to the given connection vanishes.

(54) -> (56) show that the Euclidean kinematical acceleration for the A4 geodesic observer who experiences no g-force. Therefore the Einstein equivalence principle in its original sense continues to be obeyed for the center of mass motion even in the A4 theory beyond Einstein's.

Newton's picture of inertial compensation for the weightless geodesic observer works in the extended theory where the torsion force exactly cancels the Newtonian gravity force on the A4 geodesic.

Both Einstein's (LC) and Shipov's A4 geodesic observers report the same experience, weightlessness. They both report special relativity working locally near them. The presence of curvature is not relevant to the last statement. They both report approximately zero kinematical acceleration d^2x^i/dt^2 = 0 for nearby geodesic test particles in the slow speed weak curvature field regime. However they have different informal language explanations.

1915 T4* (AKA GCT) Einstein observer says his LC connection vanishes at origin of his LIF.

The A4 Shipov observer says his GCT non-tensor LC connection is not zero, but it is exactly cancelled by his GCT tensor torsion T =/= 0 connection.

Note that the A4 connection has independent physical meaning from (LC) i.e.

A4 connection derives from locally gauging the 10-parameter Poincare group P10.

The (LC) connection derives from locally gauging the 4-parameter T4 subgroup of P10.

The cotorsion T connection derives from locally gauging the 6-parameter Lorentz subgroup O(1,3) of P10


(LC) = A4 - T

is meaningful in this context, but not in Z's where he only had 1915 GR i.e. only T4 locally gauged so that T = 0.

On Dec 22, 2006, at 1:15 PM, Jack Sarfatti wrote:

Gennady Shipov's teleparallel A4 geometry then has two distinct metric structures:

The Einstein translational metric of 1915 GR

ds^2 = e^ajeaidx^idx^j = e^aea

and the "Calabi-Yau"-like

d@^2 = T^abiT^bajdx^idx^j = T^abT^ba

Note that

d@^ba = T^bajdx^j is a 2-tangent fiber indexed 1-form

That is, for a world 4-vector infinitesimal displacement dx^i, d@^ba is the infinitesimal rotation of the e^b tetrad about the e^a tetrad and vice versa with a negative sign.

This, therefore, is the physical origin of Calabi-Yau space in string theory. It is, perhaps, a missing "organizing" idea of string theory.

The 3rd rank T4* world torsion tensor fields in terms of the tetrad tensor fields are

Ojk^i = e^iae[k,j]^a = (1/2)e^ia(ek,j^a - ej,k^a) = - Okj^i

,j is ordinary partial derivative

Here I use Shipov's notation where i,j = 0,1,2,3 (not 1,2,3 as below using u,v as world T4* tensor indices)

The contorsion T^ijk is a variation on the above torsion field. How appropriate that term is will be discussed later.

T^ij,k = - O^ij,k + g^i^m(gjsOmk^s + gksOmj^s)

g^i^m(gjsOmk^s + gksOmj^s) = g^i^m(Omkj + Omjk)= O^ikj + O^ijk

D is the symmetric torsion free Levi-Civita connection from 1915 plain vanilla GR.

Shipov proposes a symmetric "source" stress-energy tensor for 1915 GR built from the contortion tensor alone

Tjm("Matter")~ D[iT^i|j|m] + T^is[iT^s|j|m] - (1/2)gjmg^p^n{(D[iT^i|p|n] + T^is[iT^s|p|n]}

|...| means "exclude the ... index from the [ ] antisymmetrization or the ( ) symmetrization.

What Shipov does not show is how to get the lepton-quark spinor fields plus the electroweak-strong gauge boson fields all coming from this single contortion. However, that may be possible because Shipov does have a 9D + 1 space like string theory and for the same reason - spatially extended test particles not point particles.

That is, Shipov most show that this is the Ur "Master Field" of all the fields in the standard model at least. Since his structure is like string theory this may not be impossible.

