Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Michio Kaku's Type IV Advanced ET Time Traveling Masters of Hyperspace

On Aug 16, 2006, at 11:03 PM, Anna wrote:

"Yes, providing that we allow matter to claim spirituality. For some reason, many people think that matter is at best a dead wood to knock on it. I see matter as a manifestation of consciousness.

The physical world consists of mental pilot quantum waves BIT and material particles and fields IT.

IT gets its marching orders from BIT via David Bohm's "quantum potential" for particles and the super-potential for classical electromagnetic fields and other force fields.

There is still no consciousness there.

You only get MORE IS DIFFERENT inner consciousness with "qualia" when the IT backreacts directly on the BIT mind field. This requires a huge number of particles to Bose-Einstein condense into the same quantum state. This collapse of phase space lowers the entropy of the conscious system. The conscious system is a self-organizing hologram that adapts to its environment. It is an open system far from the heat death of thermal equilibrium and it has signal nonlocality, i.e. spooky telepathic retro-causal entanglement action at a distance that we see in "remote viewing" and other paranormal phenomena. When the coherent phases of the conscious system locks into the coherent substratum of the fabric of curved spacetime, i.e. the world hologram, then we have the Type IV (Michio Kaku) Q Star Trek VALIS (PK Dick) Starmaker (Stapledon) metric engineering (H. Puthoff) direct conscious control of the local space-time geometry (Skinwalker) that allows the weightless geodesic warp drive of the alien ET flying saucer time travel (future to past) that Colonel Phillip Corso described as mentally controlled by brain waves.

General MacArthur, General Marshall, General Twining and other top military men from WWII already allegedly knew of some of this - also apparently James Jesus Angleton of the CIA.

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