Thursday, August 17, 2006

Conceptual Breakthrough Today in Emergent Gravity from Inflation

On Aug 17, 2006, at 5:45 PM, Jack Sarfatti wrote:

The effective coupling of the World Hologram Coherent Vacuum Goldstone Phases to the fabric of spacetime requires the following conditions

1. The cosmological constant /\ =/= 0. When /\ = 0 you cannot have curved spacetime at all in my theory. That is, there is no emergent Einstein gravitational field in that case.

2. When Planck's quantum of action h is zero there is no gravitational field because the gravitational field is an emergent macroquantum effect just like the superfluid flow hydrodynamic field.

3. When Newton's G is zero there is no gravity field - hardly surprising.

4. When the vacuum speed of light c is infinite there is no local Einstein curved spacetime gravity field. In that case we have the pre-special relativity Galilean group with absolute simultaneity.

Note I can extend to string theory with extra Calabi-Yau 6 space-dimensions easily as I did in the first archive paper. For now I want to keep it simple in a toy model "hydrogen atom" model. This simply means more Goldstone phases i.e. more real components to the inflation vacuum ODLRO field.

What about quantum gravity? Einstein's smooth classical guv curved metric field is simply an emergent property of the vacuum ODLRO order parameter, i.e. the inflation field. There are off-mass shell zero point quantum vacuum fluctuations in this Bose-Einstein condensate of course. Look at liquid helium where ~90% of the total density at absolute zero is zero point. That's why helium remains a liquid near absolute zero. Thermal excitations are real on-mass-shell "normal fluid" i.e. ordinary matter if thermal equilibrium, which our universe is not in.

The false vacuum is when the intensity of the inflation field vanishes - so this is globally flat special relativistic space-time with spin 1/2 & spin 1 virtual quanta for sure. Maybe spin 0, but it is not clear if there are some spin 2 quanta? Also spin 3/2 quanta? In any case this would be in the false vacuum.

Now, the issue is what is the inflation field really made out of? It is a macro-quantum vacuum condensate of virtual quanta - what virtual quanta? The condensate is a reservoir of virtual quanta popping out of and into the condensate. The virtual quanta density is essentially /\ ~ dark energy density.

Now in 1916 GR /\ is really constant. However, when we go beyond 1916 GR and stick in torsion fields then /\ becomes a local scalar variable field and at small scales /\ < 0 is dark matter! Both dark energy /\ > 0 and dark matter /\ < 0 on different scales are the absolute zero temperature zero point fluctuations into and out of the vacuum condensate.

Since Einstein's guv c-number field is bottom -> up emergent it's stupid to quantize it top -> down. Whilst "classical" gravity waves exist to be found in LISA & LIGO in my theory the idea of the spin 2 nonlinear graviton on a smooth curved space-time non-rigid dynamical background seems not likely to exist.

On Aug 17, 2006, at 3:12 PM, Jack Sarfatti wrote:
On Aug 17, 2006, at 2:32 PM, Jack Sarfatti wrote:

OK this is the final version.

I finally solved a problem bugging me for months.

e = I + A

A is the intrinsic curved part of the contracted tetrad scalar local objective frame-invariant.

e is dimensionless.

What I need is a dimensionless coupling

e = I + ?A

I finally got it only just now!

? = (Quantum of Area)(Lambda Cosmic Landscape "Curvature)

= hG/\/c^3

when /\ = 0 you get nothing, i.e. only global SR

when G = 0 you get nothing

when h = 0 "

when c --> infinity "

That's all good physics.

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