The Einstein vacuum equation Rim = 0 entails

D[iT^i|j|m] + T^is[iT^s|j|m] = 0

The generalized geodesic equation is

d^2x^i/ds^2 + [(LC)^ijk + T^ijk](dx^j/ds)(dx^k/ds) = 0

Einstein's 1915 GR has

T^ijk(dx^j/ds)(dx^k/ds) = 0

Note that this equation can be true even if T^ijk =/= 0 in special cases.

Shipov calls this a "teleparallel A4" space-time because he uses the constraint that the generalized curvature tensor is zero i.e. globally flat for the extended A4 connection.

non-symmetric A4 connection = symmetric non T4* tensor 1915 GR Levi-Civita connection

+ antisymmetric T4* tensor contorsion

i.e. the covariant curl of the A4 connection with itself vanishes identically, i.e.

Define the 4th rank T4* tensor

P^ijkm = 2T^i[|k|j|m] + 2T^is[kT^s|j|m], then

S^ijkm = R^ijkm + P^ijkm = 0 "teleparallel"

There are 2 other key constraint's here.

,k is ordinary partial derivative

;k is T4* zero torsion 1915 GR covariant partial derivative

|k is A4 non-zero torsion covariant partial derivative for the local 10-parameter Poincare group

e^a[k|j] + T^i[kj]e^ai = 0

and the A4 Bianchi identities, which are

P^i[|kjk]m = 0

Shipov's theory is a special case of Kibble 1961 which has a non-symmetric stress tensor as I recall? The Poincare group has 10 parameters.

4 translations that when locally gauged give the General Coordinate transformations.

When not locally gauged there is no problem with global conservation of total`energy and momentum of non-gravity fields. You cannot have that global conservation in general when locally gauged. There is still local conservation however. Also the stress energy of gravity by itself is not local.

3 space rotations, which when not locally gauged lead to conservation of angular rotational momentum

3 Lorentz boosts.

The four A4 geodesic equations

d^2x^i/ds^2 + [(LC)^ijk + T^ijk](dx^j/ds)(dx^k/ds) = 0

are only for the CM motion.

There are 6 other equations of motion for the variation of the orientation of the 4 tetrad fields

e^a = e^audx^u

under teleparallel transport using the A4 Kibble 1961 connection

= 1915 GR (LC) + Contorsion

Those 6 are simply

e^a[k|j] + T^i[kj]e^ai = 0

for a single a since all 4 a are relatively rigidly fixed to each other i.e. a 4D rigid body, and the world indices k,j appear anti-symmetrized.

The teleparallel A4 geometry then has two distinct metric structures:

The Einstein translational metric of 1915 GR

ds^2 = e^ajeaidx^idx^j = e^aea

and the "Calabi-Yau"-like

d@^2 = T^abiT^bajdx^idx^j = T^abT^ba

Note that

d@^ba = T^bajdx^j is a 2-tangent fiber indexed 1-form

That is, for a world 4-vector infinitesimal displacement dx^i, d@^ba is the infinitesimal rotation of the e^b tetrad about the e^a tetrad and vice versa with a negative sign.

This, therefore, is the physical origin of Calabi-Yau space in string theory. It is, perhaps, a missing "organizing" idea of string theory.

On Dec 21, 2006, at 10:15 PM, Jack Sarfatti wrote:

"Diff(4)" = "GCT" = "local T4" = T4* here.

Einstein's 1915 GR from the modern POV of local gauge theory is the universal local gauging of the T4 invariance of the actions of all non-gravity fields. The local variable compensating gauge potential is warped tetrad e^au fundamental gravitational field A^au analogous to Au in U(1) EM and Au^a in Yang-Mills theory of the weak SU(2) and SU(3) strong forces. SU(2) has the vacuum ODLRO Higgs field with Goldstone phase coherence and it breaks left-right chiral symmetry (parity - broken mirror symmetry).

Tensors transform multilinearly homogeneously under representations of a given group.

