Monday, December 25, 2006

Cosmic voids from dark zero point energy fields of negative pressure
In Einstein's 1915 GR prior to the introduction of the teleparallel Kibble-Shipov torsion field with the 6 anholonomic angular pre-Calabi-Yau coordinates for the orientation of the Einstein-Cartan tetrad frame mobile {e^a}

(Riemann Curvature)uvwl = (Weyl Vacuum Curvature)uvwl + (1/2)[(curved metric)uwT(non-gravity source)vl + (curved metric)vlT(non-gravity source)uw - (curved metric)ulT(non-gravity source)vw - (curved metric)vwT(non-gravity source)ul] - (1/3)[(curved metric)uw(curved metric)vl - (curved metric)ul(curved metric)vw]T(non-gravity source)

Tuv(Dark Energy/Matter) = (String Tension)/\zpf(curved metric)uv

/\zpf = (Quantum of Area of World Hologram)^-1(1 - |Higgs Vacuum ODLRO Order Parameter|^2)

/\zpf > 0 is repulsive blue-shifting universal anti-gravity field (e.g. cosmic voids & Type 1a supernovae)

/\zpf < 0 is attractive red-shifting universal gravity field (e.g. Galactic halos & filaments)

Dark regions are where /\zpf > 0, bright filaments are where /\zpf < 0.

Problem is how to put Shipov's torsion field as a replacement for /\zpf, which he does in one of his papers on dark energy and torsion.

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