Einstein's geometrodynamic objects like the metric field guv and the torsion-free Levi-Civita connection (LC)uv^w = (LC)vu^w are composite objects

guv = e^au(Minkowski)abe^bv = (I^au + A^au)(Minkowski)ab(I^bv + A^bv)

For the Schwarzschild static solution outside the event horizon for static LNIF observers

e^00 = (1 - 2rs/r)^1/2

e^01,2,3 = 0

e^11 = (1 - 2rs/r)^-1/2

e^i,j = &^ij Kronecker delta for i,j = 1,2,3

In the weak field limit

A^00 ~ -rs/r = GM/c^2r = -(Gh/c^3)(Mc/h)(1/r) = -[(Planck Area)/(Compton wavelength)](1/r)

rs/r ~ Lp(Theta^0Phi^0,0 - Theta^0,0Phi^0)

Fix a gauge, i.e. select a degenerate ODLRO vacuum where Theta^0 = pi

Phi^0 ~ Lp(Mc/h)(ct/r)(1/pi)

Phi^0,0 = Lp(Mc/h)(1/pir)

A^11 ~ +rs/r

all other A^ai = 0

note the linear elastic and nonlinear plastic terms in the expansion of the metric field.

I^a is curvilinear in LNIF representations. It is Kronecker delta in LIF representations.

(Globally Flat Curvilinear Metric)uv = I^au(Minkowski)abI^bv

Only (Minkowski)ab is the constant 4x4 diagonal matrix in the geodesic representation.

(LC)uv^w = (1/2)e^wa[e^au,v + e^av,u] = e^wae^a(u,v)

,u = d/dx^u ordinary partial derivative

The T4* covariant partial derivatives are themselves T4* tensors.

DB^w/dx^u = B^w,u + (LC)^wuvB^v

more complicated for higher rank tensors

The T4* geodesic equation is

covariant absolute translational general relativistic acceleration of CM of test particle vanishes is

D^2x^w/ds^2 = d^2x^w/ds^2 + (LC)^wuv(dx^u/ds)(dx^v/ds) = 0

d^2x^w/ds^2 = special relativistic acceleration

(LC)^wuv(dx^u/ds)(dx^v/ds) = LNIF acceleration

Geodesic equation says

GR acceleration = SR acceleration + LNIF acceleration = 0

"Newton's First Law" = geodesic equation

In all mechanical theories. Curvature is irrelevant because this translational equation is only for the exact mathematical point center of mass CM of the extended test particle.

The LIF corresponds to geodesic normal coordinates where (LC)^wuv = 0 at the LIF ORIGIN.

The Newtonian inertial forces are already in (LC) without any torsion. This is shown explicitly by C. Lanczos.

(1/2)[(LC)^i^0k - (LC)^k^0i] = (1/2)(g0k,i - g0i,k) ~ CurlU = H

U = gravimagnetic potential (g01,g02,g03)

"On the Problem of Rotation in the General Theory of Relativity"
Kornel Lanczos, 1923

The inertial force in a non-inertial frame on test particle of rest mass m in 1915 torsion-free GR is

F^i(inertial) = m(LC)^r^siVrVs

Vr is special relativity 4-velocity

When V/c << 1 SLOW SPEED Galilean limit of near absolute simultaneity.

Fi(inertia) ~ Fi(Centrifugal) + Fi(Coriolis) + Fi(?)

summation convention here is restricted to i = 1,2,3

Fi(Centrifugal) ~ (m/g00)(LC)^0^0i

Fi(Coriolis) ~ (2m/g00)(LC)^0^siVs

There is also a quadratic inertial force

Fi ~ (m/g00)(LC)^r^siVrVs

not mentioned in Newtonian classical mechanics courses.

Start in a geodesic representation of globally flat Minkowski spacetime i.e. no real intrinsic warp GCT tensor fields of either curvature or torsion.

ds^2 = dx^2 + dy^2 + dz^2 - dt^2 c = 1

Go to a rotating non-inertial frame at constant rotation speed w about the z axis, in this rotating non-inertial global frame

ds^2 ~ dx'^2 + dy'^2 + dz'^2 - 2wy'dx'dt + 2wx'dy'dt - [1 - w^2(x'^2 + y'^2)]dt^2

where in this Galilean approximation

1 >> w^2(x'^2 + y'^2) = w^2r^2 in cylindrical coordinates, w pseudo 3-vector along z-axis

Fi(Centrifugal) ~ (m/g00)(LC)^0^0i ~ mwxwxr'

Fi(Coriolis) ~ (2m/g00)(LC)^0^siVs ~ 2mwxv'

On Dec 21, 2006, at 2:38 PM, Jack Sarfatti wrote:

Informal language

Shipov's term "accelerated locally Lorentzian frame" are "like those of elevators in free fall" are what MTW call LIF's. The "accelerated" is from Newton's picture.

The Einstein 1915 geodesic equation for the center of mass motion of an extended test body (i.e. we ignore its self-field) is

c^2D^2x^u/ds^2 = c^2d^2x^u/ds^2 + c^2(LC)^uvw(dx^v/ds)(dx^w/ds) = 0

where formally

ds^2 = guvdx^udx^v = e^aue^bv(Minkowski Metric)ab

However, to be more rigorous

D^2x^u/ds^2 = (D/ds)(D/ds)x^u

Tetrads are e^au = I^au + A^au(WARP)

In a globally flat spacetime region

A^au(WARP) = 0 globally in the specified region.

A^au(WARP) is the compensating gauge potential from localizing the spacetime symmetry group T4 on all non-gravity actions analogous to localizing U(1) internal symmetry only on charged source fields.

I^au -> Kronecker delta in a geodesic not translationally accelerating and not rotating inertial frame.

However in a non-geodesic translationally accelerating and/or rotating non-inertial frame then I^au is an arbitrary curvilinear field with zero Riemann curvature.

is the local fundamental invariant under both local Lorentz transformations and GCTs that are locally gauged T4 translation group transformations called loosely "Diff(4)."

(LC)^uvw = (LC)^uwv is the non-tensor Levi-Civita connection field for parallel transport of tensors on world lines in the curved 4D base spacetime of the (co)tangent bundle.

c^2D^2x^u/ds^2 is the GCT covariant tensor absolute acceleration of the test particle that is zero!

Only in a locally coincident non-geodesic frame (LNIF) will this geodesic test particle have a non-vanishing Newtonian-Euclidean acceleration c^2d^2x^u/ds^2 =/= 0 i.e.

c^2d^2x^u/ds^2 = - c^2(LC)^uvw(dx^v/ds)(dx^w/ds)

The measured acceleration of the test particle relative to the non-geodesic LNIF observer is called an "inertial force per unit test mass" in the 1915 GR without torsion fields.

The idea is that in "local geodesic normal coordinates"

(LC)^uvw = 0 at the origin of those local coordinates only AKA Einstein equivalence principle.

So to a good approximation, the local LIF Guy sees c^2d^2x^u/ds^2 = 0. The coincident local LNIF Gal does not see that as zero. Both, however agree that the first-rank GCT tensor covariant acceleration of the test body is zero. That is,

c^2D^2x^u/ds^2 = 0 FOR ALL OBSERVERS

this is Newton's First Law - works even in GR on geodesics even when there is curvature.

(LC) is 100% non-tensor i.e. its only tensor piece is zero and that is a local frame invariant fact.

So moral - be careful to distinguish "GCT covariant tensor kinematics" from Poincare group covariant kinematics.

Note that

c^2d^2x^u/ds^2 is a special relativity Poincare group tensor, but it is not a 1915 GR localized T4 group tensor. That tensor is c^2D^2x^u/ds^2.

On Dec 21, 2006, at 1:44 PM, Jack Sarfatti wrote:

Useful fact to remember

hc, e^2 , Gm^2

quantum electricity gravity

all have the same physical dimensions.

Their 3 distinct ratios




are all dimensionless numbers.

On Dec 21, 2006, at 1:19 PM, Jack Sarfatti wrote:

From the local gauge theory POV Shipov's new coupling seems to come from locally gauging the 15 parameter massless twistor conformal group with vacuum ODLRO to give the gauge quanta mass. The conformal quanta would be spin 1 forming entangled massive pairs of spin 0, spin 1 & spin 2. I think Tony Smith previously suggested something along these lines?
Shipov's new physics in his 1972 thesis was to add in the effects of hyperbolic boosts to uniformly accelerating frames in Maxwell's electrodynamics - no gravity G at all - no equivalence principle here?

On Dec 21, 2006, at 1:12 PM, Jack Sarfatti wrote:

There is a typo in Shipov's eq. (0.1) for his "geometrized electrodynamics." He writes

Rik - (1/2)gikR = (8pie/mc^4)Tik

(8pie/mc^4) has the wrong physical dimensions. The correct formula is

(e/mc^2)^2 = (Classical Electron Radius)/mc^2 i.e. (string tension)^-1

This is to be compared to G/c^4 with the same physical dimensions converting pressure to curvature.

Note that numerically this is ~ 10^-13 cm/10^-3 Gev ~ 10^-10 cm/Gev

In contrast G/c^4 ~ 10^-33cm/10^19Gev = 10^-52 cm/Gev

therefore Shipov's electro-gravitic coupling is 42 powers of 10 more powerful than Newton's gravity.

Is this equation true?

Shipov says he derived it in 1972 extending Einstein's special relativity electrodynamics to include uniformly accelerating frames. Are those the 4 conformal boosts?

Now if this is really so, it suggest a whole new approach to the metric engineering of warp and wormhole in which, perhaps, the alleged alien ET flying saucers are able to replace the usual much too weak G/c^4 coupling of stress-energy density to curvature with the (e/mc^2)^2 electro-gravitic coupling 42 Powers of Ten stronger. That's a whole new ball game. Note I am not saying, at this stage, that they are doing that OUT THERE. I am thinking on it. Such a coupling would need a massive graviton with a mass ~ ~ hc/(nanometers). It obviously cannot be a long-range field or it would destroy the universe.

On Dec 20, 2006, at 6:47 PM, Jack Sarfatti wrote:

Note that Shipov constructs a symmetrical Yang-Mills type source tensor from his torsion field with the torsion field analogous to the EM/Yang-Mills fields. This may not be general enough because Kibble 1961 says that the local gauging of the 10-parameter Poincare group will give a non-symmetrical piece to the stress-energy tensor i.e. a non-symmetric metric and Einstein tensor as considered in one of Einstein's attempts at a classical unified field theory. C. Lanczos shows that in such a theory there is propellantless propulsion. So this idea needs not to be forgotten.

On Dec 20, 2006, at 6:35 PM, Jack Sarfatti wrote:

Both Shipov and I independently associate anti-gravitating repulsive dark energy with variable local torsion fields.

My basic argument in e.g.

Guv(vacuum) + /\zpfguv = 0

if the torsion field is zero globally

Guv^;v = 0


/\zpf^,v = 0


guv^;v = 0

One way to have /\zpf^,v =/= 0 in vacuum is to have the additional torsion field beyond Einstein's 1915 theory.

Note that even without torsion

/\zpf^,vguv + Tuv^;v(non-gravity source fields) = 0

The complete paper can be downloaded from

e^am are the tetrad components, T^abm are the torsion field components, R^abkm are the curvature field components.

Note that Shipov's (45) is analogous to the ODLRO superflow field in liquid Helium II below the Lambda Point where the zero point energy dominates.

vm = (h/m)(Phase),m

In equation (84) Shipov gets a quintessent field from a particular model of the torsion tensor field leading from the torsion field version of the Yang-Mills type source (39) to (83).

In my theory Shipov's Lambda in (84) is

/\zpf(xi) = (Quantum of Area)^-1(|Vacuum ODLRO Higgs Field|^2 - 1)

that is repulsive positive dark energy density when positive and is attractive dark matter density when negative, assuming here w = -1.

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